Examples of English Motivational Speech Writing on Water Pollution

English Motivational Speech: Amaze the audience by delivering speech on Water Pollution. Below we wrote few examples of English Motivational Speech Writing on Water Pollution.
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Water pollution is one of the major concerns today, as life is not possible due to lack of water, our government is also taking essential steps to preserve our water bodies and prevent it from further degradation. We are adopting many modern techniques to filter the water and make it drinkable. But this is a very tough task as it requires a lot of human resources and huge investment. So, the better solution will be to make aware of the general population about water pollution and restrain ourselves from polluting the water.


Examples #1 of English Motivational Speech Writing on Water Pollution

Respected Principal, teachers, and my classmates, I welcome all of you.

I - mention your name and class, like to welcome all of you in our school auditorium. I hope all of you are doing fine and having great positive vibes this morning. I am here today in front of you to deliver a speech on water pollution.

You must be aware that the water is a life-giving component on earth, and it is tough to imagine life on earth without water. So, we have to use each drop of water carefully. Water is used for your household work and as well as for commercial purposes. Many things like - drinking, cooking, washing, agriculture, fishing, irrigation is done with the use of water.

But still, we are not using water wisely and waste lots of water, and we know that water is a very crucial resource for us. Besides not using water wisely, we are also spreading pollution in our water bodies. The wastages coming out from industries, garbage and remnants of used articles are directly dumped into our oceans and rivers. The harmful and toxic chemical from factories and pesticides due to agriculture is also making our water bodies polluted; all these are the major reason for water pollution.

The factors include the poor water supply system and contact of the water supply system with the sewage are also contaminating the water and making it unfit for drinking. This contaminated water is very risky for the life of humans, animals, and water creatures. The developing and poor countries are facing a lot of water problems because of the lack of proper water management systems and poor treatment systems.

People use to dump their garbage and other wastes directly into the water bodies. As per one estimate, about one-third of the world population does not have safe drinking water, which is resulting in deadly diseases like cholera and diarrhea. These water-borne diseases are rampant in poor and under-developed countries due to unsafe drinking water.

In developed countries, these diseases do not happen, but the other reason for the water contamination in these countries is due to pesticides and industrial wastes. The water pollution in these countries does not occur due to the water management systems, like in poor countries where there is no proper management of water and treatment systems.

But it does not matter whether it is developed countries or poor countries; the whole world is dealing with water pollution. Strict laws and methods should be utilized, and industrial wastes and garbage should not be dumped into the water bodies. The government should also improve water conservation methods and educate the people about the proper use of water. That is all from my side.

Thank you all


Example #2 of English Motivational Speech Writing on Water Pollution

I - mention your name, welcome all the members of our XYZ society. You all are aware that our speech program is going on for three days, and today, the topic of our speech water pollution. People are becoming more area of water pollution and using water wisely in all their daily chores. It is very surprising to see that the children of our society are doing it greatly, and not wasting the water and properly utilizing it.

But we are not only facing the problem of the water crisis, but we have also to fight the water pollution issue. As we all know how water gets polluted, but still I would like to review the factors which are contaminating the water in front of you.


# Fertilizers & Detergents

The fertilizers are usually the compounds of nitrogen, phosphates, and potash. These are all non-biodegradable chemicals when it comes in contact with the water due to reaction becomes more toxic and dangerous for the aquatic life.


 # Thermal Pollution

Water is used in many industries and factories as a coolant, and when this warm water is discharged into the water bodies causes water pollution. The oil or coal-based generators and atomic plants release a huge amount of waste heat, which is released in the form of water and leads to thermal pollution.


# Toxic Metals

Metallurgical process and mining operations are the main reason for the discharge of heavy metals like copper, zinc, lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. The mercuric compound present in the water is changed into di-methyl, and mono methyl mercury with the help of methane released because of the anaerobic breakdown of organic wastes.   

# Suspended Solids

These are the pollutants present in physical form in the water. Slit goes into the water bodies in many ways and also cut off the surface. Slit augments are harmful to water, which is affecting the aquatic life forms.


# Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.)

The organic wastes are a part of water bodies that use broke down oxygen. The body implies the measure of oxygen required for biochemical oxidation by microorganisms in the unit volume of water. The oxygen request is legitimately associated with the expanded contribution of natural squanders.

So BOD is a unit to gauge oxygen for the biochemical debasement of natural components present in water. The vigorous decomposers play out the assignment. The estimation of BOD is straightforwardly associated with the aggregate of oxidized natural issues. The body in this manner is utilized as an estimation to survey the degree of water contamination.

So these other factors adding to water contamination, and we ought to have the imperative learning of these components to have the option to monitor them. With this, I rest my speech.

Thank You!




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