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The state of women in Indian society, particularly in the middle age, was so terrible and sub-par for all intents and purposes. Women were considered as a slave of men even after given high position in the sacred writings. Initially, the state of women was high anyway for all intents and purposes it was low. Women were precluded from partaking in numerous local, social just as outside issues. 

They had to live according to parents before marriage, though affected by spouses after marriage. The position of women turned out to be all the more terrible in the Mughal time. Women had to keep the principles of sati pratha, parda pratha, and other horrific practices against women.

Women's status during the British standard in India was not all that changed even turned out to be more regrettable. It was begun changing after numerous long stretches of the battle for India's freedom when Mahatma Gandhi gave a call to women to approach and participate in the freedom development.

There is the hand of numerous extraordinary women (Vijaya Laxmi Pandit, Sarojini Naidu, Mrs. Aruna Asaf Ali, and so on) who helped in changing the women's status in India. After the event of Mrs. Indira Gandhi as a Prime Minister of India, the state of women was changed a ton emphatically. She turned into an overall acclaimed woman and, in this manner, incredible symbol and motivation for other Indian women. Later the esteemed places of numerous women in India have demonstrated that women are not substandard compared to men and can go together.


Example #1 of Essay on Status of Women in India

In the previous not many thousand years, different extraordinary changes have happened in the status of women in India. There has been the advancement of equivalent sex rights, as it were, in the ongoing decades. Prior the women were capable of the family activities and carefully limited to the outside activities. Women in old India were capable of minding their spouses and children as their essential obligation. Women were not permitted to appreciate similarly to men. In the early Vedic period, it is noticed that women were knowledgeable (in crafted by old Indian grammarians like Patanjali, Katyayana, and so forth).

As per the Rigvedic stanzas, women were getting hitched at their developing age and allowed to choose their very own life accomplice around then. Gargi and Maitreyi are two extraordinary and eminent women sages who have been referenced in the Rig Veda and Upanishads sacred texts. As per history, women's status was begun declining with the Smritis (Manusmriti).

Steadily the opportunity and privileges of women were shortened because of the Islamic intrusion and Christianity. At that point, women in India began confronting constrainment and limitations because of the terrible practices in the general public like Sati pratha, kid relationships, youngster work, parda pratha, restriction on widow remarriages, and so forth.

Purdah practice was gotten the Indian society by the Muslim victory in the Indian subcontinent. The Rajputs of Rajasthan rehearsed Jauhar though the wealthy individuals explicitly abused devadasis in sanctuaries. Be that as it may, presently a-days, women are taking part in each region of work (like governmental issues, social work, IT field, driving, and so forth) without getting dread.

Women are driving in numerous territories of work even they are indicating a lot of intrigues and performing superior to men. We can't state that the status of women in Indian society has been completely grown. Yet, it is persistently going up as women are by and large, progressively cognizant about their privileges. 


Example #2 of Essay on Status of Women in India

There has been a ton of progress in the status of women in India after independence. Bit by bit, women began getting a charge out of balance with men in the general public. Women have every one of the rights and benefits in each territory as controlled by the men. The Constitution of India has given equivalent rights, benefits, and freedom that are delighted in by the men for a considerable length of time. 

Considerably after various abuse against women, they are presently feeling a lot of liberated and free. The women secure practically half zone and populace in India, so the advancement of the nation relies on the status of both sex similarly. We can envision when half of the masses was not given equivalent chances and rights and even limited to perform numerous activities in the general public. Presently a-days, women are getting top positions in different fields of life; for example, some have been extraordinary political pioneers, social reformers, business visionaries, business characters, managers, and so forth.

Improvement in the status of women obviously changes the social and monetary status of the nation. Status of women in Indian society is superior to women in other developing countries. In any case, it isn't sufficient to state that the status of women has been improved in our country. In such a competitive & progressive world, Indian women are by, and large well informed about their privileges and benefits in different fields. They are by and large progressively cognizant about their expert vocation (socially, strategically, monetarily, and instructively) by following their everything the duties towards family. 

Women are effectively taking an interest in the just procedure and decisions, which is very progressively noteworthy in improving their status. Women's investment in any territory of work is expanding step by step than men. For example, the number of women voters is growing than men voters on the times of surveying. 

Some of the incomparable Indian women pioneers, social reformers, social specialists, heads, and artistic characters who have changed the women status a great deal are Indira Gandhi, Annie Bessant, Vijay Lakshmi Pandit, PT Usha, Mahadevi Verma, Sachet Kripalani, Amrita Pritam, Padmaja Naidu, Kalpana Chawla, Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur, Mother Teresa, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, and so on. Women have been begun taking an interest as little girls, sisters, spouses, moms, grandmas, and so forth in different fields like social, prudent, political, instructive, logical, and other country building activities. They are doing difficult work in performing proficiently just as family obligations effectively. Considerably after immense level improvement in the women's status in India, they are as yet misused and manhandled from multiple points of view like assault, sex segregation, and so forth.

Concerning crime against women, the administration of India has passed another Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill, 2015, supplanting the previous Indian adolescent misconduct law of 2000. This demonstration is moved particularly after the Nirbhaya position when a denounced adolescent was discharged. As indicated by this demonstration, the adolescent age has been 16 years from 18 years in instances of deplorable offenses.

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