Examples of Speech on Democracy and Dictatorship

Let us understand the basic difference between - Democracy and Dictatorship
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We all know about the terms democracy and dictatorship! Isn't that right? We live in a democratic set up where everybody is entitled to his/her opinion and has the privilege to voice it. Autocracy then again is the finished front of the democratic system. Dictatorship infers an imperious standard where oppression wins and where freedom of thought and expression is checked. Two are the contrary sides of a similar coin, and no enlightened country would pick dictatorship over democracy. 


Example #1 of Speech on Democracy and Dictatorship

Dear Society Members and every one of the Children – Warm Greetings to Everyone!

As all of you realize that we live in a democratic nation like India, and it's critical to hold onto the democracy system as an ideal. Today as a native of this nation, I will sharpen all of you on the topic of democratic government versus dictatorship. Both the terms democratic government, just as a dictatorship, are applied in various situations and nations inside and out. Most of the countries pursue a democratic system while others observe dictator rule, which is fundamentally the same as a dictatorship. We all hear that democracy is the best type of government through papers and media.

Democracy is viewed as a rule by the individuals for the individuals, so it is correctly said as the government in its best structure. At the time when India picked up freedom, numerous different nations scrutinized that in spite of the decent variety, how are we going to join India and make it a democracy system, yet with our first races in the free and reasonable way demonstrated the whole world that India could support a democracy.

We ought to be glad for the way that we all have kept alive the genuine soul of the democratic government in India. We, as natives, can choose our leaders who speak to our perspectives and interests to the legislature of our nation. All people and gatherings are equivalent under the watchful eye of law in a democratic setup and are offered freedom to speech and expression.

During voting, we all have options in choosing our delegates as India is a multiparty democratic government, which essentially alludes to that we host different gatherings and a decision to choose the best among them. Various papers have publication segments where editors and even creators can raise their conclusion on the off chance that they feel something incorrectly about the administration. 

Indeed, even media channels nowadays hold debates where individuals express their real thoughts respectless of it being against the administration, subsequently this part of democracy system is most shifted and can never be found in a domineering nation as in the last an individual can't talk his/her brain as the legislature doesn't give them the freedom to speech and expression.


Each nation pursues its own religion, yet a democratic nation is one that enables its natives to preach and practice any religion. There is nothing esteemed as an open and private circle, which is hugely inverse in a dictator nation where individuals should rehearse their religion secretly. In public, they have to adhere to the state's guidelines and methods. 

At last, it's critical to get that on the off chance that we have to live our lives openly and stressfree, at that topic we ought to embrace democracy even in our private lives where we shouldn't meddle in one another's issues and should respect everybody's opinion.

I trust I have made everybody present here, particularly the youngsters aware of the benefits of democracy and how we should respect our nation, which has continued itself to be a genuine democracy and has given each individual the privilege to pride and sense of pride. 


Thank You


Example #2 of Speech on Democracy and Dictatorship

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, and My Dear Students – Warm Greetings to everybody!

I might want to thank everyone for allowing me a chance to talk on the topic of democratic government versus dictatorship. I - Mention your Name; the alumni of the school feel advantaged to give you my view about democracy, particularly the case of India.

Before proceeding onward to whatever else, it's imperative to comprehend what democracy really means and how India can support its democratic setup in spite of specific disappointments and how we too encountered a short period of emergency in our nation, which at last caused us to understand the significance of democracy system.

India's pre freedom was never a democratic nation. We all realize that the Britishers managed us for right around a century. At first, we loved the way that our country was led by somebody, and they would take our nation to a specific degree of advancement. Yet, our leaders were very aware that Britishers would just adventure our nation and the individuals living in it. It's very discouraging yet consistent with the way that our past ages present during the rule of Britishers were misused, and they needed to adhere to the standards and methods laid by them. 

In 1947 with various rebellions, we unquestionably got freedom, and we all were free to live as per our own choices, which were best for our nation's improvement and progress. In the early long periods of freedom heaps of questions were raised against the Indian government that how and through what procedure we would keep our nation joined in spite of enormous differences and assorted varieties in our country, yet the first political decision in Quite a while refuted everybody and India from that topic forward has had the option to support a democratic setup.

The main party to lead our nation and start financial progress was the Congress party, and their period was likewise named as the "Congress System." This system uncovered that there was just one party that led our nation, yet at the same time, we had every one of our privileges and obligations set in the constitution. 

After the period of the Congress party, our democratic procedures set down different gatherings through which individuals would have options in choosing their own representatives. This shared freedom to individuals to pick whom they felt would be best to administer our nation. 

Toward the end, I might simply want to state that we should acknowledge how significant the democratic system is, and we should feel proud of living in a democratic nation.


Thank You

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