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Speech recitation, group dialog, and so forth are the most significant necessities of the student's school life, and these activities help them to create leadership qualities by making them fearless to speak in front of the masses. Presently, the students need to take part in such activities other than the academic activities so that it will help them to have all-round development. 

They should take part whenever they get the chance for a speech recitation, which is the leading activity which diminishes student's dithering of talking.


Example #1 of Child Labor Speech

Great morning to the regarded Principal sir, sir, madam, and my dear partners. My name is – mention your name, I study in class - mention your class. I would like to speak on child labor, a major social issue, meddling the development and improvement of the nation. First of all, I might want to thank my class teacher for offering me such an incredible chance to speech here.

My dear companions, child labor, has been a major social issue which interferes the country's advancement in a significant way. We all know that & realize that children become the eventual fate & future of the nation so why individuals are utilizing child labor just for their little advantages. Why don't they see from our eyes, why they don't let small children live their sweet youth? Why they stop little children from their privilege of education.

A portion of the industrialists and people in business include children in some labor at extremely minimal wages. They do as such just for their greediness of getting skilled labor at a very low rate.

Child labor pulls back little children from their sweet and beautiful adolescence. It interferes with their basic education as it disturbs them mentally, physically, socially, and ethically. It is a dangerous and destructive ailment to the children just as a nation. This exploitative practice is still proceeding by different worldwide associations regardless of different strict laws and guidelines all over the world, which denies child labor. This social issue is running in the general public for a long time from the old-time, which has influenced the all-round development of society to much extent.

A large number of children is engaged with child labor in fields like farming, manufacturing plants, small scale businesses, mining, generation, and different administrations. Some of them need to labor in night shifts or overtime because of the need for more work and get some more cash for improving the financial condition of their family.

Their regular daily practice of labor become 12 hours in length for which they get paid a little sum. The most significant and essential factor of child labor is low family income, inaccessibility of schools with proper infrastructure for poor children, and the absence of education among poor guardians.

This issue has been spread like an infection to the wide scope of territories in the developing nations because of the high poverty, poor educational opportunities, high populace rate, lack of employment for elders, and so forth. The most elevated occurrence rate of child labor was in sub-Saharan Africa in 2010.

As per this, over half of the children - aged 5-14 years of Africa were laboring. The agricultural field worldwide has been the biggest boss of child labor for quite a long time. A significant level of child labor is found in the rural settings and casual urban economy where their proprietor or guardians powerfully utilize children. As per the insights of World Bank, there are seen some reduction in the frequency of child labor around the world - 25% in 1960 be that as it may, decreased to 10% by 2003.

My dear companions, we ought to know details regarding this issue and find a way to expel this issue from the general public. As being the youth of the nation, we are profoundly dependable towards the development and improvement of the country, so we should work into the areas which are affecting the development of the country.


We are much obliged to you.



Example #2 of Child Labor Speech

Great morning to the Principal sir, Vide Principal sir, madam, my seniors, and dear companions. My name is – mention your name, I study in class – mention your class. At this program, I might want to speak on child labor, its causes, and steps taken by the government to expel this social issue from the general public. I am exceptionally thankful to my class teacher that she has given me an extraordinary chance to speak on this topic before you.

Child labor is the illegal activity running in the general public worldwide for quite a long time from the past ages. It isn't just a national issue, and it is a global issue. Child labor is the practice of including children in some work at very little or no cost to get productive labor by the proprietors, industrialists, business people, and so forth.

For the most part, they include children in small scales businesses or shops. Someplace children work for the entire night and over time with no leave to get increasingly financial help. Child labor interferes with the physical and mental improvement of the children. It has taken its deep root in the general public due to poverty, absence of food and shelter, absence of schools for poor individuals, lack of education, the massive gap among rich and poor, development of parallel economy, and so on.


Child labor in dangerous enterprises is disallowed by Article 24 of India's constitution. There are different laws and the Indian Penal Code, for example - Juvenile Justice (care and security) of Children Act-2000, Child Labor (Prohibition and Abolition) Act-1986, and so on) laboring in the field to stop child labor in India.


Much obliged to you


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