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Tips & techniques to deliver the welcome speech in the farewell
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Welcome speeches for farewell are a significant sub-classification under the welcome speeches. Farewell as we as a whole know is a wonderful time both for the seniors just as juniors, both for the individual who needs to say the last goodbye and furthermore for other people, who need to see off the concerned individual joyfully.


Below are the Examples of the Welcome Speeches

Here are short welcome speeches for farewell which can be extremely valuable, if you need to wish somebody goodbye with a special speech or need to congratulate the individual or a gathering of individuals leaving school, college or any association so far as that is concerned. So what are you sitting tight for, basically peruse through the site and read on to find out about such valuable speeches?


Example #1 of the Welcome Speech on the Farewell

To our Honorable Principal – mention name here, Director, Teaching Staff and Non-teaching Staff – A warm welcome to everybody!

I, mention your name & class – Science Department, will present today's farewell event. It is, in reality, a significant day for us all, especially for our seniors who have spent a noteworthy part of their lives, that is, their long growing time in this school and now the time had arrived when they should say farewell to us and set themselves up for fresh start in their lives.

Our seniors have dependably carried on like our elder brothers and sisters and dependably took torment in helping us, in our projects and have always been eager to support us. A long time of togetherness has made a passionate bond between us; along these lines; it is challenging to say the last goodbye to them. In any case, we do comprehend that you have finished your due time in this school, and all of you presently need to prepare for going into the next phase of your life.

So today, we as your juniors have sorted out this farewell to make all of you feel great in a special manner and furthermore to offer you the chance to express what you think at this last minute. Before I call on the stage my seniors, I might want to extend my heartiest thanks for the benefit of the whole tenth class, to our regarded Principal for having been so agreeable in making the courses of action for this farewell party. It unmistakably wouldn't have been conceivable without the help of our principal and teachers. A very big thanks to our faculties too!

Presently, returning to our seniors, I need to state that it's been an excellent adventure with all of you in the school and as we look back we possibly wish if we could have more opportunity to spend time with you. All of you were, indeed the best seniors we would ever have. There was never a moment of clumsiness between us, which I appreciate the most.

Our class teachers dependably need us to admire our seniors and see how they exceed expectations in their examinations. Although being in various streams, every one of our seniors has acted in unity. I couldn't perceive any sentiment of enmity between different departments. Truth is told, as and when the need emerges our seniors from the three distinct streams meet up for the event and set a fantastic example of unity.

There are many things to learn from our seniors, and I earnestly wish on the off chance that we, your juniors, could learn the same qualities and such level of assurance in our examinations. All of you have genuinely turned into an example for us all to follow.

This farewell party along these lines is a way for communicating our respect towards our seniors, and I trust all of you will appreciate the night as much as we did while making the arrangements. Now I would demand our Principal to benevolently come in front of an audience and express a couple of words to our seniors. 


We are much obliged to you!


Example #2 of the Welcome Speech for the Farewell

Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, College Staff, Invited Guests, Dear Seniors and My Lovely Friends – Warm Welcome to every one of you!

I, - mention your name & stream, feel respected to have been allowed the chance to convey the welcome speeches in the event of the farewell gathering of our seniors. Heartiest congrats to our seniors for making some fantastic progress and effectively navigating this adventure. I trust all of you will turn out without a hitch in your more significant examinations.

The pre-board test results have been very noteworthy, and we as your juniors feel that the final exams would likewise yield excellent outcomes. You have made a good precedent that perseverance is the way to progress, and with steadfast devotion and diligent work, we can accomplish our objectives.

Till date we have been very relaxed; however, after coming in the twelfth standard, we will likewise need to pull up our socks and perform like all of you did. You have raised a benchmark for us all, and I am stating this in the interest of the considerable number of juniors that we as a whole are proud of you.

As our seniors, all of you have given us a regular update that we can make things truly work on the off chance that we have the readiness to do as such. We people are skilled with substantial self-control, on the off chance that we practice it the correct way.

You have encouraged us a great deal, and you have dependably been there directing us and demonstrating to us the correct way. You have accomplished beyond what we could have requested. In this way, remaining here, I could have mixed feelings – there is both a feeling of sadness as well as happiness.

Our dear seniors, it is an emotional moment as you are leaving the school, preparing for next level that lies in front of you which we trust that all of you have built up the imperative learning and aptitudes to survive. I earnestly believe that all of you will carry the name of this school with incredible pride and most extreme poise; not letting anybody to ruin its respect.

Also, my advice is to respect everybody you meet around and be prepared for the other persons' perspective. Remain positive and let God demonstrate to you the correct way towards success. Plan for an exciting future, act astutely and do everything with a positive frame of the mind. Presently, in the interest of our whole school, I might want to respect our seniors to the present farewell event, likewise expanding warm wishes for the future that is waiting for them.


Thank you, everyone!



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