Republic Day of India 26th January 2020, Parade & Celebrations

Republic Day of India 26th January 2020: 71st Republic Day Parade, India is celebrating its 71st Republic Day. At the Republic Day Parade 2020, India showcased its strength, divers
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Republic Day is always a spectacular event for all of the Indian citizens and those living abroad and love their country. Today is the 71st Republic Day of India, and it is the proud moment for every Indian citizen. Republic Day gives every Indian a feeling that they are independent now in their country and can enjoy doing all the occupation they have ever dreamt of. Today we will describe the whole 71st Republic day event in this write-up. We hope the description of the Republic Day will be helpful for you, and you will enjoy reading it as we have enjoyed composing it.

Republic Day is a blueprint of our country and as well as the blueprint of our dreams. People have gathered in huge numbers to witness the grand 71st Republic day event. Our constitution is an idea of modern India, it is the idea of a secular nation, and our constitution is one of the most forward-looking constitutions in the world. It gives tells us who we are and place us in a respectful position in the world. It teaches us to be sympathetic, secular, and tolerant to our fellow men. India is known to be unity in diversity, and our unity is being saved by the soldiers of all the three people of the defense.


The Start of Republic Day By Paying Homage to Amar Jawan Jyoti

As always, the start of the celebration begins at the - Amar Jawan Jyoti, where the name of thousands of soldiers is imprinted on the granite rocks. Prime Minister will head the ceremony at Amar Jawan Jyoti - Mr. Narendra Modi and all the three chiefs of the three forces are present to pay their prayers and homage to our brave soldiers at - Amar Jawan Jyoti. National War Memorial (Rashtriya Samar Smarak) is recently built to pay tributes to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives on the battlefield and war after our Independence. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi inaugurated it on 25th February 2019, which built in front of the India gate.

The National War Memorial is spread over the area of 40 acres, and It is built by taking inspiration from Ckakravyau Rachna. It is designed in four Chakras; Amar Chakra is central Chakra, which is having one pillar in the center where Amar Jawan Jyoti is always lighting. The wall surrounding the chakra is having the portraits of all the three forces of Indian defense, which tells us how our soldiers work diligently to protect our country not only on borders but also the inner defense from the enemies.

The second Chakra is - Virta Chakra, which describes the stories of our defense soldiers, which are imprinted on the bronze walls. After that, there is - Tyag Chakra, it shows us the importance of sacrifice for the country, in which all the soldier's names of the Army, Airforce, and Navy have been inscribed. The outer chakra is called - Raksha Chakra, which tells us about the security of the country. It tells us the story of the soldiers who have got - Parav Veer Medal from all the three forces.


The Republic Day Celebration - Arrival of Prime Minister

The event starts with the troop and motorcade Prime Minister at the National War Memorial to pay homage to the brave soldiers at - National War Memorial. All the three defense head - Army, Air Force & Navy, are present there to greet the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. The defense minister Rajnath Singh is standing ahead to welcome Prime Minister first, and as soon the Prime Minister arrived Defense minister shakes hands with the Prime Minister. Now Prime Minister is welcoming all the three defense chiefs with shaking hands. 

The Prime Minister with the defense minister and all the three chiefs heading towards the - Amar Chakra, to pay the tributes, and with the patriotic tunes in the background, all of them are saluting the Jyoti followed by keeping silence of two minutes. The guard commander is Salami Shastra or Salute with Arms, marking the competition of the silence.   

The Prime Minister is now escorted with all the three defense chiefs towards the ceremonial book, where he will pen down is thoughts and tributes. And after writing down his thoughts, Prime Minister is now heading towards the Rajpath Salami Manch (Stage) from National War Memorial. The President of India will receive the Salami with all the three heads of the defense on Salami Manch.


The Republic Day Celebration - Arrival of President of India

President of India - Shri Ram Nath Kovind with the guest of honor, President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro are heading towards Rajpath from the Rashtrapati Bhavan with his bodyguards. Col. Anup Tiwari leads the bodyguards of the President. Only the best of the best are selected for the regiment of the president's bodyguards.

Meanwhile, all the respected dignitaries and Defense Minister are waiting at the Rajpath for the arrival of Prime Minister of India - Ram Nath Kovind. Both sides of the Rajpath are crowded with the h number of people to view the Republic Day event. And as soon as the Prime Minister reached the Salami Manch, everybody is waiting for the arrival of President of India with the guest of honor on the Salami Manch.

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra has greeted all the dignitaries present there, which include the Defense Minister, Three Chiefs of Army, Air Force & Navy, Lat Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Cabinet Ministers and many other presents there. Prime Minister was also waving out to the exciting crowd present to view the event. A beautiful day it is to operate the celebrations of the Republic Day. All the event is proceeding following the well-decided protocol of the Indian government.

Prime Minister himself welcomed & greeted the  Vice-President of India M Venkaiah Naidu & his wife, Smt. Usha Naidu & meanwhile everybody is waiting for the President of India and guest of honor of the 71st Republic Day of India.

First Lady of India, Mrs. Savita Kovind arrived in the meanwhile, and the Swagatam Dhun is playing in the background, which means soon the President of India will come. 

And, here comes the troop of President and Chief guest of the event Brazilian President, with the President's bodyguards regiment, which is the senior-most regiment of the Indian Army. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is receiving the Indian President & the Chief guest. The crowd is also eager, warm, and welcoming. President is meeting all the dignitaries present over there and also introducing the chief guest to all the dignitaries present over there. Both of them are heading towards the Salami Manch with Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

There are beautiful flowers in every step of the way, a mesmerizing decoration, and everybody's heart is filled with the emotion and pride towards the country.

As President reached the Salami Manch, the National anthem of India will be played with the twenty-one gun salutes. Everybody is standing in respect for the National Anthem with hands saluting the Indian flag, the pride of every Indian. And, it is the time now for the Parade to begin, which will be the most fascinating part of the Republic Day.


The Republic Day Parade 2020

Everybody is waiting for the parade to begin at the Rajpath, and everybody is gazing towards the right side of the Salami Manch, from where the Parade will start or will be heading. There are many new arms and ammunition included in Indian Defense forces this year. Parade began with the group of four helicopters in the shape of Y, and on the road spreading the flower petals on the crowd present over there at the sides of Raj Path. 

The Parade Commander Lt. Gen. Asit Mistry is leading the parade today, and as he passes the Salami Manch saluting the President of India, the Indian President is also reciprocating the salute from the Salami Manch, and this is the start of Parade of today's event. Following the Parade, the commander is Maj Gen. Alok Kakkar on his Jeep to Salute President of India.

Besides them, there are jeeps of the soldiers who have been granted bravery awards this year. These are the individuals whom the whole of India is proud of. All the brave soldiers on their vehicle are saluting Indian President. The Param veer Chakra is the highest Gallantry awards in defense forces of India. 

The first contingent after that is 61 Cavalry, led by Deepanshu Sheoran, and the contingent is saluting the President of India.  The Remaining contingent is as follows:

# Tank T-90 Bheeshma, Led by Captain - Sunny Chahar, 86, Armoured Regiment

# Ballway Machine Pikate (BMP-III), Led by Lt. Vijay Pal Singh, 18 Battalion, MIR

# K 9 Vajra - T, Led by Cap. Abhinav Sahu, 269 Medium Regiment

# Dhanush Gun System, Led by Cap. Mrigank Bharadwaj, 93, Field Regiment

# Short Span Bridging System, Led by Cap. Adhiraj Pathak,  234 Armoured Engineer Regiment

# Sarvatra Bridge System, Led by Cap. Anmol Preet Singh, 64, Assault Engineer Regiment

# Transportable Satellite Terminal, Led by Major Meena Nayyar, 21 Signal Group

# Akash Weapon System, Led by Major Ankit Pahil & Cap. Satyanarayana Madimi, 128 ATM Regiment

# The Parachute Regiment, Led by Maj. Nikhil Kumar Maurya

# The Grenadiers Regiment, Led by Maj. Anirudh Nair

# Combined Band, Led by Risaldar Major Rajendra Singh

# Sikh Light Infantry Regiment, Led by Maj. Anjum Gorkha

# Kumaon Regiment, Led by Cap. Rahul Singh Kataria

# Combined Band, Led by Subedar Gopal Singh

# Corps of Signal, Led by Cap. Tanya Shergil

# Army Air Defense, Led by Cap. Vikas Kumar Sahu

# Combined Band, Led by Subedar Vijay Thapa

# Veterans Tableau - The Zaanki of Retired Soldiers.

# Naval Brass Band, Led by Vincent johnson

# Naval marching Contingent, Led by Jitin Malkit

# Naval Tableau - Indian Navy

# Air Force Band, Led by Warrant Officer Ashok Kumar

# Air Force Marching Contingent, Led by Flight Lt. Shrikant Sharma

# Air Force Tableau

# DRDO Tableau

# Air Defense Tactical Control Radar, Led by Lt. Vivek More

# Indian Coast Guard Marching Contingent, Led by Deputy Commandant Gaurav Sharma

# CRPF Band, Led by Inspector Shamsher lal

# CRPF Marching Contingent, Led by Assistant Commandant Naresh Kumar

# Indo Tibetan Border Police Brass Band, Led by Inspector Diwakar Prasad

# ITBP Marching Contingent, Led by Assistant Commandant Amit Yadav

# Central Industrial Security Force Band, Led by SI Karan Singh Rajpurohit

# Central Industrial Security Force Marching Contingent, Led by Deputy Commandant Prabh Simran Singh

# Delhi Police Band, Led by SI Rajendra Singh

# Delhi Police Marching Contingent, Led by ACP Sudhanshu Dhama

# BSF Camel Contingent, Led by Deputy Commandant Ghanshyam Singh

# BSF Camel Band, Led by Band Master SI Bodh Raj

# NCC Boys Band, Led by Band Master Cadet Under Officer Yash Jain

# NCC Boys Marching Contingent, Led by Jr. U/O Charandeep Singh Bhaduria

# NCC Girls Band, Led by Sr. U/O Charu Surana

# NCC Girls Marching Contingent, Led by Sr. U/o Shreeshma Hegde

# NSS Marching Contingent, Led by Chetan Gupta

# Massed Pipes & drums Band, Indian Army, Led Subedar Malkit Singh

These were all the different marching contingents & tableus of the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Para Militaries, and various other defense services. The discipline they showed was miraculous, and it really mesmerized the viewers. 


States Zankis or Tableus & Various Cultural Performances in 2020 Republic Day

After these, there are colorful Zankis or Tableus of different states of India, and these colorful Zankis usually show the culture, traditions, and their way of living. These States Tableus or Zankis are the central attraction of the Republic Day Parade. The zanki started with the Tableau of Chhattisgarh, followed by Tamilnadu Tableau. All these Zankis are very colorful, beautiful, and very pleasing to watch, and every person is waiting for their state zanki.

Besides these states, Tableus, there are various tablues of various Government departments, which help spread awareness among the people about the various schemes started by the Indian Government.

Then we have the small children on the jeeps, which have granted various prestigious prizes this year in various fields, which includes Music, Arts, Science, etc. Every Indian is proud of them.

Besides, these various dances and music performances were presented by the school students all over India. Their performances were based on Indian traditions, culture, and way of living. There were also the performances of regional music of various states by these school children, which really touched the heart of the people gathered there. After completion of these wonderful performances by the school children, people are going to witness the stunts & brave acts by the daredevils motorcades and bikers by the CRPF motorcycle team.


The Brave Acts & Stunts by Motorcade, Bikers & Pilots

The dare motorcycles acts were initiated by the Inspector Seema Nag and saluting the President of India, by standing on Motorcycle, followed by the Head Constable Meena Chowdhary standing on Motorcycle in ready to shoot position and at the same time balancing herself on the motorcycle. After this, we have the flower position performed by the CRPF team on the motorcycles. The human pyramids, and standing on the ladder in a moving bike was awe-inspiring. And in this way, there are many other dare acts done by the motorcades team, which really stopped the breath of the audiences. 

After gravity defining moves on the Raj Path, there will gravity defining moves in the sky. The first contingent was of helicopters in the Trishul formation, led by Group Captain Abhishek Shukla, followed by Chinook Helicopters Led by Group Captain Siddharth Rawat. The Chinook Helicopters are seen the first time in the Republic Day. Then we have five apache Helicopters formations in the sky.

Pilots made all these breath-holding, breath-stopping stunts in the sky. These air stunts are the last phase of the Republic Day.

Now let us move back to Raj Path were PM Narendra Modi, President, Chief Guests, all the dignitaries and people of India have witnessed the wonderful morning of the 71st Republic Day, and all are filled with the patriotic emotions.


The Final Words

The Republic day parade on Raj Path shows us that we are a sovereign, democratic, and free nation. We, the people of India, are the best examples of Unity in Diversity. The Republic Day parade brings whole India on the Raj Path, where the tabelus from various states seen like mini India or the whole of India on the Raj Path. 

We should be proud that we have got birth in India, and we should always act in a way so that we can bring laurels to our country, family, and society.


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