Indian Festival Thaipusam: History, Dates, Significance and its Importance

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Thaipusam is an Indian festival mainly celebrated in the state of Tamilnadu and by the Tamilian people of the country. It usually comes in the last week of January of the first week of February. Murugan is the child of Goddess Parvathi and Hindu God Shiva and is a revered god in the Indian Tamil people group.

In the same way as other Indian festivals, Thaipusam additionally has a fascinating history and fanciful legends connected to it. The festival is dynamically celebrated by all the Tamil Hindu people group and reflects religion, culture, confidence, and continuance of the aficionados. 


The Thaipusam Festival 2020

Thaipusam Festival will be celebrated on the 8th of February,2020. 


Why Thaipusam is Celebrated

In the same way, as other Indian festivals celebrated on a full moon day, Thaipusam is likewise celebrated on full moon day, which falls in the Tamil month of "Thai." 

"Thai" signifies tenth, a reference to the tenth month of Tamil schedule, and "Pusam" alludes to a star. Thaipusam is celebrated when the full Moon adjusts itself to a group of stars (Theta, Gamma and Eta) in Zodiac indication of Cancer. 

The Moons arrangement with the star "Pusam" looks like the mammary organ of a cow; consequently, it is accepted to bring sustenance and richness and is celebrated as "Thaipusam."


History of Thaipusam

In the same way as other Hindu festivals of India, Thaipusam additionally has a fanciful tale about its birthplace, which is both amazing just as confidence summoning.

As per Tamil Hindu conviction, Lord Murugan is the child of Lord Shiva. When an asura (evil presence) named "Soorapadman," who was the child of Kashyap, was given a gift that nobody aside from Lord Shiva's posterity could overcome him or even murder him. However, there was a trick – the posterity must be conceived without Shiva's association with a female.

The gift caused Soorapadman with a feeling of false pride and presumption. Seeing himself as strong, he began overcoming the world by falling back on brutality and concealment of different rulers. 

One day the sister of Soorapadman arrived at paradise, to get the sovereign of heaven, for his sibling to keep as a paramour. A watchman hindered her advances, and in the following fight, her one arm was cut away. 

Irritated by the compensation of her sister, Soorapadman vanquished paradise and kept all the devs (Gods) detained, tormenting them and incurring torment. 

Meanwhile, Devas argued Shiva, for giving a capable posterity who could execute or overcome "Soorapadman." Admitting to the requests of divine beings and for sparing the world from Sooarapdman, Lord Shiva made a child "Murugan" otherwise called "Kartikeyen" or "Subramaniam," evidently from the flares of his brow, as he was unable to be made by Shiva's association with a female. Goddess Parvathi additionally gave Murugan a lance to help him in crushing Soorapadman. Master "Murugan" in a split second assumed responsibility for all the divine components and vanquished Soorapadman in a valiant battle, wherein the last lost practically the entirety of his siblings and troopers.

Dreading a near demise by the lance of Lord Murugan, Soorapadman mentioned him for leniency and argued for pardoning. Showing compassion for Soorapadman, Murugan consented to save his life, relying on the prerequisite that the previous turns into his eternity vahana (mount). In this manner, Soorapadman appeared as a peacock and turned into the vahana of Lord Murugan.

In this way, the thrashing of wickedness Soorapadman on account of Lord Murugan is celebrated as "Thaipusam," and the God Murugan is continually demonstrated holding a lance in his right hand and mounted on a peacock. 


Thaipusam Celebrations

The Thaipusam festival is celebrated by the Indian Tamil people group in India just as different nations with the nearness of Tamil clubs, such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Canada, Mauritius, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

It is celebrated with equivalent confidence and energy, both in nations with vast Tamil Hindu populace and in countries where Tamil Hindus are less in number. Each festival mirrors the Indian Tamil culture and conventions. However, its embodiment continues as before – to say thanks to Lord Murugan for sparing the world from the devil "Soorapadman."

One of the significant occasions of Thaipusam is "Kavadi Attam" or the weight move, performed by the lovers to celebrate master Murugan. It is the focal fascination in the festivals and speaks to obligations subjugation. In Kavadi Attam the enthusiasts incur themselves with physical weights, to look for the favors of Lord Murugan.

Thaipusam is also celebrated in sanctuaries, while the festivals keep going for longer than seven days, as in Sri Dhandayuthapani sanctuary in Palani, Tamil Nadu. Numerous aartis (services) are performed worshiping Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi, and Lord Murugan.


The Legend of "Kavadi Attam"

The custom of Kavadi Attam in Thaipusam has a legendary conviction related to it. When Shiva, educated sage Agastya to introduce two slopes in south India. As told, Agastya took the two slopes – Shaktigiri slope and Shaktigiri slope and set them in a woods, further educating his follower Idumban to finish the activity.

Idumban found the slopes brave and needed to look for divine assistance. While moving the hills, he put them close Palani in south India and rested. Exactly when Idumban began again to finish his excursion, incredibly, he found that the slopes were brave once more. 

Idumban detected a wretched youth and approached him for help in moving the hillocks. In any case, the young rejected saying that the slopes have a place with him. A battle followed, and Idumban understood that the adolescent was in all honesty Lord Murugan – child of Lord Shiva. He was outsmarted in a challenge by his sibling Ganesha and left the organization of Shiva-Parvathi, taking home in the hillocks. Later Murugan was as far as anyone knows mollified by his dad Shiva, who revealed to him that he was "Subrahmanya," a product of shrewdness and information.

Be that as it may, Idumban was executed in the ensuing battle with Murugan; however, he has later breathed life into the back. It was then that Idumban said that whoever conveying a Kavadi arrives at the sanctuary in the hillocks will be honored and his promises satisfied. From that point forward, each lover first visits the Idumban place of worship before setting off to the holy place of Lord Murugan, situated in the slope close Palini in Tamil Nadu.


Significance of Thaipusam

Thaipusam is a festival of confidence and commitment. It likewise connotes the triumph of good over detestable for what its worth upon the arrival of Thaipusam that Lord Murugan crushed the asura Soorapadman. The custom of delivering physical torment on oneself connotes the most noteworthy dedication of the enthusiasts to their worshipped God. It likewise implies the trust that the fans have in their old traditions and conventions.

The festival is likewise an impression of lively social acts of India, and the confidence gave by the individuals of India on their gods. In a manner, the festival likewise securities, spread Tamil people group around different parts of the world. It gives an approach to the Hindu Tamil people group of Malaysia, Singapore, and others to associate with their underlying foundations and show their rich culture and energetic conventions to different parts of the world.

Another hugeness of "Thaipusam" is that it shows physical perseverance and shows a man to be set up for physical torment and enduring by having confidence in God. Devotees who take Kavadi in the wake of clinging to the strict guidelines; enter into a condition of low cognizance and feel no torment while puncturing of the skin, and they are left without any injuries in the wake of finishing the customs. In this manner, it reaffirms the conviction of lovers that their God is additionally watching and understands their torment and causes them.

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