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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an education essay on Technology, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Technology, Technology Essay
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Technology is the utilization of relevant information to deliver new machines and devices that can be utilized to give various services or can be used further to make more devices. The usage of information to structure and deliver machines and different products to make life increasingly helpful for people is known as technology. Here are a few articles of different lengths on Technology to assist you with the topic in your class tests and examinations. 


Example #1 of Essay on Technology

The term technology has been gotten from Greek words techne and logos. Techne implies the ability required to make something, and logos represent skill or craft about something. Technology subsequently means the utilization of information to make something to improve life. A few of all, shapes and sizes of things we use in our everyday lives have been a result of mechanical advancement. 

Researchers direct research and analysis with various things to think of more up to date thoughts. Technologists use these plans to create more up to date devices. Individuals nowadays have become amazingly used to the utilization of these technological developments that they basically can't manage without them. They anticipate the dispatch of fresher and further developed devices. Cell phones and vehicles are the best examples of this. Individuals wait eagerly for the new models and supplant them without the slightest hesitation.

The advanced mobile phones provide such a great amount, from astonishing gaming experience to moment availability with individuals, that it becomes difficult to take your eyes off it. Your vehicle, forced air system, microwave, and other mechanically propelled devices additionally appear as great on account of the accommodation they offer. In any case, it is astute not to go over the edge with their utilization. Keep up harmony among science and nature to have a quiet existence and keep your surroundings fit & sound.



Example #2 of Essay on Technology

Technology is fundamentally the application of information to assemble equipment and devices that can be put to various use. Technology has continuously become a part of our regular day to day existence. The things we regularly utilize, including the gas stove, more refreshing, bicycle, workstation, telephone, central air system, lights, vehicles and web association, have all been sourced by technology.

While technology has made life advantageous for us, the negative repercussions it has can't be ignored. Here is the way technology has affected our lives and furthermore how to find some kind of harmony to defeat this effect.


Use of Technology: The utilization of technology for improving one's method of living is fine. In any case, dependence with mechanical devices can demonstrate to be terrible. Shockingly, we have come too far with regards to utilizing the technology. Nearly everybody today is stuck to technology nowadays. One of the adept instances of this can be the PDAs. Regardless of whether you are in a bistro, office, or at home – everybody around just appears to be caught up with tinkering with his/her cell phone.

Similar is the dependence on climate control systems. During summers, it isn't very easy to sit without climate control systems. Summers used to be as sweltering a couple of years back as well, yet individuals managed without this air cooling device, yet now it has become a habit. Another case of technological compulsion is the utilization of vehicles. We have nearly overlooked how it resembles to walk. So also, we have become dependent on the vast majority of technological devices.


Negative Effects of Technology

This addiction towards technology is pulverizing us physically, just as rationally. Here are the reasons:


# Immersed in technology, youngsters nowadays create social detachment that outcomes in the absence of social abilities. Extraordinary utilization of technology and a socially separated life can even prompt discouragement.

# Vast sources of excitement are accessible at home, and subsequently, individuals don't want to go out. Most children nowadays stay inside instead of enjoying outside activities. This prompts medical issues, for example, corpulence, unfortunate dozing propensities, and stress. 

# The utilization of technology has prompted an exceptional increment in pollution, which like this, is answerable for different medical issues.


Finding Some kind of harmony among Technology and Nature

A great many people can't find some sort of harmony between technology and nature. Some sure individuals are excessively dependent on technology and their exclusive expectation of living that they have nearly overlooked how it resembles to live the natural way. Then again, there are some individuals who are still following the old methods for living and are reluctant to utilize technology to improve their way of life.

The thought is to find some kind of harmony between them. It would be best if you did not go over the edge with any of the two methods of living. It is justifiable that you can't quit taking a shot at your workstation or abstain from utilizing your portable because of the idea of your activity. Nonetheless, you can absolutely set it aside when you are with your loved ones. Converse with the individuals sitting alongside you instead of always pursuing the ones far away. Essentially, it is a smart thought to give hands at planting a shot at the end of the week instead of investing time in watching films.

Rather than utilizing a lift or elevators, it is recommended to take the stairs. Likewise, for going small distances, it is smarter to go strolling instead of using your vehicle. Along these lines, you won't just enjoy physical action yet will likewise do your bit to control vehicular pollution.


The Final Words

Technology appears to be addictive because of the accommodation and single sources of solace and excitement it offers. Notwithstanding, being unified with nature is no less happy. Have a go at finding some kind of harmony between the two, and you will perceive how your life changes for good.

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