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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an education essay on Technology Addiction, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Technology Addiction, Technology Addiction Essay
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The utilization of technology has become a need for a dominant part of individuals. They have gotten dependent on it. Their connections, work, and health have taken a back seat. Here are the essay samples on how you can write essays on technology addiction.


Example #1 of Essay on Technology Addiction

Technology addiction is a big term for various types of addictions, including internet addiction, versatile compulsion, online life addiction, TV dependence, computer addiction, gaming compulsion, and internet arrangement dependence to name a few. This is the most up to date sort of addiction that has grasped individuals around the globe. 

Much the same as drug and liquor addiction, technology addiction likewise changes the mind movement. It gives transitory joy and discharges pressure briefly. Be that as it may, the effect it has on the human mind over the long haul is hopeless. Ceaseless utilization of versatile, internet, TV, or some other technology makes new neuropathy courses in our cerebrum. These neuropathways supplant the more profitable ones and furthermore bar the advancement of sound neuropathways.

Technology addiction animates every one of the faculties, and it is, in this manner, challenging to get over. It gives addicts a high, only like drugs. Addicts come back to technology over and over to encounter this inclination. They feel miserable and discouraged when they are away from technology. This is the motivation behind why they stay snared to it for the most part of the day. They start disregarding their work and other significant errands. They likewise start ignoring their friends and family. They partner bliss with their dependence. They possibly feel cheerful when they enjoy their compulsion and show forceful conduct when encouraged to leave it.

Technology addiction impacts an individual's health, ruins his connections, and hampers work. One must try to beat it to have a more beneficial existence.


Example #2 of Essay on Technology Addiction

It is appropriately stated, "Technology is a helpful hireling yet a risky ace." This is to say that technology can be an excellent thing on the off chance that you put it to great use. H, it tends to be perilous on the off chance that you enable it to overwhelm you. Technology addiction is wrecking the life of various individuals around the globe.

Technology addiction of any sort is it mobile addiction, internet addiction, internet-based social networking dependence, or gaming compulsion is as terrible as drug misuse. Drug addicts become powerless and capricious. All they need in life is a portion of their preferred drug. It gives them a high and discharges every one of their pressures briefly. They ache for this transitory joy and get dependent on drugs.

Technology renders the equivalent calming impact, and very like drugs, its effect is likewise impermanent. Technology fills in as a break from our day by day issues. It loosens up our brain for quite a while and discharges pressure. Notwithstanding, it is as harmful to our mind, body, and soul as illicit drug use.

Scientists have watched an association between these addictions. It has been seen that those dependent on technology are bound to create illicit drug use. A great many people go to technology to discharge pressure, and they can accomplish the ideal outcome at first.

Be that as it may, as they become dependent on it, they start to feel focused and discouraged. To adapt up to the circumstance, technology addicts search for something that can render a more grounded influence and assist them with accomplishing that euphoric state. They regularly turn towards liquor and medicates and become dependent on them.

While technology addiction is seen among individuals of all age gatherings, it is increasingly regular among the youths living in various parts of the world. The young age is brimming with vitality and new thoughts. Their energy and thoughts must be channelized the correct way to assist them with developing better and accomplish more throughout everyday life.

However, this doesn't occur in a large portion of the cases. Kids and youths access various types of technological gadgets nowadays and invest the vast majority of their time and vitality on them. A considerable number of them have become dependent on technology, and this is harming their brain. All they consider is returning to the internet, computer, social media, or whichever technology they are snared to. They lose enthusiasm for different activities.

They can't concentrate on fill in as they feel a consistent inclination to return to the technology they are dependent on. They feel regretful about utilizing technology unnecessarily and offering a need to it over their connections and work. Nonetheless, regardless they can't get over it. This causes a great deal of pressure. A significant number of them face uneasiness issues and even get into sadness.

Technology addicts can't think objectively. They lose the feeling of time, become protective when solicited to confine the utilization from technology, and even start lying about its usage. Their exhibition plunges, and they regularly create social issues.

Technology addiction ought to be paid attention to. Individuals must keep a beware of the utilization of technology. On the off chance that they see any indications of technology addiction, they should take measures to defeat the equivalent.

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