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Make the moment memorable by delivering welcome speech on the - Republic Day
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Republic Day is commended on 26th of January consistently and is a standout amongst the most significant national celebrations of India. Since the day is around the bend and thinking about the noteworthiness of this day, Welcome Speeches for the Republic Day have been set up to enable you to compose or give amazing speeches for the event.


Below are the examples of the Welcome Speeches on the Republic Day

Here, you'd find both long welcome speeches for the republic day just as short welcome talks for the republic day which are thoroughly written in a straightforward language to take into account the various needs of our pursuers. So what are you hanging tight for? Let us on through the pages and start the learning.


Example #1 of the Welcome Speech on the Republic Day

Warm Greetings and a warm welcome to every one of you with quick notice to our Honorable Principal, teachers, educators & staff.

I, mention your name, of class IX, might want to expand my regards and offer my thanks towards my educators, for allowing me the chance to congratulate everybody and host this promising event of Republic Day. We have accumulated today, as all of you know, to commend the 70th Republic Day which is praised across the nation, by the President of India to little youngsters in pre-nursery schools, the individuals who have our Tricolor Flag with a ton of energy.

I need not say all the more regarding this day since we as Indians have been commending this day as far back as we grew up. In any case, I don't have the foggiest idea what number of you realize that this day is set apart by a 3-day festivity in the capital city of New Delhi, though every one of the states additionally praises this day with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm.

The central occasion of this 3-day festivity is without a doubt the procession which is composed at Rajpath, in the nearness Indian President and a visitor of regard. A few different states have additionally started to sort out such processions to stamp this earth-shattering day.

The festival kick begins with the Prime Minister who pay flower wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate, to pay tribute to the warriors who penance their lives for the homeland. When the laurel of blossom is laid, it is trailed by 21 firearm salute with the national song of praise being sung from that point. 

Regard grants are then offered away to some particular individuals from the military or to their relatives and overall public for their demonstrations of courage and boldness. When this is finished, the motorcade begins. 


Obviously that the procession is a grand occasion; in which the leader of the state from a foreign nation is always welcome to watch the motorcade with the political pioneers of our country. The procession grandstands India's military should serve as its distinctive social legacy.

At the point when the motorcade begins the President regards the individuals who are congratulated with honors for their support of the homeland. There is a helicopter unit who amid a similar time floats at the India Gate and showers the social occasion with flower petals.

Seeing the motorcade looks stupendous as different move troupes sing just as performing while in the meantime military aircraft fly overhead discharging the three shades of our Tiranga as smoke trails behind them. The motorcade dependably finishes up with the army individuals performing energizing tricks on the motorbikes. 

As it were, there is a ton of planning that goes behind the Republic Day Celebration, and this illuminates the significance of this day. Presently right away, we should kick begin the republic day festivity by approaching stage the first move bunch from VII Standard.

How about we welcome them with a large round of applause!


Example #2 of the Welcome Speech on the Republic Day

Regarded Principal, Beloved Teachers and My Dear Students-Warm Greetings to Everyone!

As all of you realize that we have been assembled here on the exceptionally unique event of the Republic Day of India. Being the Vice Principal of this school, I accept the open the door to convey a welcome speech on Republic Day.

You as students may ask why we commend this day with spectacle and show. This is done as India got autonomy from Britishers on 15th August 1947. This day is praised as Independence Day, while the Constitution of our nation was implemented on 26 January 1950 which we as a whole celebrate as the Republic Day consistently. The Constitution of our country is an archive which is viewed as preeminent in each regard. Each article is all around drafted by the constituent get together of our nation. 

The term Republic implies the preeminent intensity of the general population living in the nation and just the open has the ideal to choose their agents as political pioneers to lead the country logically. Along these lines, India is where individuals want its pioneers as President, Prime clergyman, and so forth.

Our Great Indian freedom warriors have battled a ton for the "Purna Swaraj" in India. They did this, so the future ages may live without the battle and take the nation forward headed straight toward advancement and development.

The extraordinary freedom warriors of our nation battled consistently against the British principle to make India a free country. All of you ought to recollect their penances towards our nation and pay due regard and praise. We ought to likewise recall them on such incredible events and salute them. The total of what this has been conceivable due to them as now we can think and live openly with no coercive administration in our country. 

We as instructors assume an essential job in your lives, and if we need to make our nation debasement free, at that point, we as a whole should hold hands and complete potential endeavors to lead our country ahead. Little advances lead to tremendous differences. Each should endeavor and afterward our nation would be a better place out and out. Today on this auspicious event we as a whole need to take a promise for tackling such issues in the general public to make our nation the best nation on the planet.


We are much obliged to you!

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