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We, all, realize that Unity is Strength, and without unity, human progress can't develop. Living in unity is of most extreme significance on the off chance that we need to progress and grow as a country. It's such an important topic that we frequently observe students and prevalent public figures conveying a Speech on Unity is Strength or composing articles on it.

So thinking about its importance for the general population, we have covered speech on Unity is Strength which you can be used as guidance. Our speeches are comprehensive, straightforward, yet significant. Peruse our speeches and select any speech of your choice.


Example #1 of Speech on Unity is Strength

Great Morning to all my dear Students!

As I continue hearing incidents of conflicts among the students of my class from different teachers, it turns out to be genuinely humiliating for me. In this way, as your class teacher, it turns into my duty to keep you from doing as such. The motivation behind why I have taken this additional time of yours is to prepare you on the practical side and teach you other than your school syllabus.

In spite of the fact that at first I was angry and thought to call the guardians of every single one of you and give everybody a tight whipping, yet later on I understood that these rising cases might be because of the carelessness on my part and powerlessness to give enough time on you other than your studies.

So today I am here to convey a speech on Unity is Strength. I am sure all of you comprehend the significance of unity as you have turned out to be very mature at this point. Isn't that right? What's more, in the case that you do, at that point you ought to likewise comprehend that these fights and conflicts are completely pointless as these only get worse and ruin the significance of any relationship. Lastly, any outsider can take profit from the disputes and conflicts occurring between two people. Haven't you heard the tale of an old farmer who had three children?

It goes this way – there was an old farmer who was very near to death. He had three children who used to fight a ton among themselves. One day he called every one of his children and gave a stick to every one of them to break; each child managed to break the stick. At that point, he gave a heap of sticks to his oldest child and requested that he break it. He couldn't do it, and similarly, the farmer gave the pile of sticks to his other children who likewise failed to break it. 

At that point, he told his children, 'much the same as, anybody can without much of a stretch break a single stick, it is additionally simple to decimate a single person. So if you live independently after my death, anybody would exploit your circumstance and damage you. In the case that all of you live like this heap of sticks, and then, none of your adversaries will most likely harm you.

After hearing this, every one of his children guaranteed to live together for the remainder of their lives'. So the lesson of the story is. Unity is Strength.

This circumstance applies to you also. In the case that every one of my students will live in unity, at that point, none would most likely point a finger on my class and exploit the circumstance. Indeed, all of you should live in harmony and if any time of conflict emerges attempt to resolve it gently. No fight can be big enough, which can't be settled through discussions.

Discussions demonstrate extremely helpful because then you will, in general, discover a solution to such issues again and life becomes peaceful for everybody. Continuously recollect that never become a laughing stock for other people and dependably attempt to pacify the circumstance with friendly methods.

Presently, I earnestly trust that every last one of you would pay attention to my words and attempt to execute it on your life also.

Thanks, everybody


Example #2 of Speech on Unity is Strength

Regarded Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Fellow Students – Good Morning to everyone!

I have arranged a speech on "Unity is Strength," which I might want to convey today before all of you. You must be anticipating about the reason behind this speech gathering of today, yet given me a chance to clear your questions first. There is no event today, yet thinking about the expanding instances of violence and terrorism in our state and nation everywhere, I wanted to speak on the subject called Unity is Strength and engage in my fellow students in the discussion.

 Besides, we additionally run over numerous rough instances of dissension surrounding us and understanding that individuals nowadays are becoming truly short-tempered and are missing out on moral and virtues, the opportunity has already come we sit down and acknowledge which direction we are going towards.

Our nation India is known to be a multicultural land where individuals from various religious, cultural, and social backgrounds live in harmony. However, the irony of the situation is our own nation is loaded with the events of communal violence, strife, terrorist activities, and so on.

Consistently in the news, we go over shocking occurrences of violent behavior, bloodbath where such vast numbers of guiltless individuals lose their lives. It's time we should remember the old saying - 'Unity is Strength' and stop unleashing violence in our country. Do we not realize that "Joined we stand, isolated we fall"?

Our nation could never rise as a stronger and developed country except if its miserable situation shows signs of improvement, and individuals comprehend that viciousness never takes care of any issue; however, disturbs it. Besides, man is a social creature and can't live in disengagement. He/she would require the company of others to approve his/her reality.

So it positively calls for unity and collaboration. It isn't feasible for an individual to live without taking the assistance of other individuals. Thus, everybody must work in the concordance and furthermore give support just as a consolation to one another.

On the off chance that individuals will keep on staying inflexible and uncooperative, at that point, the establishment of our general public would disintegrate down, and our country will always be unable to extend itself as a substantial country at standard with the developed nations of the world.

Unity is the thing that offers the power to every single individual and aides in building a fantastic country; in actuality circumstance of conflict consumes a nation's prosperity and makes it backward.

We should sensitize ourselves on this significant issue and promise to liberate our country from vicious and barbaric acts of behavior.


Thank you all


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