Examples of English Motivational Speech Writing on Save Trees And Save Earth

English Motivational Speech: Amaze the audience by delivering speech on Save Trees and Save Earth. We wrote few examples of English Motivational Speech Save Trees & Save Earth
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As we all realize that saving the planet earth has become an essential issue today and the environmentalists are worried and trying every possible measure to check the harmful effect of rising pollution. However, the best solutions out of many are to plant the vast number of trees which will help in saving the planet earth. To address this most important topic, the following speeches have been effectively composed on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth.


Example #1 of English Motivational Speech Writing on Save Trees And Save Earth

Hello All – I, mention your name, from the Save Trees Organization welcome all of you to the present speech program. It gives me tremendous joy to invite all of you to the one more fruitful success of the save trees campaign. However, many things should be done as far as planting and the increasing number of trees in our surroundings also, spreading awareness among individuals. I could even now, in spite of so much has been done in this regard, see individuals not focusing on their environment and chopping down trees needlessly. So we have to do many more things.

So friends, here I request all of you to contribute your efforts towards this global issue. I trust everybody knows why so! Since saving trees is directly relative to conserving our planet Earth. And every nation is struggling hard to save the planet Earth; otherwise, the repercussions would be borne by every last one of us all around.

Companions, as we all realize that trees produce oxygen, which is obviously for the life of each living being. In this sweltering summer climate, sadly we need more trees around to appreciate natural air and breathe in a pollution-free environment. Trees help to filter the soil, air, and water, in this manner, making our surroundings green and livable. On the off chance that we live near trees, we turn out to be a lot healthier, and our lives become more joyful.

It accordingly responsibility on our part to spread more awareness increasingly, SAVE Trees, and protect our forests. While saving trees, I would likewise request everybody to reduce the wastage of paper items, however much as could be expected and limit their use. All the ways we know to save trees we ought to adopt and in addition request others to do the same. Educate your family, companions, and neighbors to come forward and hold hands with you for saving this Earth. Besides that also motivate a large number of individuals to join our association and work for the protection of trees.

With our collective efforts, I promise we will able to achieve great success, and in this way, we all able to save the trees as well as our mother earth.


Thank you all!


Example #2 of English Motivational Speech Writing on Save Trees And Save Earth

Great Morning Friends – I hope all of you are doing well!

As all of you realize that today is a World Environment Day and the motivation behind why we have assembled here is to celebrate this important day and understand its significance with the goal that significant measures can be taken in saving the environment.


In this technology-based age, we have no time to stop, look around, and appreciate the magnificence of nature all around. The more we are progressing in this technological age, the more backward we are getting in our attitude towards preserving our planet Earth.

For example, if we need to go to some short distance we don't use cycle, public transport or even go there by walking, but what we do is, we use our private vehicle to reach the nearby spot. We do not understand what number of us have this frame of mind and are proceeding to influence our environment at a slow rate as the pollution which we emit from our vehicles cause a harming impact on our environment.

While from one viewpoint we are causing pollution in the earth by all methods possible and on the other we are not doing anything successfully to battle air pollution, like planting an increasing number of trees and plants. Most terrible is that we are not stopping chopping down the trees which are already present.

Regardless of hearing a ton from the media about how deforestation is seriously influencing our environment, we are not effectively stopping it. It is because we don't really understand the reason for planting more trees. All we require for this is just a piece of land and some water. In the event that we can't give this back to our environment from which we take so much, we at that point are not able to receive rewards that our mother Earth showers on us.

It will be ideal if you comprehend that growing trees is an incredible activity as it secures the soil and protects water, yet in addition, traps carbon. One of the components that are found in plenty on our Earth is Carbon, and when a lot of it is discharged in our air, the warmth of the sun gets caught, and the atmosphere becomes hotter.  An unnatural weather change pursues its very own normal course, and that happens on numerous occasions over the geographical scene of our Earth. 

Deforestation is one of the procedures which has up the carbon level in our climate. When we chop down trees and burn trees to clear the land, we will in general discharge a large measure of carbon in our air. This carbon slowly quickens the worldwide temperature alteration process. 

In any case, if we plant an ever-increasing number of trees around our environment or any place we locate a barren land, we can compensate for the loss of our forests and free our environment from the grasp of the carbon sink at a considerable extent.

This is all from my side, thank you so much for being such a wonderful audience!

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