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It is observed every year on the 18th of April; World Heritage Day has incredible worldwide significance. We are aware that India is a land filled with cultural, historical, and religious relics, which draw a feeling of wonder for the visitors and surely makes each Indian feel glad for this significant possession. So, speech on world heritage day is usually delivered to spread awareness among the general population and motivate individuals to protect their national heritage for future generations.


Example #1 of Speech on World Heritage Day

Great Morning Children – I hope all of you are doing good in your studies and if there are any issues with your studies; please don't hesitate to come to my office. Today, all the teachers, and I chose to assemble the students for the speech recitations on the - World Heritage Day.

Since the day is very near to us, I needed to make aware of our youngsters regarding this matter. As a principal of this school, I should be responsible that our children should be aware of many other topics like our heritage in addition to studies.

World Heritage is also considered as a collective wealth of mankind. This day is a splendid observation of our vibrant cultural past, and it turns into our obligation to save our heritage for ourselves, and for the following ages to come. Without a doubt, heritage sites should be protected and conserved. They are precious assets for humanity. The date for the event of World Heritage Day is 18th of April, and it first started in the year 1982. 

The calls were made to praise the "International Day for Monuments and Sites" over the globe. The thought grabbed the attention of the general population and the committee members, and the suggestion is being approved. The proposal was later presented at the UNESCO General Conference where a declaration was passed in November 1983.

Since that pivotal day, the entire world started celebrating the "International Monuments and Sites Day," which is also called as "World Heritage Day" on eighteenth April. Our sites and landmarks must be given security through the joint efforts of the worldwide network.

On the World Heritage day, awareness campaigns are being organized for educating the people about the different variety of our cultural riches, and the kind of arrangement is expected to save and secure it. The facts confirm that heritage sites are prone to various hazard factors, and subsequently, we ought to do all that we can to the best of our ability in giving protection to these valuable assets. 

Subsequently, World Heritage Day is observed keeping many factors in mind. Visits to the sites and landmarks are arranged to understand the significance of protecting these cultural assets. At the point when restoration works become successful, individuals are regularly invited to visit these sites. There is additionally an extensive media inclusion that throws light on different cultural landmarks.

Debates and gatherings are additionally held all over the place. Discussions and debates are composed, and various programs are arranged for an incredible visual treat. This day is, for sure a day for every resident of a nation to feel glad for the incredible social assets of his/her country.

I believe everybody delighted after listening to this speech as much as I did in presenting it. This is all I needed to state.


Thank you, everyone,


Example #2 of Speech on World Heritage Day

Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, Respected Teachers, and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings of the day to all!

I want to thank you to the regarded principal and vice-principal of our school just as to our dear teachers for amassing here and making this event to happen. Companions, as all of you, realize that a trek to Gwalior's national heritage has been planned out by our school in the coming end of the week, for which we are much energized and are truly anticipating it.

Consequently, thinking about this upcoming trek, we as a student needed to arrange a speech function on World Heritage Day with the goal that more awareness can be spread among the students and earnestness can be developed towards protecting our heritage sites.

I am talking from my personal experience, and I am sure every single one of you at some point or the other have observed the numerous individuals around us, who have built a reckless attitude towards our national heritage. This is the motivation behind why heritage structures are regularly observed to be harmed or altered.

Be that as it may, it is because of the constant restoration work of such sites by the authorities that our country is still able to save their magnificence, if not wholly, yet in a remarkable degree to such an extent that it draws a large number of visitors and tourists every year.

Heritage sites, whether in our country or a foreign country, must be preserved and no harm should be caused to them. So one specific day, for example, April 18, has been devoted to world heritage sites to raise the awareness of individuals about the assorted variety of abundant cultural riches and make them aware about the vulnerability of these sites.

The day is observed with a reason to educate individuals about the need for saving and securing the world heritage sites and propagating to the world about the great worth that these landmarks carry with them. These valuable belongings involve a great matter of pride for the humankind. Regardless of whether it's the Taj Mahal – an embodiment of love and sentiment, the Great Wall of China or the Great Barrier Reef that contains the abundance of the submerged world, or the Machu Picchu ruins that symbolizes the great period of Incas – each site has something extremely exceptional to offer to its visitors. 

From various perspectives, we can contribute towards the maintenance of world heritage sites with the goal that their magnificence doesn't blur away, and these always are the fascination for individuals from all over the world. The least that we can do isn't to throw trash or litter the waste anyplace near the premise of these heritage sites.

Along these lines, we can help cut down the contamination level to some extent. The natural heritage sites and coastal regions require extraordinary consideration as they provide shelter to different endangered species. For example, poaching animals in the national park needs to be disallowed because these creatures play an exceptional role in continuing the environmental balance of our planet Earth. 


That is all I need to state — much obliged to you!


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