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Corruption is any demonstration of the dishonest act by an individual placed in a high power position. A few people, particularly students, have a great deal of interest to know about corruption and its repercussions; all the more so because it is affecting our nation's financial development and growth.

The language used in corruption speech is simple to the point that even a child can understand the language and content provided. So, you will able to deliver an effective speech on the corruption and amaze the listeners.


Example #1 of Speech on Corruption

Warm Greetings and Good Afternoon to my regarded class teacher and students!

The speech topic, for now, is corruption, and I will put my views on the same, especially on political debasement and corruption. As far as the development of our nation is concerned, everything is directed by the political leaders and individuals working in the administration sectors. We are a democratic nation. However, it has been observed that anyone who comes into the power or hold a dominant position, use that for obtaining riches and lavishness using corrupt practices. It affects the other citizen, and they are struggling in their daily life.

In our nation, the gap between the wealthy and the poor is very big to the point that it turns into a reasonable case of instability in our country where one segment of society obtains lavishness and riches, and the majority of the people are still under the poverty line. This is the reason why the economy of developed countries like the USA is observing the decline in their economy.

As a responsible citizen of our nation, we ought to understand that this corruption is eating our country's development like a termite. If the majority of our citizen will keep living in hardship and poverty and won't discover any work opportunity, the corruption rate will never decrease.

Corrupt people will demolish individuals' morals and ethics and would result in an expansion of corrupt practices among normal citizen.

Strict laws should be passed by the parliament against the corruption & corrupt people of our country; it does not matter whether such individuals are inside the political arrangement of our nation or outside it. It needs to be the same treatment for all.

If one somehow needs to think and assess the causes behind corruption, it could be incalculable. The main reason behind the corruption at such a large scale can be, the normal citizen of the country is not so serious about this issue. They are not serious about government laws & rules and attitude of the government towards the issue. It is creating the impression that those who are authorized to take strict actions against corruption have themselves progressed toward becoming complicit in the corruption and are empowering it.

Another reason behind corruption can be the non-transparency of the functioning of government and bureaucrats. Specifically, the institutions that are running directly under the government show moral laxity and hide the serious issues under the carpet. The money that ought to be utilized for the upliftment of needy & poor individuals is eaten up by the administration & politicians themselves.

Much more dreadful, the general citizen who are not wealthy, can't influence the powerful people who are not ready to complete their work, and henceforth their files are destined to meet the garbage instead of having some meaningful actions. Any developing economy would come tumbling down when corrupt officials hold the rule of a nation.

The circumstance has turned out to be extremely tense, and except if the normal citizen takes proactive measures and become cautious of the issue. It is not easy to uproot the corruption from the country. So, let's come together & hold the hands and battle against corruption.

Thank You All


Example #2 of Speech on Corruption

Warm Greetings to our Respected Principal, my colleagues, and dear students!

I, welcome all of you on the eve of Independence Day Celebration. Amid celebration and exhilaration, it has been figured fit by the faculties to address some significant issue that our country is facing and one such issue is wide-spread corruption in the country.

Even though our extraordinary Indian freedom fighters won the freedom decades back, yet come issues, for example, corruption, joblessness, poverty, and so forth are however eating our nation's economy and becoming the obstacle for the development of our country. We need to think the reason behind corruption, and it is because of government or our society? We have to recognize those dark areas which lead to the spread of corruption and take strict measures for destroying those causes.

Winning independence from British rule was not the only thing we need to enjoy. But, we may need this freedom worth for all the general people, even the last man in the row. There should be a basic standard of living for every citizen, and we need to fill the gap of inequality.

Of course, we are living in a beautiful country with lots of beauty and natural resources; but, the corrupt people and corrupt activities mar the beauty of our country. Commonly, officials are not performing their duties unless the citizen bribes them. Such unlawful practices are growing for a basic reason that we, as the citizen of this nation, we are empowering these individuals, and no strict actions, are being made against them.

Besides, such individuals think that they can escape the laws easily and go sound. Power & money have corrupted the officials, and the circumstance has turned out to be worse to the point that if a common man needs any help or help from the administration or officials, then, he/she need to use corrupt methods. You would find corrupt individuals in the senior administration or organization to the subordinate staff and even at the clerical positions. For common citizen, it is really tough to fight them and get their work done.

Corruption has made its impact not only to the cities but also to the small towns & villages. I believe it's the time that when we as a citizen of our nation ought to owe this duty to stop corruption from our country and make our nation a corruption-free land for our coming generations.

The students are the future of this country, and surely you should raise your voice against any corrupt activity that happens around. It gets worse when we take them lightly, but I genuinely feel that every one of us will carefully oppose corrupt practices from happening anyplace in our nation and reveal such officials & authorities too who are the significant blockage for the development of our motherland.

Thank you, everybody,


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