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How to deliver speech on Indian Army Day
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Indian Army Day is celebrated on fifteenth January every year. The day is set apart in memory of the fallen soldiers of India, who lost their lives while bravely facing in the battlefields. Fifteenth January is picked as a date to observe Indian Army day to respect Field Marshall Kodendra Madappa Cariappa or K.M. Cariappa who took over as the first Commander in Chief of the Indian Army around the same time in 1949 replacing General Sir Francis Butcher.

The day prevalently came to be known as Indian Army Raising Day. The day likewise denotes the sacrifices made and courage showed by Indian soldiers, who died in the front line saving their homeland.

It is nobly celebrated in Delhi showing the aptitudes and courage of the soldiers of Indian Army. The festival is directed by the Commander In chief of the Indian Army. Homage is paid to the fallen soldiers at Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate, and officers are deliberated with decorations and bravery grants. 

Soldiers likewise show their skills of bike riding and different exercises on the day and make the people proud. Indian Army protects our borders and defends any invasion with the praiseworthy mental fortitude to keep our nation sheltered and secure. We, as a whole, should attempt to be a part of the event and pause for a minute to recall our fallen soldiers.


Example #1 of Indian Army Day Speech

Great Morning Honorable Principal Ma'am, Honorable Teachers and My Dear Friends!

Today is 15 January 2018, and we as a whole are accumulated here to celebrate the promising event of the Indian Army Day, and it is my pleasure to host this occasion. Before starting this event, I might want to say a couple of words for our honorable officers. Today we are sheltered in our nation because our military has saved and ensured our borders. They put their today in peril for keeping our tomorrow protected. 

Today on the off chance that our nation can hold its freedom, at that point, it is just because of the military. Even though we ought to thank the military for protecting us consistently; however, this day is particularly committed to the military, and it allows us to demonstrate our adoration and regard towards it.

This day is mainly celebrated in the regard of the Lieutenant General of India, Kodendara Madappa Carriappa. He was the first Army's Commander-in-Chief of independent India. Army Day is celebrated each year at the National Capital - New Delhi, where different motorcades and military shows are sorted out.

On this day, all minister and various authorities assemble at the Amar Javan Jyoti in New Delhi to pay extraordinary tribute to the fighters who gave their lives for saving our lives. There is the most significant commitment of the Indian Army in keeping up harmony and concordance in the nation and also between the other countries. 

There have been numerous cases in the historical backdrop of the Indian Army, where they have helped different countries to ensure their freedom. We as a whole know the idea of the Indian Army that it is one of the most grounded armed forces on the planet with regards to the assurance of the country yet then again, it likewise has a soft side where it is continuously prepared to help different nations by securing human rights and promoting guideline of law among countries.

Indian Army not just shields the nation from the outside dangers yet besides the hidden and internal threats. During the circumstances of catastrophic events, the Indian Army has assumed an essential job during numerous situations of cataclysmic events prefers in that of the Uttarakhand's debacle.

The fighters of the Indian Army are prepared continuously to forfeit themselves for protecting their homeland and its natives. Indian soldiers are the ideal image of a genuine nationalist. They abandon their very own families to serve their country and to do right by it on the planet. The commitment, control, and nationalism are the unique characteristics of them. Nothing can fend off a soldier from playing out his obligation on the border. We, as a whole, ought to respect their endeavors and discover that what a genuine loyalist resembles.

On this note, I might want to finish up my speech and stretch out extraordinary gratitude to our central and all the regarded teachers for sorting out this occasion in our school and providing us the opportunity to show our love & appreciation towards the military of our nation for doing what they do. 

Jai Hind


Speech #2 Example of the Indian Army Day

A Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today, we are here to praise an exceptionally favorable and glad event of our nation, and that is the Indian Army Day. Our Society has sorted out this remarkable occasion to pay tribute to the Great Indian Soldiers and demonstrate our appreciation towards them. They are the genuine heroes of the country and the most compelling motivation behind our nation's maintenance of freedom.

It is very pointless and furthermore exceptionally clear to state that being Indian; we should feel glad and fortunate to have the world's best military close by for our insurance. On the off chance that we can appreciate the opportunity in this nation and are sheltered here then it is all a result of the Great Indian Army. With regards to the security of the country, nothing can forgo the soldier playing out his obligation on the border. It doesn't make a difference if there is a most sweltering treat or the coldest icy masses yet a soldier will play out his obligation, in any case, unfavorable circumstances to secure his country.

The historical backdrop of this nation is the most excellent observer of the significance of the Indian Army. The Indian Army has shown incredible mental courage and bravery the war zones since its development, whether it's in the Indo-China or Indo-Pak wars and some more. Our Great Indian Army has dependably shown its incredible dimension of grit and furiousness before the whole world.

Our military had never thrown in the towel with regards to battle for the kinship among nations and keeping up harmony on the planet. They have dependably battled for the reasons before and will dependably be along the edge of noble. 

There are numerous instances of the Great Indian Army where it had helped different nations to battle for their opportunity and keep up harmony in their country like France, Bangladesh and so forth they have likewise battled in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East to keep up harmony and dependability among all nations. However, above all, our country had never assaulted any country in the whole world in its entire history.

Indian Army is the world's best-armed force with regards to the nobility and never surrendering soul. Our military has never under any circumstance waved the white banner in the front line, and the main thing they have confidence in is the soul of "Do or Die."

I might want to wrap up my speech on this note and stretch out extreme gratitude to the council individuals for sorting out such a stunning and extraordinary occasion and gifting us the chance to demonstrate our adoration and regard towards our Great Indian Army. Along these lines, how about we start with the further enthusiastic exhibitions by the different craftsmen as an appreciation to the Great Indian Army. 

Much obliged to you and I wish you an incredible day ahead!


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