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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Women's Safety in India, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Women Safety Essay, Essay on Women Safety
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Women's safety in India is a major concern, which has been the most significant subject in regards to women's security.


Example #1 of Essay on Women's Safety

Beyond any doubt, women in India have given a position of Goddess Lakshmi in Indian culture anyway. We additionally can't disregard the negative part of the women's situation in India. Consistently and consistently, a few women of varying backgrounds (a mother, a sister, a wife, little children, and girl infant kids) are getting bugged, attacked, ambushed, and damaged at different places everywhere throughout the nation.

Places like roads, open spaces, open vehicle, and so forth have been the region of women trackers. Girl students concentrating in schools or universities need to protect themselves through books or sacks, or they need to wear garments that can cover them. 

At times, a girl child is a deal by her folks just to procure some cash. Young women, for the most part, face acid attacks in the city and seizing for sex purposes by outsiders. As per the insights, it is discovered that a woman is attacked in India at regular intervals.

In the country places, women are as yet being attacked by a relative, beaten by wives or guardians in-law, consumed for share, thus numerous cases. Nirbhaya's attack in the national capital of India was a loathsome occasion that can never be overlooked.

A woman covers a large portion of the number of inhabitants in the nation practically, so they are half members in the development and improvement of India. We are running in the 21st century, a propelled time anyway it is very disgrace to state about the dubious security of women in India.


Example #2 of Essay on Women's Safety in India

In the previous hardly any years, the security of women in India has been down a direct result of some consistent and horrible wrongdoings against women. There has been a decrease in women's status from antiquated to the medieval period, which is proceeded in such a propelled time. Women of India have equivalent rights as like as men of this nation as they possess a large portion of the number of inhabitants in the country and engaged with half extent in the development and improvement of the nation. 

The facts confirm that women in current India are joining high workplaces like - President, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Leader of Opposition, Union Ministers, Chief Minister, Governor, and so forth, anyway on the rear of the drapery they are being misused as well. As per the Constitution of India, they have equivalent privileges of pride, fairness, and opportunity from sexual orientation separation. Indian women are ceaselessly confronting various issues, for example, inappropriate behavior, brutal exploitation through the attack, acid attack, endowment passings, constrained prostitution, and some more.

The quantity of women heading the family units in India is discovered diminished; however, the female education rate is still not precisely the male proficiency rate. Urban young women are almost equivalent in instruction like young men anyway in the rural zones. There is as yet a significant gap. 

Then again, some Indian states (like Kerala and Mizoram) have accomplished comprehensive female education. In this way, women in such states have high social and monetary status. Women's education rate in India is still less as a result of the lacking school offices, sterile offices, expanding wrongdoings against women, deficiency of female instructors, sexual orientation segregation in the general public, and so on. As indicated by the measurements of 2015, it is discovered that women (over 15 years or more seasoned) education rates are 60.6%, while the male proficiency rate is 81.3%. 

There is a significant list of wrongdoings against women in India, for example, a acid attack, child relationships, aggressive behavior at home, substantial residential work, kid misuse, endowment passings, female child murder, and sex-particular premature births, kid work, respect killings, attack, inappropriate behavior, dealing, constrained for prostitution, and some more.

The Juvenile Justice that is - Child Care and Protection of Children Bill, 2015 has been passed supplanting the current Indian adolescent misconduct law of 2000 (Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000).

The Lok Sabha passed this bill on the seventh of May in 2015 and, in any case, by the Rajya Sabha on 22nd of December in 2015. This demonstration is passed to drop down the adolescent age from 18 to 16 years in instances of terrible offense (particularly after the arrival of Nirbhaya's case denounced adolescent).

Notwithstanding the development of different compelling guidelines and guidelines by the Indian government to deal with and control the wrongdoings against women, the number and recurrence of violations against women are expanding step by step. Women's status in the nation has been increasingly hostile and repulsive over the most recent couple of years. It has diminished the certainty level of women for safety in their country. Women are in dubious condition for their safety and have dread while going anyplace else outside their home (office, advertise, and so forth).

We ought not to accuse the administration since women's safety isn't just the duty of government just; it is the obligation of every single Indian resident, particularly men who need to change their attitude for women.

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