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Health is wealth is a famous quote which implies that health is everything, and its significance is more than the wealth. If one looks after his/her health, he gets everything in life effectively. We have given underneath different speech on health is wealth under various words limit for the younger students. They can choose any health is wealth speech given below so that they can compose their speech to deliver on any school event or can ever write in examinations.


Examples #1 English Speech on Health is Wealth

Great morning to my regarded teachers and all my classmates. As we have accumulated here to celebrate this favorable event, I might want to speak over health is wealth. As we all think about the usual saying that health is wealth, yet, I don't imagine that we pursue this concept in our day by day life to get maintained.

Everybody of us knows well that decent health leads to an excellent way anyway most of us don't take the required care of the health. If we are not living in discipline and following nature's standard, we can never end up sound in life and never reach the achievement. 

We have given two legs and two hands to walk and do work in any case if we are not utilizing our organs as needs be in a proper manner, it is our flaw which leads us towards disappointment. The vast majority of the individuals spend their entire day and night just by sitting or lying on the bed for the more significant part of the times of week and months. 

They are much the same as fish without swimming and flying birds without flying. Would you be able to envision that what will happen if fishes don't swim or birds don't fly, most usually they effectively would be the food of bigger creatures and gradually their species would get extinct? Like this, individuals having more comfort in their life can't be so very healthy.

A few decades ago, individuals were very healthy and sound since they were utilized to walk for long-distance, and they need to carry out each household chores themselves. In the later decades, the development of technologies in a fast way has diminished the man's work in all aspects of life.

Earlier, the life of our grandparents was great, and their livelihood was extremely very healthy in light of the hunting, cultivating, furrowing, gathering, planting, strolling, running, and so forth. Nowadays, pretty much every individual of all ages getting experience the ill effects of at least one disease like hypertension, heart assault, gout, stress-related illness, and so on from the beginning of life.

To keep ourselves sound physical, mentally, inwardly, socially, and psychologically, we should be active on an everyday basis including very much looked after eating routine, works out, positive reasoning, and pursue good habits. We should have some discipline in every walk of life to have a healthy body and mind.

Thank you, everybody, for being a kind listener.


Examples #2 English Speech on Health is Wealth

Great morning to the regarded Principal, teachers, and all my dear companions. As we have accumulated here to celebrate this extraordinary event, I might want to speak over health is wealth. It is the most common saying which we by and large tune in by our grandparents, guardians, and teachers.

In any case, I need to ask all of you what number of us have considered and pursue this remedy in their day to day life. We all realize that what is 'health is wealth' however is anybody of us has thought it's real significance and meaning. Nowadays, individuals' life has been occupied to the point that they lack time to deal with their health maintenance, doing works out, converse with relatives, companions, neighbors, and so on due to expanding competition and innovations.

We ought to always remember that without health, there is nothing in our life. Health is more profitable for us than different things in life since it is the main instrument of achievement. Undesirable individuals can never get genuine happiness and tranquility of life. This renowned maxim discloses to us that health is more significant than cash and different valuable things everywhere throughout the world.

On the off chance that we endure any ailment, cash can just assistance us to get prescription and constrained alleviation; anyway it can't expel illnesses totally from the body. On the off chance that we get relief from one sickness, at that point, it will leave different infections as a confusion. It implies a powerless and unfortunate body calls numerous ailments individually, which we never can be free of.

We have to keep ourselves a sound and glad to adapt to every one of the issues of life effortlessly. We can be sound through appropriate and day by day works out, morning walk, very healthy eating regimen, following great propensities, restrained way of life, and positive reasoning. A very healthy body keeps the body, brain, and soul upbeat and quiet. 

A very healthy individual turns out to be totally free from the ailments in body and brain and along these lines ready to appreciate stable health and all the satisfaction in life. Being very healthy for the individuals of all ages gathering relies on the few components like nourishment, physical movement, contamination, resting propensities, perspective, state of mind, water, air, daylight, and so on. Together with the physical activities; legitimate consideration of the body is additionally exceptionally important.

Unfortunate individuals consume their entire time on earth in experiencing illnesses and grumbling others for their condition. Life is delightful on the off chance that it is lived the right way. Kindly don't squander it by being unhealthy, rather live it cheerfully. My motto of the present speech on this theme is just to share my sentiments with every one of you for the wellness of us all.

Much obliged to you.

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