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Welcome speech for chief guest is the speech given by the student, teacher, essential or a host at any occasion composed in the school, school or college to respect the honored chief guest. Here we have given six welcome speeches to chief guests for different occasions like award function, yearly day, Independence Day, and so on. You can choose and utilize any of the welcome speech as per the occasion sorted out at school or school to respect your welcomed chief guest. In this way, appreciate the accompanying welcome speech for chief guest.


Let Us Go Through the Examples of Welcome Speeches for the Chief Guest

Example #1 of the Welcome Speech for the Chief Guest Delivered By the Chief Guest


Great evening everybody,

I generously welcome all of you for the sake of City School, for the esteemed event of our school praising its tenth Annual day on the occasion of finishing its ten brilliant years, as such, commending its Silver Jubilee. It is hard to trust that what was once envisioned is being satisfied at this point. Putting the establishment of an instructive foundation is so rousing: what was once planted as a sapling is presently all developed into an expansive tree. Here I can see a mix of phenomenal and savvy students and their folks who have influenced this day to arrive; they have come to us from every single corner of the city.

Consistently, I observe it be my pleasure to address you individuals who are the youthful personalities of today and the dependable residents of tomorrow. I and entire of our committed teachers' group value the endeavors put in by the guardians alongside their wards. Along these lines, here I feel favored to stretch out my warm welcome to all the dear guardians who are continually stretching out their help and love to students just as employees of this school.

Taking our night further and regardless of the Annual Function, I on the sake of everybody present here, healthily welcome the inaugurator and the dignitary of the precious capacity today, the guest of respect, Mr.XYZ, who is the social specialist, educationist and humanitarian. I am particularly appreciative of him as when we moved toward him with the welcome card and mentioned him to elegance the night as the Chief Guest, Mr. XYZ acknowledged our solicitation and promptly concurred when he took a gander at the present occasion and its program.

Mr. XYZ is a notable name in the issues identified with Women Empowerment. He has put in a lot of endeavors for advancing the instruction of young lady youngster, for this, he has even set up various little training habitats for young ladies and women. His drive of setting up a shelter and the maturity home is the thing that everybody is speaking and lauding about, these days. 

In this way, give a large round of commendation as I call upon Mr. XYZ, for the light helping function and solicitation him to express a couple of words about his undertakings and his background.

We are much obliged to all of you!


Example #2 of the Welcome Speech by The Teacher for the Chief Guest

Great evening everybody,

For the benefit of St. ABC Institute, I stretch out a warm welcome to every one of you present here on the fourteenth yearly games meet of our school. Sports are indispensable just an essential piece of our lives.

Sports, regardless of whether team or individual is an incredible movement for youngsters that give us an assortment of advantages other than physical wellness. Interest in games can help assemble confidence, certainty and can spur kids to exceed expectations scholastically and can help construct their social abilities. It can even show kids the ways and advantages of objective setting and practice.

Along these lines, for this reason, we compose a sports meet each year in a request where 100% cooperation is supported, and every member is, and it is the investment of kids that is most significant for us and gives us tremendous euphoria. This year our school has been proclaimed as a standout amongst the best foundations of the city. This has included and is following additional curricular exercises in the every day time-table.

I wish to thank and salute every last one of you dear guardians for, without your help, it would not have been feasible for us. Dear guardians, what you see today, is the zenith of monstrous, nonstop endeavors put in by the students and teachers. Along these lines, sit tight and cheer our students with your liberal commendation.

In this way, with a great round of applause, let us, please call upon Miss XYZ to elegance the dais and offer her moving biography with us all here.


Expectation, all of you, have an extraordinary time.


Much thanks to you!

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