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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an educational essay on World Health Day, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. World Health Day Essay, Essay on World Health Day in English
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World Health Day is commended every year on the seventh of April to stress the need to lead a sound and satisfying life. A few activities are arranged at better places to commend this day. It is the World Health Organization (WHO) that surfaced with observing World Health Day. This day is praised on the seventh of April every year since 1950.


Example #1 of Essay on World Health Day (IELTS Writing Task 2)

The historical backdrop of World Health Day goes back to 1948. The World Health Organization wanted to include active medicinal experts from around the globe to take key choices identified with different health matters. For this reason, it held a World Health Assembly in 1948. This was the primary World Health Assembly and is comprised of upwards of 194 part states. 

WHO is administered by its part expresses that have been chosen to frame the world's most elevated health arrangement setting body. The health pastors of the part states are a part of this body.

It was during the primary World Health Assembly that the proposition of committing a beautiful day to global health was put over. All the part states concurred that it was a smart thought, and seventh April was pronounced as World Health Day. It is praised every year since 1950. 

The requirement for World Health Day was felt inferable from the expanding number of diseases and diseases around the globe. Various irresistible maladies spring up from time to time in different parts of the world and spread like pestilences. This makes alarm among individuals, and the media adds fuel to this dread.

By method for the activities hung on World Health Day, individuals are made mindful of different sicknesses and the approaches to dodge/handle them. A topic is set for every World Health Day. The subject covers a specific health concern. The World Health Day activities rotate around the picked topic.

Activities are additionally held to call attention to the significance of health by and large. Individuals are urged to abandon their advanced inactive way of life and settle on a sound way of life, which includes a solid eating routine and exercise. 

As far back as the commencement of World Health Day, the World Health Organization has been sorting out the different neighborhood and worldwide occasions to praise this day. The point of these occasions is to spread mindfulness about the essentialness of keeping up excellent health.


Example #2 of Essay on World Health Day (IELTS Writing Task 2)

As individuals nowadays are turning out to be health aware, the prominence of World Health Day is expanding as is expanding the fame of occasions that are being sorted out on this day. World Health Day is praised far and wide on the seventh of April. It introduces the soul of driving a sound way of life. 

The World Health Assembly chooses a particular topic for World Health Day every year. Various activities are sorted out on World Health Day to make individuals mindful about the specific topic secured that year and about the significance of health all in all.

As a part of the World Health Day festivities, different occasions and activities are sorted out to assist individuals with seeing how to keep away from various medical problems and have a solid existence. Exhibits and talks are likewise given to help those battling against various infections to assist them with adapting up to the equivalent. These addresses are given to rouse and support patients and their relatives to tell them that they are not the only ones in their fight. Productions are composed, and games are played to put over these focuses in a fascinating manner to connect with the majority. 

Youngsters are our future, and they should mainly be made mindful of driving a sound way of life. This is the motivation behind why numerous schools and universities around the globe make it a point to observe World Health Day. Discourses, games, test challenges, and different activities are sorted out in schools to assist youngsters with finding out about the significance of keeping up health straightforwardly and only. Exposition composing and discussion rivalries are additionally held. Understudies effectively take an interest in these occasions. 

By method for different activities that structure a part of the World Health Day festivity, the accentuation is laid on the need to follow a sound way of life to carry on with a healthy life. Here are the key features of these occasions and activities:

Please stay away from Junk Food: In present-day times, we need everything quick and readymade, and along these lines, we have gotten dependent on inexpensive food that can be snatched forcefully and is acceptable to taste. The World Health Day activities especially lay worry upon the need to abandon low-quality nourishment and change to more advantageous nourishment choices. 


Surrender Sedentary Lifestyle: Our occupations today are with the end goal that we require sitting before the workstation for a considerable length of time at a stretch. Considerably after we return home, we are snared to our TV screens or mobiles. Kids are likewise observed stuck to TVs and tablets. This is the main driver of different infections. Youngsters must enjoy open-air games, for example, cricket, football, and badminton, as opposed to sitting at home. Grown-ups should likewise enjoy physical activities, for example, running, running, cycling, and so on. This is useful for both our physical and psychological health

Individuals nowadays are so immersed in their work that health has taken a rearward sitting arrangement. World Health Day is commended for featuring the significance of making our health our need. We would have the option to deal with different parts of our life proficiently just when we are sound.

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