Examples of Speech on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Let us get to know all the pros & cons related with the hostel life
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Here we are presenting the speeches examples for you covering the subject - advantages and disadvantages of hostel life for your knowledge and guidance.


Examples #1 of Speech on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Dear Students – Warm Welcome to every one of you!

I am the principal of this college, and today we have accumulated to talk about the rules and guidelines which you should follow in this hostel.

You have likely than not heard a ton about hostel life, some positive and some negative. While hostel life makes you self reliant and capable, you should realize that avoiding guardians may make you feel pitiful and desolate. You may not be among your family on numerous festive events, for example, Diwali, Holi, Dusshera, and so forth. You may now and then miss your parents for offering your sentiments and feelings to them.

You may frequently miss your siblings, cousins, and companions with whom you have grown up; however, hostel life would likewise give you new companions with whom you can share your feelings, musings, learning, and numerous different things. You would figure out how to fill in as a team and would appreciate your triumph beyond what you could have done as a single person.

Hostel life will prepare you to live in a network. It will likewise show you the abilities of corporate life and teach the soul of help and co-activity in you. While meeting with new individuals, it will assist you with making new companions, and you should likewise be mindful not to indulge in illegal practices.

Even though we watch out for every single student, however, there are a few untouchables who warm up to our hostel young men and sell opiates, drugs, liquor, and so forth. These things ruin students' future, and the whole life and vocation of the students get demolished.

We likewise anticipate that you should keep every one of the standards of the college and hostel and carry on daily schedule appropriately always. Numerous individuals love hostel life as they feel that there is an opportunity in the hostel. While we permit you to take your very own choices, it is an essential time of your life, and you may effortlessly get affected by bad habits. 

The drawbacks of remaining in a hostel incorporate the yearning for your family, parents, siblings, and family members. You may likewise miss the delectable nourishment arranged by your mom, yet we guarantee to give you the best offices accessible here. While you may regularly miss your family at the outset, you should feel glad about the way that there are lots of students who might now turn into your companions forever.

Indeed, I would rest my speech now, and I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer for your future.

Thank You


Example #2 of Speech on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Dear Students – I am the Principal of this college, and I welcome the first day of your college life!

Practically every one of you has left your homes and joined our college to satisfy your dreams and goals. Our college generally has an excellent hostel office, and every one of you is mentioned to check the subtleties of your room and all other significant information after this invite session.

For the majority of you who are new to the hostel life, I might want to educate that the hostel or motel is a settlement place where students live and are regulated by the organization with a hostel manager, called the warden. Hostel life sounds and looks energizing; however, it has its own difficulties on the off chance that you don't observe the guidelines.

Young students regularly get scared when we talk about the principles of hostel life, yet you should comprehend that these standards are made for your very own security and assurance. The principle target of hostels is to give proper facilities and disciplined conditions to the students. We also have in house mess, so you don't need to stress over food; any way you can keep a stove in your individual spaces for making snacks, tea, espresso, and so on.  

Starting at now, we don't give private room office, and each room is accessible on sharing premise; 3 individuals permitted in 1 room, and just in instances of crisis, four individuals might be obliged in 1 room. I have spoken adequately about the hostel, its life, principles, and offices; I might now want to share a portion of the preferences and impediments of hostel life. While hostel life destroys the conservativeness of psyche, a lot of opportunities may make you flighty and careless.

Hostel life, no big surprise, widens your psyche, and you get the chance to learn different things on various subjects and themes. Your general information improves and your potential increments. You get the opportunity to take part in debates and quizzes which upgrade your leadership abilities; you additionally should take an interest in sports and games, which expands your stamina and keeps you sound and fit.


One of the most stunning parts of hostel and boarding life is its component of ragging. Even though ragging is carefully precluded in our college and hostel, we can't deny the way that a few students accept each open the door to prod their lesser students. Some call them amicable motions yet ragging here and there gets so genuine that numerous students can't endure it and make unsafe strides against their selves. 


Indeed, these are the upsides and downsides of hostel life, and I wish you would have the option to separate between the good and bad and consistently make wise move ahead.


All the very best for your future, and welcome to hostel life.


Thank You!

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