Examples of English Motivational Speech Writing on Indian National Flag

English Motivational Speech: Amaze the audience by delivering speech on Indian National Flag. We wrote few examples of English Motivational Speech Writing on Indian National Flag
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The Indian National flag symbolizes Indian freedom, and it holds extraordinary regard and respect in the mind and heart of each Indian, and it is of high significance to us all. It is important that we know about the Indian National flag and represents it in high respects. The national flag is raised on main national events, and you might be required to give a speech on the national flag on one of these events. 


Example #1 of English Motivational Speech Writing on Indian National Flag

Welcome to all the regarded visitors, teachers, my classmates, and individuals from the staff. Today I have the honor of speaking in front of you, on an extremely noteworthy symbol of the nation – the Indian National Flag or the tricolor, our flag has three primary colors that are why it is called as tricolor.

Tricolor is a symbol of our freedom and demonstrates our pride and respect. Beautifully shuddering tricolors over the buildings of government and non-government organizations show that India is a free country with its own standard of law and where the feeling of nationalism and patriotism is dominating among the each and every individual of the country. 

The tricolor is, without a doubt, a symbol of national pride, yet in addition, it demonstrates to fundamental characteristics of its people and our country. Saffron on top demonstrates to mental fortitude and penance, white in the center demonstrate to harmony, and green stripe in the base is a symbol of prosperity and fertility. The 24 spokes blue Ashoka Chakra in the center demonstrate to the eternal wheel of law.

With everything taken into account, the tricolor entireties up every one of the attributes of the country and its people in a rectangular cloth of Khadi fabric.

I should refer to here that until 2002, the showcase of the national flag by private individuals in public was restricted by the law. Further, giving a choice on an appeal recorded by a private individual from general society, the Supreme Court requested the administration of India to make the necessary Amendment in such manner. Thus the flag code of India was altered, affecting from 26th January 2002, enabling individuals from open to show it in their homes and workplaces with stipulated principles and guidelines. Much obliged to You!! 


Example #2 of English Motivational Speech Writing on the Indian National Flag

Regarded Teachers and Dear Students – Welcome to the seventh yearly sports month of our school! I feel the huge delight to inform all of you that this time the sports week finishes up on the last week of this month, which is likewise Indian National Flag Day.

Thus, I might want to speak on the national flag today. India is our motherland, and our National Flag holds incredible significance for every single Indian. It involves incredible privilege for us all to be a part of India, and our national flag symbolizes solidarity since individuals of different religions live with amicability and harmony here. Everybody realizes that the Indian national flag is similarly partitioned in three color stripes, for example, Saffron, White, and Green, yet did you realize that Saffron color was incorporated into the plan to respect Hinduism and green color to regard Muslim religion.

Later white strip was incorporated to respect every single other religion since India is the land to individuals having a place with various religions, ranks, and hues. Truth be told, the name 'Tiranga' has been given to our national flag since it has three hues' stripes in it. The White stripe has a naval force blue shaded 'Ashok Chakra' that has 24 genuinely separated spokes. The Saffron color additionally symbolizes magnanimity and penance; White color virtue and truth and the Green color vitality. The 'Ashok Chakra' in the inside connotes genuine triumph of equity and genuineness.

The national flag isn't just the symbol of autonomous India yet, in addition, means us as pleased Indians. Our national flag likewise symbolizes solidarity, harmony, pride, and freedom. On each national event, the national flag is raised by the administration officials; in any case, regular citizens in India can likewise show the flags on events. Our national flag isn't just lifted in government workplaces, yet additionally in schools, universities and all other instructive foundations on the events of Independence Day, Republic Day and all other national capacities. 

While it feels gigantic pleased to see the national flag vacillating high on events, for example, Independence Day, Republic Day, and so forth.; it feels even more glad to see the Indian national flag shuddering in outside terrains when different sports people make our nation pleased by winning universal sports, for example, Olympics, Commonwealth, ASIAN Sports, and so on.

It isn't just joy to see the sportsmen running over the field, grasping the Indian national flag; it additionally makes us feel glad to be Indians. The sportsmen hold and kiss the flag gladly and bow down their heads before the flag; such significance has been given to the national flag.

Practically all schools in India show kids at an exceptionally young age the national flag, about how it appeared and how was it planned. The Indian national flag shows we all to live with concordance and harmony; regard humankind and be united together. It depicts that fact consistently wins and regardless of how much hardships you experience, genuineness, and truth always win at last. 

Dear students, you are the future of our nation, and I can see many developing sportspeople in you, and I am planning to see some of you conveying our national flag and pursuing crosswise over remote grounds being triumphant in some global sports. Regardless of how much fruitful you become, be always grounded, and regard our national flag.

I wish you all the best and Thank You!

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