Essay Writing: Learn How to Write an Essay on Time is Money

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Time is Money, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Time is Money
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"Time is Money" is an expression which is usually utilized the world over, to suggest the importance of time and the way that sitting around is proportionate to squandering money. The starting point of the expression goes back to the fifteenth century. A Croatian trader – Benedetto Cotrugli, was the first to compose the phrase - Time is Money, in his book - Della Mercatura et Del Mercante Perfetto.


Example #1 of Essay on Time is Money

Time is continuously viewed as more valuable than money since one can invest energy to win money; however, the other way around is impossible. Money can never include some additional minutes throughout everyday life. Money, whenever lost, can be earned again, yet on the off chance that time is lost, it would never be recuperated except if one trusts in the inconceivable idea of a time machine. Everybody gets a restricted time, yet just a shrewd individual uses it in an exceptionally productive and beneficial manner.


Extension of the Phrase "Time is Money"

The exacting significance of the expression grandstands the importance of time and how it is viewed as more valuable than money. You can accomplish more with a day than a day's compensation.

The time went through with our companions, family, and close ones stay in our recollections independent of whether we have money or not. Time is more valuable than money because, however, an individual is a wealthy person. He can't add additional days to his life.

Now and then, the time went through with somebody is precious to the point that it can't be purchased with money. It requires some investment to gain money; however, money can't purchase a single minute. Everybody makes some restricted memories, and one who esteems it becomes fruitful and one who squanders it generally gripes about its lack.


Time Vs. Money

Time never arrives back once went through; however, money once spent could be earned back. The accessibility of time continues as before for rich and poor, however, and the money is accessible to rich yet not poor. Time can't be put away; however, money can be put away for quite a while. Time is continuously restricted and can't be expanded, yet money can be expanded by acquiring it more. Time isn't consistent, and continues moving through money could stay steady for quite a while. The estimation of money may diminish over sometime; however, the value of time remains consistent until the end of time.


The Final Words

In the materialistic world, individuals consider money as the most significant and significant thing throughout everyday life, except they overlook the significance of time. These days, individuals are yielding their family time by spending it more on their work, and right now are not ready to invest quality energy with their family. It is likewise said that individuals invest energy in procuring money; however, at last, don't get time to go through that money. Appropriate time the executives consistently make an individual fruitful and good in the public eye by making him increasingly prompt and improving his satisfaction.


Example #2 of Essay on Time is Money

Time is significant than money on the off chance that somebody sits around s/he will lose money without a doubt. Additionally, time in a way is more valuable than money as it can't be bought by money. The time that is lost, no measure of money on the planet can assist you with bringing it again into your life.


The purpose behind Time is Important than Money

Time is more important than money, is a setup certainty, and the expression today is utilized and recognized by millions. There could be a large number of contentions on the side of the announcement. Time once lost can never be earned back is a fact. You can utilize your time to bring in money; however, you can't purchase money with time. It really does not matter how much money you are happy to spend, it won't be conceivable to get back the time that is as of now gone.

Ever wonder what affects progress and disappointments. Everybody, from a layman to a high positioning proficient, has a similar 24 hours available to his/her disposal. It is how they have utilized those 24 hours that have had a significant effect on their lives. An effective individual consistently uses his/her time productively to gain money and progress. It is through time that money is earned, and you can't obtain a penny by just burning through the time. This announcement itself builds up that time is more important than money.

Time is something that is given to you, and you have all the options to utilize it how you need, much the same as money. Be that as it may, there is a distinction – if you lose or go through a portion of your money, you can generally recover it by working somewhat more. Then again, if you lose your time, at that point, no measure of money on the planet can support you; however, it back. Time once squandered is always gone and can't be recuperated.

A patient who is hurrying to the clinic to get clinical consideration presumably realizes that time is considerably more significant than money. He would probably pay any add up to find a workable pace in time; since he realizes that he could win money once, he can spare his own life.

Consider a business person who needs to be on schedule for his/her first massive business bargain. He would most likely take the quickest method of movement, not disapproving of the costs. Why? Since he realizes that right now, it is significantly more significant than money. The achievement of his first arrangement, his notoriety, and his future as of now rely entirely upon a time yet not on money.


The Final Words

Time is significant than money, and nearly everybody more likely than not encountered the reality of the expression sooner or later of time in his/her life. Regardless of whether one concurs or not, however, it is a settled and demonstrated actuality that time is, in fact, more valuable than money.

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