IELTS Writing Task 2: Examples of Educational Essay Writing on Unity

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Unity, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS.
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Unity is the condition of being united together or working in a unified manner. The term is regularly utilized for individuals and societies remaining united in the face of afflictions and dangers. It alludes to at least two individuals working as a solitary unit. With regard to individuals and social orders, unity assumes a critical job.

History is loaded with examples that are having individuals have stood the trial of time accomplished incomprehensible. In some cases, the harmony among the individuals is normal, as in a family and at times it's for a reason like business, delight, wellbeing, and so on. 


Example #1 of Essay on Unity

"Unity is Strength" is a typical expression, and it is consistent with all its words. Unity implies being as one. It means standing together in thick and flimsy. Man is a social creature, and it is significant for him to remain united with his kindred beings to lead a serene and satisfying life. This is an essential message that individuals should give to their youngsters. They should set an example by making a sound situation at home where everybody lives in a joint effort with one another. Be that as it may, families are floating separated nowadays, and individuals are overlooking the benefit of remaining united together.

Today, we see nations battling with each other over unimportant issues. Individuals are murdering each other due to minor reasons. There is disdain all around. Everybody is occupied in his own reality and ponders himself. On prior occasions, individuals lived in joint families and were all around associated with their family members and every other person in their neighborhood.

They were there for them at whatever point required. In the present time, individuals are only from time to time mindful concerning who their nearby neighbor is. It is pitiful that even though we have various intends to interface with individuals, and we try not to contact our friends and family.

It is time individuals should genuinely comprehend the significance of remaining united together and live genially with others.


Example #2 of Essay on Unity

As Mattie J.T. Stepanek stated, "Unity is strength… when there are cooperation and joint effort, awesome things can be accomplished". Remaining united helps people, society just as the country all in all. A country where individuals live in unity has better odds of advancement contrasted with those where there are scorn and wrongdoing all around. Unity assumes a significant job in the improvement of a country.

At the point when individuals live in unity with one another, they anticipate moving in the direction of a shared objective as opposed to fulfilling their own narrow-minded intentions. They love their country just as their kindred residents. They comprehend the way that they would have the option to develop and have a superior form of life only when there is national advancement. They likewise understand that national improvement is conceivable just when they help each other in accomplishing their objectives as opposed to hauling each other down. This goes far in the advancement of the country. 

Be that as it may, sadly, in India just as numerous different nations, individuals don't understand the intensity of unity. They only consider themselves and work for their advantage as opposed to working for the improvement of the country.

A nation where individuals live in unity, there is harmony and agreement all around. They don't battle with one another for the sake of religion, station, culture, or some other thing. They regard and worth one another and remain by one another in the hour of need.

They comprehend that their actual power lies in staying and cooperating as opposed to arranging against one another. There is no contempt among residents of such a nation, and along these lines, the wrongdoing rate is low. A nation where the wrongdoing rate is low would absolutely create at a quicker pace.

Unity can be accomplished if every individual is prepared to shed his individual advantages and work for the improvement of the country all in all. While the soul must be inalienable, the legislature can assume its job in the working of unity among individuals. Here are a few manners by which this can be accomplished: 

A nation can never thrive if its political system is corrupt. The political pioneers must be picked with the most extreme alert. They should accept it as their obligation to remain united together and move in the direction of the shared objective of building up the country as opposed to pulling each other down and shuffling cash for individual advantages.

There is a great deal of monetary divergence in our nation. The wealthy individuals in our country are getting more extravagant by each spending day, and the poor are getting more unfortunate. This makes resentment among the poor segments, and they regularly take to criminal implies that hamper national advancement. The legislature must scaffold this hole and pay reasonable wages to everybody with the goal that every resident is inspired to enjoy profitable assignments.

Individuals must be educated about the significance of remaining united together. This must be made a piece of the school educational plan and should likewise be underlined by different methods. Just when individuals comprehend the significance of remaining united, they will progress in the direction of accomplishing it.


Subsequently, we see unity assumes a significant job in the advancement of a country. Youngsters must be shown the significance of remaining united from the earliest starting point. They should be advised with respect to how it can do bravo just as their nation. The government should likewise do its bit to keep the individuals united together in order to guarantee they work mutually for the advancement of the country.

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