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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn Format on how to write an essay on why ban Plastic Bags , we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Plastic Ban
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Plastic bags are a significant reason for plastic pollution – a sort of pollution which is falling apart from our environment. It is a danger to life on Earth. Plastic bags must be prohibited to decrease pollution. Plastic bags cause land, the air just as water pollution.

This is the reason why these have been prohibited in different nations. Be that as it may, these are as yet being generally utilized in many pieces of the world and are ending up being dangerous for the earth.


Example #1 of Essay on Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned

The level of pollution in our environment is continuously ascending. It has expanded quickly with the approach of modern unrest. The developing number of production lines and vehicles on our planet has expanded the pollution level numerous times over the most recent couple of decades. While the smoke from the vehicles and industries has dirtied the air antagonistically, making it hard to inhale, modern and private waste has contributed significantly to the water and land pollution, offering a path to a few genuine ailments.


Plastic: Major Cause of Environmental Pollution

In addition to other things, plastic plays a significant role in pollution at present. Plastic, which is gotten from non-renewable energy sources & fossil fuels, for example, oil and petroleum, is by and large generally utilized for producing various things, including plastic bags, kitchenware, furniture, entryways, sheeting, pressing material, ledges and so forth. Individuals lean toward things made of plastic as these are lightweight contrasted with wood or metal things and are likewise very practical.

The expanding utilization of plastic is expanding the measure of plastic waste, which is difficult to dispose of. Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance. It breaks into pieces, weakens after some time however doesn't get one with the dirt. It stays on the earth for many years and adds to ecological pollution. It goes into the landfills and breaks pollutions that harm soil and water. Plastic can't be discarded by copying as on copying; it produces harmful gases that can cause certain infections. Disposing plastic has, therefore, become a significant challenge today.

Plastic bags that make a significant part of plastic pollution are along these lines being restricted in numerous nations. In any case, just forbidding plastic bags will not help. A boycott must be forced on other plastic things too to cut down environmental pollution.

It's about time that we should comprehend the power at which plastic is wrecking our environment and making life hard for plants, creatures, marine animals just as individuals. The utilization of plastic items must be brought down to guarantee a cleaner environment.


Example #2 of Essay on Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned

Plastic bags are very famous because these are lightweight and consequently simple to carry. Furthermore, dissimilar to fabric or paper bags, we don't require buying these as we go out to shop. These are conservative and, in this manner, given openly by the retailers on the purchase of the merchandise. It is a direct result of every one of these reasons that the two businesspeople and customers favor plastic bags. Nonetheless, we have to look past flitting comfort and see the master plan.


Issues Caused by Plastic Bags

Here are types of problems brought about by plastic bags:


Non-Biodegradable: Plastic bags are non-biodegradable. Along these lines, removal of them is a great challenge. They separate into little particles and enter the dirt and water bodies any way they don't deteriorate. They stay in the earth and water for many years and discharge poisonous synthetic concoctions in this way, harming our wonderful planet.


Crumbling of Environment: They are harming the environment inferable from their unsafe impacts. Plastic bags have become a significant reason for land pollution today. The waste plastic bags are tossed into landfills, where they take nearly around 500 years to break down. These plastic bags are very light in weight and are effectively carried by the breeze to places far and wide. The litter brought about by them on the land, and the landfills cause pollution on land. The plastic bags that enter the water bodies are a significant reason for water pollution. These are in this manner weakening our environment every which way.


Harmful for Animals and Marine Creatures: Creatures and marine animals devour plastic particles alongside their nourishment. Plastic can't be processed, and along these lines gets caught in their digestive organs. A lot of plastic is amassed in the digestion tracts of different creatures and ocean animals and results in genuine medical issues in them. Once in a while, creatures swallow the whole plastic bag unintentionally. This stalls out in their throat or digestive organs and stifles them to death. Ocean turtles are mainly known to have the entire plastic bag in one go confusing it with jellyfish. Research shows that waste plastic bags have been a significant reason for inauspicious creature deaths.


Reason for Illness in Humans: The creation of plastic bags discharges harmful synthetic concoctions that can cause certain diseases among those engaged with their creation. Nourishment gathered in plastic bags can likewise cause wellbeing dangers. Additionally, as referenced above, waste plastic bags cause ecological pollution. The dirtied environment is a significant reason for different illnesses got by people.


Stopped up Sewage: Waste plastic bags frequently run down with water or are passed up the breeze and get caught in the channels and sewers. Stopped up sewers and channels can be a risk to individuals just as creatures, particularly during rains. The water gets aggregated as the channels are blocked due to plastic bags. This can bring about a flood-like circumstance and disturb the ordinary existence of individuals.


The Final Words: We have to comprehend the issues being brought about by simple to-carry plastic bags and stop their utilization. It is time our legislature should take some exact measures to boycott plastic bags.

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