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Speech to be delivered on the event of - Hindi Diwas
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Hindi Diwas is celebrated in all the Hindi-talking regions all over India. It is a yearly function celebrated on 14th of September consistently. Generally, this day is a government-supported event and is celebrated with the most extreme energy at workplaces, schools, firms, and so forth in India. 

The essential reason for the Government behind praising this event is to advance and spread the culture of the Hindi language. You might be a part of such festival some time or another and might be required to convey speech. We are here to help you out with some speech examples of Hindi Diwas.


Example #1 of Hindi Diwas Speech

Regarded Chief Guest, Dear Staff Members and every one of the Visitors!

We are much obliged to you for joining the event and making it significantly increasingly special for us all. We have assembled here to celebrate the fifth yearly Hindi Diwas at our distributing house. It's an annual function welcomed each year on 14 September. The day is celebrated with extraordinary intensity and energy in Hindi speaking regions of India. 

Even though the festival of Hindi Diwas is a government-subsidized event in all the Central Government of India firms, workplaces, schools and every one of the establishments; yet our office celebrates the event with similar eagerness. It is fundamentally celebrated to advance and spread the culture of Hindi Language over the world. 

This day shows its importance and significance through - events, debates, and various kinds of programs organized on this day. Hindi Diwas is likewise celebrated as a constant update for the Hindi-talking populace of their unity and traditional roots. 

Our association gives much significance to the festival of this day. Even though our distributing house distributes papers and magazines in the English language; yet we provide the most extreme regard to our first language Hindi as it is our national language. Presently, it would be ideal if you enable me to share the foundation of Hindi Diwas! It was 14 September in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India had acknowledged Hindi as the official language of India.

This choice was endorsed by the Indian Constitution and became effective on 26 January 1950. According to Article 343, Indian Constitution, Hindi has written in Devanagari Lipi was acknowledged as the official language. Presently, there are two dialects which are authoritatively utilized at the Union Government of India level, for example, Hindi and English. 

All of you should know about the challenge that was running since the previous month in our office. Consistently, we accomplish something intriguing and useful to observe Hindi Diwas. Since we are a distributing house, the festival all the more frequently courses around training. This year our subject was 'Kabir Das ke Dohe' ( Poems of Saint Kabir Das). The members should do inquire about on the ballads of Kabir Das and present the equivalent through plays, tunes, different Indian move shapes, and so on necessarily in an inventive and imaginative way. We got praising cooperation from a few associates in the festival that was held a week ago. We will declare the aftereffect of the challenge today itself.

I am thrilled to discover that there are as yet numerous individuals who are keen on saving our Indian culture and customs and as again clutching the significance of Hindi language.

Lamentably, the criticalness of the language 'Hindi' is subsiding. Individuals who communicate in Hindi are taken a gander at with doubt by the alleged high-class society. Individuals feel embarrassed in the open spots to banter in Hindi. Notwithstanding, I additionally observe a few taught individuals cooperating all around unquestionably in Hindi. I have run over a few people who feel extremely associated when they talk in Hindi.

Hindi is our national language and we ought to dependably feel glad to utilize the language however much as could be expected.


We are much obliged to You!


Example #2 of Hindi Diwas Speech

Regarded Principal, Dear Fellow Teachers, Dear Parents, and My Dear Students!

Like each year, we have amassed again today for observing Hindi Diwas. I feel very respected to have been given this obligation to have the program. Our school celebrates Hindi Diwas with most extreme enthusiasm and intensity. Hindi is considered as our national language and a part of our culture also, accordingly I am pleased to invite all of you to the festival today on Hindi Diwas.

A large portion of you should know that Hindi Diwas is celebrated each year on 14th of September as this was the day in 1949, the Indian Constituent Assembly acknowledged Hindi as the official language of our nation alongside English. Two years post Independence; the recently shaped organization was under social strain to join the numerous social, etymological, and various religious gatherings of the country.

It was additionally significant that the novel national flavor is kept up while the entire country is united. As in India is not having any single language which could give it an extraordinary national personality, Hindi was acknowledged as the answer for unification. All the more along these lines, it is spoken in real parts of North India; it was an essential goal for national semantic unification, however not the ideal one as a vast region of non-Hindi speaking India was disappointed with this thought.

They didn't acknowledge Hindi wholeheartedly as the official language since they couldn't interface with it because of the social befuddle.

This was a short and fresh foundation for Hindi Diwas. Our school praises this day consistently as we need our understudies to perceive the significance of this language. As I would see it, one feels increasingly associated, and the discussion winds up customized when we talk in Hindi; as it ends up simpler to express our most profound musings and sentiments. Presently even non-Hindi talking areas have begun understanding the language.

Alongside bestowing the learning of English and different subjects, for example, Maths and Science, we should likewise put accentuation on the Hindi language, since we feel that Hindi is the portrayal of Indian unity and our national language as well. A few capacities, rivalries and grant services are held at our school as a part of this festival.

The subject during the current year is 'Hindi humari Matrabhasha' (Hindi is our native language). It is captivating to see that children have taken part with extraordinary enthusiasm and an immense credit goes to their folks as well, who alongside the instructors have taught this culture in their children.

The middle is likewise underscoring on advancing the Hindi language as the image of national unity, and the Hindi Diwas festivity is a significant part of these endeavors. The day is celebrated at all focal workplaces, schools, and foundations. It is exceptionally reassuring to see our Hindi language picking up fame on the national dimension, yet besides on the International Dimension. 

The youth of today should approach and hold submits advancing the language and invest heavily in being the guardian of Hindi Language. When we say as much; we don't imply that you get rid of different dialects, for example, English or some other language you are alright with. We intrigue to every one of you to join India through one language, one country.


We are much obliged to You!



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