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Indian farmers have remained an ignored community for quite a long time notwithstanding their huge commitment in the economy of the country. Indian farmers are the foundation of its economy as the Indian economy is basically farming-based. Statics reveal that Indian farming sector represents 18% of India are Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and give work to about half of the workforce.

Tragically, in spite of being the primary players in such huge industry, Indian farmers are always exposed to harassment, non-payment or low payment of crops and different yields, exposing them to cause losses and face poverty.


Examples #1 of Speech on Indian farmer

Honorable Principal Ma'am, Respected Teachers, and My Dear Friends!

Today, we all are accumulated here for the event arranged by the school as a way for demonstrating our appreciation towards the Indian Farmers. I realize this is very sudden for the vast majority of you because the farmers in our country are not so appreciated in a manner by which they ought to be. We have invited a few respected farmers of the country as a visitor for the present event, I might want to deliver a speech in respect of our Indian Farmers.

Our country has vast land for agriculture. About more than seventy percent of our population lives in villages, and the more significant part of them are farmers. Numerous villages still don't have proper facilities and accessibility of resources like raw materials and so forth. However, aside from all troubles, they grow crops for us to meet our necessities, facing every difficulty.

They are similarly respectful only like a soldier, yet the severe truth about our country is that these farmers are respected just verbally; however, not in real life. They face outrageous monetary misery because of which they get into depression and regularly suicide because of the unreasonable burden of debt, which they couldn't pay from a limited income.

The government is clearly responsible for this is because the prices are excessively low, as indicated by the economic state of the country. Because of the carelessness of the administration, the state of our farmers is getting awful step by step. They need more income to meet their family's daily needs, making their life comfortable is a distant dream for them.

They can't manage the cost of proper clothes and still live in the houses made of mud. These houses are not even appropriately ventilated, and each corner shouts the situation of poverty faced by the inhabitants.

There have been numerous foundations of government schools and medical clinics in rural zones. However, not just the administration should be aware of improving their condition, yet every native need to respect the work of the farmer and the cultivation he grows by not wasting it.

On this note, I might want to finish up my speech and thank each respected farmer who buckles down each day to grow food for us. I might likewise want to stretch out special gratitude to our honorable principal who gave us the plan to make an event in school to praise this favorable day.


Thank you all


Example #2 of Speech on Indian Farmer

A Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today, this social event has been articulated here for showing our appreciation and respect for the valuable part of our country that is the Great Indian Farmers, and I am feeling incredibly fortunate to be a part of this event. This is one of the most promising events that I have ever gone to in my life. Indian Farmers are probably the most compelling motivation of our country's pride. They are the spirit of our country. This event is only an approach to show and give them the adoration and respect they merit.

When we hear "Farmer," the main thing that by and large comes in our brain is diligent work and commitment. They are likely the most persevering individuals as equivalent to a warrior who is always prepared to battle for the security of the country. A farmer is an individual who feeds himself and just as his family by a less measure of pay even in the wake of buckling down, and this is the reality of their reality.

There were numerous situations where farmers have ended their lives or ended it all since they think that it is hard to mastermind even finish suppers for their families. They carry on with the most challenging life that we couldn't envision. Their misery of paying loans and giving dinner to two times each day to their family leaves them with no alternative other than suicide since the government's attention on their issues isn't adequate. It feels downright terrible that an individual even after completing a great deal of diligent work, isn't getting enough cash to organize nourishment for his own family. 

In the wake of taking consideration at the real situation of the farmers, the government of our country has acquainted a few approaches and loans with the agrarian division. Legitimate offices are being given to the farmers like the appropriate supply of water, power, crude material at low costs or outstanding bank loans, and so forth. Free training and dinners are likewise giving Their children at government schools.

Home loans with extraordinary strategies are being given to the farmers so they could have an excellent place to live. Even though there are as yet numerous places in India where farmers are not ready to benefit these policies because of the absence of appropriate usage all through the country however these approaches could change the life of the Indian Farmers whenever connected viably all around the country.

I would finish up my speech on this note and stretch out unique gratitude to the coordinators of this event and giving us this excellent chance to demonstrate our affection and respect towards our extraordinary Indian Farmers.


Thank you

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