Speech Writing: English Speech on the Importance of Trees in Our Lives

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One more speech has been covered on the Importance of Trees in our Lives. Everybody realizes how significant trees are in our lives, yet we don't pay any regard to it and proceed to misuse nature. This subject hence turns out to be so significant for us all to address because the more we talk, the more prominent degree of awareness will be spread. Therefore, the present speech topic is The Importance of Trees in our Lives.


Example #1 of English Speech on the Importance of Trees in Our Lives

Hi Everyone – How all of you are doing?

Companions as we are running a campaign on Ped Bachhao, Ped Lagao, I thought it as critical to discuss the Importance of Trees in our Lives and causing individuals to understand that they are making major damage to our environment by chopping down trees.

I can say that the importance of trees in our lives is much the same as our family. Try not to be shocked when I state 'like our family'! Trees are a significant source of oxygen and also act as natural air filters. Also, they are a source of food and vegetables for people, birds, and animals. They additionally give shelter to birds and various other wildlife. In other words, trees are essential for our environment and our significant presence. 


Trees produce oxygen and are a source of life for the living creatures 

We easily understand the importance of trees if we relate it with the way that how significant oxygen is for our survival. As you most likely are aware we can't envision our lives without oxygen for even a few minutes, we in this manner need trees around us to inhale oxygen and that oxygen only be produced if we develop an ever-increasing number of trees.

Additionally, we need food for our survival, which is likewise gotten from a similar source. Trees are similarly capable of stopping soil erosion and mudflow. This is the motivation behind why farmers develop different trees around their homestead.


Trees establish the system for a sound life

Other than giving us food, shade, and sanctuary, trees additionally assume an appropriate job in shielding us from the harmful impacts of pollution. More trees would provide us with a pollution-free environment by keeping a check of the expanding levels of such toxic gases like CFCs and Carbon Dioxide, including different poisons. Actually, individuals can have a long life if the earth is pollution-free, and there is natural air to take in. Trees play a tremendous job in the preparation of medicines. To put it plainly, they establish a system for a healthy life. 


Trees give us peace of mind

This not exaggeration as we have seen it ourselves that when plants and trees surround us, we feel relaxed and positive. They have an extremely relieving effect on our thoughts, body, and soul. This is the reason why people usually travel to appreciate the natural beauty and feel like heaven.

So when we can take such a significant amount from them, it turns into our duty to give them back as well. We have to hold hands with the ecological supporters, for example, NGOs and networks devoted to planting trees and guaranteeing their security. Additionally, we ought to contribute our endeavors in government policies and making them effective. It's about time that when we all should approach in help and security of trees.

Companions, this is all from my side. Thank you!


Example #2 of English Speech on the Importance of Trees in Our Lives

Great Evening Ladies and Gentlemen

As I stand here, I wish to offer my thanks to all of you for coming on the support of this event and making it a success. As all of you realize that we are confronting huge natural issues inferable from different elements and essentially as a result of the chopping down of trees in huge numbers.

Something as valuable as a tree that gives us so much and requires nothing in return, what we people do to these trees? We drain the entire life out of it – we pick out fruits, vegetables, live under its shade and make medicines, and so forth. Tragically, at last, we deprive a tree of its full life, chop it off and earn cash by selling the forest, and so forth. Isn't horrendous and a major foul play has done to our lovely nature?

This continuous chopping down of trees has prompted a significant issue of deforestation. Let us know what deforestation is? It implies the transformation of forest lands into non-forest for uses as construction, arable land, field, and wasteland. Deforestation causes an extreme imbalance in our natural system and prompts a decrease in our biodiversity just as living space. Mining, urbanization, logging, and farming activities are a portion of the unfavorable impact of deforestation.

The trees are a significant natural riches, and they supply us with things multitudinous, for example, fruits, organic products, nuts, and vegetables. We additionally utilize their wood to develop our homes and make furniture. Indeed, there are currently numerous timber organizations which have their tree cultivates with the goal that they can plant new trees instead of the one they chop down.

Along these lines, as such their utilization of trees ends up constrained moderately to little areas to enable natural forests to thrive. The interest of wood and other tree-caused items to develop as and when the populace grows. It is along these lines expected of the timber businesses to guarantee enough trees to fulfill the need and let individuals appreciate the benefit of well-controlled ranger service.

So if trees do as such much for us, it additionally turns into our duty to take care of their support and give them proper light, water, and shade. 

This is all I need to state about the importance of trees in our lives. We should vow to plant as many trees as possible and try to save our natural beauty.

Thank You!

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