Examples of English Motivational Speech Writing on Election Commission of India

English Motivational Speech: Amaze the audience by delivering speech on Election Commission. Below we wrote few examples on English Motivational Speech Election Commission of India
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The Election Commission of India is an autonomous body that assumes a fundamental job in guaranteeing smooth completion of the elections and also making upgrades every now and then to the polls in India. During General Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha Elections, you might be required to give speeches at different events, in the context of the elections and also the speech on Election Commission of India.


Example #1 of English Motivational Speech Writing on Election Commission of India

Regarded Teachers and Dear Students – Warm Greetings to every one of you!

Firstly, I might want to thank everybody for coming here on such short notice. Elections are very near, and one of you had asked about some information about the job and the importance of the Election Commission. I required this gathering to share significant information about the EC and also request you to cast a vote in this Lok Sabha election.

The Election Commission of India (EC) is an autonomous body in the Indian Constitution. It is the central authority for dealing with all the electoral processes of India and ensuring that they are reasonable and free.

During the year 1947 to 1989, the number of Chief Election Commissioner was just one; and from the year 1989 to 1990, two 'Election Commissioners' were appointed, which got dissolved in 1990 and the Election commission again began going about as a 'single body.' Be that as it may, in 1993, according to the 'Election Commissioner Amendment Act' EC was made a multi-part body and in October 1993, two ECs were delegated once more. The choices anyway are made according to the majority vote.

I had worked effectively during elections, and it gives me tremendous joy to state that the EC has gotten numerous enhancements to the election strategies. The presentation of EVMs (Electronic democratic machines) is a noteworthy advance in lessening offenses during elections and improving the effectiveness of the whole election process. While Kerala was the primary state where EVMs were tried; the equivalent was executed in Elections in pretty much every state post-effective testing, tests, and legitimate ramifications. 

The EC likewise launched its very own site in Feb 1998 for keeping the open educated and refreshed about data identified with Elections. The site gives genuine data, oversees, regulates, and show aftereffects of elections. Another real advance was the presentation of the EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Cards) to demoralize appointive misrepresentation. The issuance and ownership of EPIC ended up obligatory from the elections in 2004 and the apportion cards were permitted during the election procedure just in specific circumstances. 

In the year 1998, the EC chose to automate the electoral process through computerization. It additionally brought into training the VVPAT (Voter-verified paper audit trail) in the General Elections of 2014. The system was acquainted all together with quietness the ideological groups that raised questions over the associated messing with EVMS.

Another progression taken by the EC was the introduction of NOTA (None of the abovementioned) as one of the choices in the democratic machines during 2014 Elections; which is currently a necessary choice in every one of the elections.

The EC likewise went under extraordinary analysis by the open when an RTI (Right to Information) was documented by one of the activists. It brought to see the evil readiness of the EC to secure the voters with incapacities during the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. While numerous elections of the SC (Supreme Court) were seen to help the voters with handicaps; the EC is moving in the direction of defending these voters.

All I comprehend is that casting a vote is our privilege, and every single one of us should cast a vote as the dependable natives of India.

I am resting my speech with the desires that every one of you will proceed to cast a vote this time.

Thanks to You!


Example #2 of English Motivational Speech Writing on Election Commission of India

A great Morning to every one of you and thank you for coming here!

As all of you realize that our school has been chosen as one of the voting centers for the upcoming election, I thought of sharing some helpful information about the Election Commission of India with all of you, so you know how elections work in our nation.

The Election Commission, prominently known as EC of India is an autonomous body in charge of dealing with the Elections in India.  

The EC functions under the direction and authority of Article 324 of the Constitution, and along these lines, the Chief Election Commissioner of the nation can be expelled distinctly by the procedure of impeachment on the grounds of insufficiency or offense.

While the EC regulates the whole procedures identified with the Elections; it is likewise dependable to finding a way to improving the Election systems inside the nation. Since the entire world has gone computerized now; the EC additionally has launched its very own site, for example, eci.gov.in. The site has all the data identified with the elections, real advances taken by the EC for improving election methods in India, information identified with democratic subtleties, and so on. 

The main reason and significance of democratic system aren't just to hold elections all the time, yet additionally to hold free, reasonable and periodic elections as these are the essentials of the law based nation India and center part of our Constitution. The EC is essentially the gatekeeper of Indian elections. Since the fifth Lok Sabha Elections held in the year 1971, the EC has been issuing prescribed rules as the 'Model Code of Conduct' for each election. The Guidelines should be pursued and adhered to by every ideological group and the up-and-comers.

The EC is a basic constitutional body that works for improving the election methods. Before I rest my speech, I might want to appeal to every last one of you to contribute emphatically towards the upcoming elections and help the general individuals and the EC. I am cheerful that we would not disappoint the EC.

Much thanks to You!

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