Essay Writing: Learn How to Write an Essay on Simple Living High Thinking

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Simple Living High Thinking, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Simple Living High Thinking
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Simple Living High Thinking suggests that we should have a simple living, and yet, our thinking must not be restricted. This is to state that we should not confine our restriction just to the low down of regular day errands. We should contemplate positive changes in our lives only as that of people around us. The maxim lays accentuation on the significance of carrying on with a simple life without any show-off.


Example #1 of Essay on Simple Living High Thinking

This line encourages people to restrict their needs and wants as there is no closure to them. If we run in the quest for each longing of our own, we will never be fulfilled as these continue developing endlessly.


Live Simple - Stop Impressing Others

We all concur that a large portion of the things we need is not so much for ourselves. We need them to intrigue our neighbors, companions, and family members. This sort of life can never be satisfying or pleasurable. This is because we are not destined to please or intrigue others, and we can never at any point do as such. Whatever we do, individuals search for chances to discover defects in us, and this leaves all of us, the more disappointed. We attempt to gain to an ever-increasing extent, arrive at a high situation in the organization, increment our group of friends and shop for costly garments and family unit things – what for? This is done to set up a decent social standing.

Presently, it is not necessarily the case that there is some problem with being eager and bringing home the bacon. This should bring us fulfillment at some level, yet it likewise removes a ton from us. In any case, in the mission of becoming showbiz royalty expertly and procuring increasingly more to extinguish the undying wants, individuals invest a great deal of energy grinding away and disregard their folks, life partner, and children. This separation them from the family and upsets their connections, and this solitary prompts pressure.


The Final Words

If we bring down our materialistic needs and adhere to our necessities, we will have the option to make a harmony between our own and expert life. Like this, we will have the option to spend more time with our family, where genuine happiness lies. We will likewise possess enough energy for ourselves, to search inside and discover our actual reason forever.


Example #2 of Essay on Simple Living High Thinking

Simple living high thinking is a typical adage used to stress the criticalness of having a simple living and having high thinking. If every single one of us leads such a real living, the world will turn into a vastly improved place.


Mahatma Gandhi's Life Motivates Us For Simple Living High Thinking

Mahatma Gandhi is, without a doubt, the main name that rings a bell when we hear the precept - Simple Living High Thinking. Prominently known as Bapu, this extraordinary man drove a very simple life. He was profoundly taught and could have effortlessly found a lucrative line of work. He could have lived in an extravagant home and driven costly autos. Be that as it may, he decided to live in a cabin. He wore the least complex of clothing types, a dhoti, and ate simple nourishment. While his materialistic needs were restricted, his vision was wide. He was a man of high thinking. He devoted his life to the country.

India's independence had become his crucial he followed the way of peacefulness to achieve the equivalent. His quality was solid to such an extent that a considerable number of Indians got motivated by him and went along with him in his battle for freedom. He started different developments, and a few Indians effectively participated in the equivalent. He likewise tended to masses now and then to share his useful tidbits and motivated them to devote their lives to the opportunity battle. Individuals exceptionally valued his simple yet successful approaches to managing the oppression of the British authorities. Mahatma Gandhi was one of the fundamental powers to drive the British out of the nation.


Are people Unable to Practice Simple Living High Thinking?

The world has indeed become a place to flaunt. Having a simple living and thinking high is an idea that you can infrequently find in anybody any longer. Individuals are very caught up with exhibiting how cheerful, vibrant, and brimming with the life they are. While prior they used to toss parties, welcome individuals over, and purchase new things to dazzle those around with the coming of online life, the journey to intrigue others has arrived at an unheard-of level. Individuals visit fascinating areas, go out for luxurious meals, party with companions, purchase new stuff, and this is transferred via web-based networking media inside no time. Instead of getting a charge out existing apart from everything else, individuals have now gained increasingly keen on indicating others regarding how cool their life is. Also, the meaning of cool is a long way from simple.

The individuals who enjoy such activities usually are known to have an event life, and everybody needs to become a close acquaintance with them and go out with them. Then again, the individuals who don't remain dynamic are viewed as rather dull and exhausting. Nobody likes being around such individuals. So flaunting and talking profoundly of oneself has become the need of great importance. Nobody needs to carry on with a simple life. Simple is considered as exhausting. Thinking high is undoubted as individuals are so engaged in intriguing others that they don't comprehend that genuine joy lies in finding our genuine selves and aiding those around locate the equivalent.

Somebody who attempts to resist these recently shaped standards of the general public is viewed as hostile to social or outright dull and exhausting. The individuals who don't stay up to date with this new way of life are frequently taken off alone. Regardless of whether somebody can't manage the cost of rich suppers and doesn't have a cool group of companions and has a simple living, he additionally attempts to dazzle individuals by transferring counterfeit pictures and posts via web-based networking media.


The Final Words

Simple living high thinking is the mantra to have a cheerful living. We should attempt to quit being a piece of the futile way of life and search inside. Along these lines, we will comprehend that the things that can give us satisfaction and assist us with carrying on with healthy living are simple.

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