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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an education essay on World Population Day, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS.
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World population Day is praised on eleventh July every year. The day has solely been decided to spread awareness about the issues emerging because of the developing population world over. The population is a developing worry in the present occasions. It is the main source of different problems. By committing an exceptional day to this worry, consideration is drawn towards the issue that prompts this developing issue.


Example #1 of Essay on World Population Day 

World population Day is a day to spread awareness about the issues identified with the population. The population on our planet is developing continuously anyway; there are as yet numerous parts of the world that are under-populated. Both overpopulation and underpopulation are a reason for concern.

The Governing Council of the - United Nations Development Program, started this occasion in 1989. World population Day is praised on eleventh July every year. The precise notion motivated this specific date on 5 billion days. It was the date on which the worldwide population arrived at an incredible five billion in the year 1987. The population had been an expanding reason for worry for quite a long time anyway as it came at the five billion imprints, the need to teach individuals about its graveness was felt. A Sr. Demographer at World Bank - Dr. K C Zachariah, proposed this date.

The population is a grave issue that prompts various different issues. World population Day has primarily been set up to assist individuals with understanding the significance of the problems identified with population and furthermore to cause them to see how they can contribute towards controlling this issue.

Various topics are set every year to make individuals aware of the different issues identified with the population. A portion of the issues set for World Population Day in the past remember Reproductive Health and AIDS for the year 1996, Approaching the six billion of every 1998, Saving Womens Lives in 2000, 1,000,000,000 young people in 2003.

World population Day is a chance to familiarize individuals with genuine population-related issues. Various subjects set every year are an approach to feature distinctive population-related problems.


Example #2 of Essay on World Population Day 

World population Day is a push to control population-related issues by spreading awareness about the equivalent and looking for help from the majority. It is being praised on the eleventh of July every year since 1989. As an ever-increasing number of individuals find a workable pace the significant issues emerging because of population development, they are roused to broaden help toward that path.

The absolute most exceptionally populated nations in this world incorporate China, India, Indonesia, United States, and Brazil. World population Day particularly intends to take into account the overall population of such nations to feature the different issues being looked at because of the fast development in population.

Being the significant benefactors of the worldwide population, the individuals of these nations must be sharpened on the need to control the population, and World Population Day is, in fact, an incredible activity toward this path.

Furthermore, these nations have likewise set specific approaches to control their population. For example, China has set one child for each family approach wherein the couples arranging a subsequent infant are punished. In India, there is an arrangement to urge couples to postpone family getting ready for in any event two years of post marriage.


World Population Day - Highlighting Benefits of Population Control

World population Day is viewed as a day to feature the advantages of population control. This fills in as a motivation for individuals to help in population control:


Sufficient of Natural Resources: Our natural resources are being expended at a quick speed because of the expanding population. This is prompting the shortage of natural resources, which are basic for the endurance of people just as different species on Earth. Population control will help in checking this issue. 


Better Employment Opportunity: In the present occasions, nations with a high population are confronting the issue of joblessness because the employments are less, and the quantity of qualified individuals looking for the equivalent is far additional. Population control will check this issue as the interest and supply proportion will come at standard.


Better Environment: The rising population is prompting various issues, for example, deforestation, expanded pollution, and a dangerous atmospheric deviation. Population control will help in cutting down these issues, and this will help in making a cleaner and greener environment.


Every one of these focuses is put across by method for different activities sorted out on World Population Day.


The Problem of Under Population

There are sure nations on the planet that are underpopulated. Vatican City, Monaco, Falkland Island, and Greenland are instances of such nations. These nations have their very own arrangement of issues. In nations, for example, these World Population Day activities help in spreading awareness about the problems of being hardly populated. 

Various topics are picked for World Population Day every year, and different occasions concentrating on those specific subjects are sorted out on this day. Issues, for example - Investing in Teenage Girls, Family Planning, Focus on Adolescent Pregnancy, Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services, Population and Development, Poverty, Saving Womens Lives and Population, Environment, and Development have been decided for World Population Day before.

These are on the whole touchy issues and should be put across thoughtfully. Numerous schools, medical clinics, NGOs, and different associations volunteer to sort out occasions on this day. They think of creative plans to discuss these subjects and sharpen individuals about the equivalent.

While over pollution is a genuine concern, nations with underpopulation have their battle to battle. World population Day is a day to feature these battles and difficulties. It is an approach to urge individuals to contribute their bit towards controlling these issues.

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