English Motivational Speech Writing on Indian Army

English Motivational Speech: Amaze the audience by delivering speech on Indian Army. Below we wrote few examples on English Motivational Speech Writing on Indian Army.
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We should neither think little of nor neglect to remember the role of Indian armed forces in maintaining the security of the country. Keeping in mind the critical role our Indian armed force plays in ensuring the safety of our nation, below few speeches have been devoted to them to emphasize the significant role they play in the service of our country.

This is the motivation behind why speeches on Indian armed forces in maintaining the security of the country have been prepared to such an extent that these can be utilized as a reference for the individuals who wish to set one up such speech when the event arrives.


Example #1 of English Motivational Speech Writing on Indian Army

Warm Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen! Firstly, I might want to thank all of you for coming in this assembly today, which is being arranged by our board of trustees to pay reverence to our extraordinary Indian Officers who work every day and night for serving our country. 

Before we start with the present program, let us expand a warm and extraordinary welcome to our Indian jawans, who are available here in the midst of us so as to grace the program. It couldn't have been more special today because of their presence.

The enthusiasm and imperativeness of everybody present here demonstrate the adoration for every last one of you for our incredible Indian Army. I am incredibly happy that individuals have met up in enormous numbers not just to remember the memory of each one of those officers who lost their lives in the battle, yet additionally to celebrate their hard-earned triumph and to extend towards them a gesture of extraordinary love and respect.

Obviously, the Indian Army maintains the security of our country, and it is all a result of our protection armed force that we continually feel a conviction that all is good and can live and breathe freely, with no feeling of dread. Regardless of whether we realize that the rivals have assaulted our nation, we can securely rest in our homes and continue with our regular life.

Where on the one hand our soldiers live under constant dangers to such an extent that many lose their lives while many get seriously injured, and then again we keep on living our life normally. They live away from their families and friends and are posted at remote areas where ordinarily an individual can't survive. They need to sustain themselves under extreme conditions and need to fight with hard conditions persistently. 

From fighting wars for our nation to protecting the individuals at the time of exigency to scaling mountains to suffering day by day battle to bearing the singing warmth of the summers to persevering through the unforgiving winter conditions – the officers of our Indian armed force basically set out their lives for the service and above all for the respect of the nation and request nothing consequently not expressions of appreciation.

Going restless for days and nights, they take up war with terrorists. They are the incredible freedom soldiers of our nation, and we owe them a ton. It is preposterous to expect to offer in words the thanks we feel for them. Everything we can do is to consistently remember them in our supplications and appeal to God for their wellbeing and victory. Their safety is also our concern, and at no cost, we ought to overlook it.

Salute to our Indian Army which is genuinely the foundation of the nation's guard system as they never delay putting up a brave front despite adversity.


Hats off to their great spirit


Example #2 of English Motivational Speech Writing on Indian Army

Regarded Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, and My Dear Friends-Warm, welcome to everybody!

I - mention your name and class, might want to thank everybody for providing me with a brilliant chance to deliver a speech before all of you on how the Indian Army maintains the security of our country. 

India, as a nation has the best-armed force and incredible soldiers who don't think before laying their lives to protect our mother, India. It is difficult to turn into a soldier of the Indian Army as they have to lose material things of everyday life. Dear Friends, you would be stunned to hear that officers are not just intended to battle wars on the outskirts however they additionally assume a significant role in safeguarding individuals during natural calamities and furthermore during peacebuilding activities.

In the condition of Civil War in any nation, our Indian Army soldiers are sent who likewise have a place with the harmony keeping powers of our country. They attempt and keep up harmony up to any degree conceivable. India has sent numerous peacekeeping officers to different nations to look after harmony. Sri Lank is the best guide to epitomize this circumstance.

Before proceeding onward further, all of you should realize that at whatever point an individual chooses to seek after their profession in Indian armed force, they have to keep a target of our military. The primary rationale of the soldiers is to shield our nation from outside hostility just as inside dangers to keep up security inside our outskirts.

Indian soldiers pursue an exacting daily practice and diet, which they agree consistently in their lives. Guidelines and methods are exceptionally stringent for them, yet at the same time, they pursue each standard of the military. They are restrained and prepared in the way that for them, an amazing mission turns out to be just securing the nation and their kindred Indians.

Our Indian officers do forfeit their lives for the country; however, their families are likewise too brave who also regard and feel pleased that their relative has given his life for the nation. On each Republic Day, the President of India presents courage grants to the groups of the Indian Soldiers, and it's a pleased minute for them and us when they get the honors. Even though no one can fill the torment, the families experience yet at the same time their whole lives, and they feel proud about their accomplishments.

We, as a whole, ought to remember and regard that our soldiers penance their lives to improve our prospects and splendid. Along these lines, we all should stand and salute to the Indian armed force.


Much thanks to You!

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