Essay Writing: Learn How to Write an Essay on Value of Oxygen and Water in Life

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Value of Oxygen and Water in Life, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Value of Oxygen and Water in Life
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Oxygen and water make the Earths environment worth restraining. They are fundamental for the endurance and development of every single living creature. Plants breathe out oxygen that people require for their endurance. Water is needed by people, plants, and animals the same. It fulfills various needs.


Example #1 of Essay on Value of Oxygen & Water in Life

The fundamental motivation behind why Earths environment is not quite the same as that of different planets is a result of the nearness of water and oxygen on the planet. These two components are accessible in wealth on our planet. We get a persistent stock of water from various sources, for example, downpour, waterway, streams, seas, and oceans. Oxygen is ceaselessly filled in the climate by the plants and trees around us.


Significance of Oxygen

Oxygen is one of the essential necessities for our endurance. We need oxygen to relax. Our body breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide. Our respiratory framework requires a consistent stock of fresh oxygen. Oxygen fills in as fuel for our bodies. It empowers our cells to create vitality from the nourishment we devour. Oxygen is likewise put to mechanical use. Numerous ventures expect oxygen to run various machines. Oxygen is additionally required for doing certain clinical medicines. Aside from this, oxygen is likewise used to promote different recreational activities.


Significance of Water

We have to drink an adequate measure of water to endure and have a sound existence. Water is likewise required for different purposes. We need water for cooking, cleaning, washing, sanitation reason, agribusiness, and ventures. Water frames a fundamental part in the assembling of different mechanical merchandise that we require in our standard life. Water is likewise used to deliver power without which we cant envision our life.


Creatures likewise require water for their endurance. They essentially use it for drinking. They similarly absorb themselves water to beat the singing warmth throughout the mid-year months. Water fills in as a living space for the amphibian animals.

Plants additionally should be watered routinely for development and endurance. Water causes them to get supplements from the dirt, which is essential to keep them green and sound.


The Final Words

In this manner, both oxygen and water are utilized by us straightforwardly, just as in a roundabout way. These components keep up the natural equalization on Earth and improve the biodiversity.


Example #2 of Essay on Value of Oxygen and Water in Life

Oxygen is a tasteless, colorless and odorless gas that shapes a piece of different mixes, including water. Oxygen turns light blue in shading in its fluid and solid structure. At places where the atmospheric temperature is low, and the pressure is high, oxygen shows up light orange, red, dark, and even metallic in shading. 

Oxygen and hydrogen join to frame the water. Water is a drab, scentless, and dull fluid. Be that as it may, water in its most perfect structure shows a light blue tinge. The shading blue becomes further as the thickness of the water increments. This shading is said to be an aftereffect of the assimilation and dispersing of white light.


Water and Oxygen are Found in Abundance on Earth

Since hydrogen and oxygen are accessible in abundance in the Earths air, water is likewise available in vast amounts on our planet. As both water and oxygen are being utilized for a considerable length of time, they are as yet accessible in an adequate number in the Earths environment in light of their capacity to renew usually.


Water recycles on Earth by method for the water cycle. The water cycle includes different advances, including vanishing, buildup, and precipitation. The equivalent goes for oxygen, even though we expend it regularly, it is discharged back in the climate by trees and plants that breathe out it consistently.


The Role of Oxygen in the Human Body

Individuals, just as different vertebrates and a few different types of creatures and flying creatures, require oxygen for doing different elements of their bodies. It is necessary for the best possible working of each cell in the body. Living creatures inhale oxygen into their lungs.

Here, the blood assimilates this gas. It is then conveyed to different cells over the body, where it is utilized for cell breath. Oxygen is expected to deliver vitality. By method for a procedure called oxidation, oxygen changes the nourishment and fluid in the body into energy. Oxygen fixes our cells and keeps up their wellbeing. It takes care of our minds and keeps our nerves quiet.

Our body stores oxygen for a crisis. There are places where oxygen isnt accessible. The put-away oxygen in the body is utilized in these spots as an endurance strategy.


The Role of Water in Human Body

Water is as significant for the best possible working of our body as oxygen. Each cell, organ, and tissue of our body requires water. Water is expected to control our internal heat level. It improves the blood oxygen course in the body. It fills in as an ointment for the joints. It helps heartburn. It helps in flushing out the losses from our bodies.

It additionally plays a crucial role in the working of our synapses. It is significant for us to have a sufficient measure of water every day to recharge its misfortune. Having adequate water helps in keeping the vitality levels high—this aide in quickening physical execution. 


Value of Water and Oxygen for Plants

Plants likewise require oxygen and water to endure and develop. Plants breathe in oxygen around evening time. Along these lines, similarly, as we need oxygen, they also require this unadulterated gas professionally. Plants additionally should be watered usually. They assimilate water to remain hydrated and green. Water additionally helps in conveying supplements from the dirt to the leaves of the plants where the procedure of photosynthesis happens.


The Final Words

Subsequently, water and oxygen are required for the endurance of plants, creatures just as people. They render life to our air.

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