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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on TV Addiction, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on TV Addiction, TV Addiction Essay
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Television addiction is a developing issue nowadays. The expanding number of TV slots and a developing number of exceptionally engaging and intriguing shows have contributed significantly to it. It isn't very nice to see individuals snared on to their TVs when they can appreciate a few different exercises. Frequently rejected softly, TV addiction is a significant issue. It is affecting individuals' associations with themselves and everyone around them. It is likewise influencing their work, health, and general improvement.


Example #1 of Essay on TV Addiction

Television addiction is seen among individuals of all age gatherings. While TV is a decent wellspring of stimulation and can be utilized as a break from our normal issues, getting dependent on it can demonstrate to be harming.

TV addiction is usually caused on account of poor public activity and the failure to deal with feelings well. It is likewise an aftereffect of weariness. While TV smothers these issues incidentally, over the long haul, it just bothers these issues. Individuals are dependent on TV to start missing get-togethers and family social events just to watch their preferred shows. They become genuinely reliant on TV and experience the ill effects of withdrawal side effects when they don't approach it. They don't care for engaging in some other movement. They feel exhausted somewhere else.

Television addiction has various other negative repercussions as well. A portion of these incorporate inconsistent rest designs, wretchedness, debilitated vision, cerebral pain, stressed connections, and terrible showing at work, decreased mind action, outrage issues, social seclusion, and brought physical action-driving down to genuine physical medical problems.

TV addiction is a grave issue. In the case that you stare at the TV for a few hours every day and can't manage without it in any event, for a single day, then you are dependent on it. You have to address the issue quickly and dispose of it before it negatively affects your life. There are numerous approaches to conquer this addiction. You simply need to remain determined and battle your way through.


Example #2 of Essay on TV Addiction

Getting dependent on anything implies closing down mostly or totally on different things throughout everyday life. Addiction to numerous kinds, including TV enslavement, is awful. It disturbs an individual's close to home just as expert life and affects his health seriously. A few people far and wide are dependent on TV and are demolishing their lives.

We have to invest quality energy with our relatives to make a sound dynamic with them. A family with a well disposed and sound environment brings up cheerful and dependable children. Individuals dependent on TV lean toward staring at the TV instead of conversing with their relatives. This upsets ordinary family life.

As an individual becomes dependent on TV, he likewise loses excellent condition with companions. He doesn't mingle a lot and, in the end, turns out to be socially detached. This is a reason for incredible concern. TV addiction is one of the causes of why individuals are becoming far off from one another. Individuals dependent on TV may not understand this at first anyway they before long start to feel desolate. A considerable lot of them even go into grief on account of this addiction.

An individual dependent on TV simply needs to get back home and watch his preferred shows or pretty much anything on the TV. Commonly such individuals miss significant gatherings, defer significant errands, and even take leaves or half vacation days from their work environment just to stare at the TV. This can be harmful to their profession. Nonetheless, they don't understand this. All they care about is to arrive home early and sit before their TV.

Individuals dependent on TV are probably going to perform ineffectively at work likewise because staring at the TV for a significant period can diminish their capacity to concentrate on the job needing to be done.

Various individuals around the globe are experiencing TV enslavement. They are destroying their life in return for flitting delight. It is imperative to distinguish the reason for this addiction and dispose of it to have a superior existence.


Example #3 of Essay on TV Addiction

TV addiction is a lot more established than the internet and mobile addiction. It has been common as far back as the appearance of digital TV. On prior occasions, TV programs were restricted. A couple of shows were broadcasted during the evening hours and not many during the night hours. This was a decent pattern as it guaranteed constrained TV seeing hours. 

Be that as it may, satellite TV was before long brought, and various stations appeared. These stations broadcasted various types of shows all during that time and even around evening time. Television got perhaps the best wellspring of amusement, and various individuals got snared to it. The quantity of TV addicts is just developing continuously.

Television addiction has a harmful effect on the mind work. It has been seen that individuals who are dependent on TV can't think. Their capacity to focus diminishes, and their ability to focus drops generously. Failure to keep up the focus ruins the capacity to learn. Television addicts experience the ill effects of low getting a handle on control.

It has been seen that youngsters who experience the ill effects of TV enslavement perform ineffectively in their tests. This isn't because they invest less energy concentrating yet in addition since they aren't ready to center and gain proficiency with their exercises in any event, during the time they study. They aren't even ready to keep up focus during the study hall sessions and, in this way, pass up significant things.

Investing a great deal of energy sitting in front of the TV likewise makes individuals progressively distracted. Additionally, TV enslavement can make us experience distinctive negative feelings. It impacts our reasoning and conduct as they were. An individual who watches tension spine chillers regularly becomes suspicious of everything and everybody around. Similarly, an individual who watches passionate dramatization sort turns out to be profoundly enthusiastic and can't control his feelings during genuine circumstances.

An individual who watches awfulness frequently starts to fantasize and lives in constant dread of apparitions and spirits. Somebody who watches the news for a few hours daily creates negative deduction as its vast majority is loaded up with the violations and setbacks occurring the world over. Thus, the psyche of TV addicts is customized dependent on whatever they watch, which isn't great. They cut off from the truth and start living in an alternate world inside and out.

Individuals who watch a ton of TV additionally stand a high possibility of experiencing melancholy. Melancholy urges them to observe more TV as not doing so makes them feel significantly increasingly powerless and forlorn. Along these lines, this is an endless loop that one can't escape.

To finish up, we can say that TV addiction harms the mind to a considerable degree. It hampers an individual's inside and out development and causes different issues. The issue must be tended to lead a happy and satisfying life promptly.

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