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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Secularism, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Secularism
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Secularism alludes to the freedom of the state's administration from religion. It implies that state capacities as nonpartisan towards the entirety of its residents without giving shameful priority to one religion over the other. In a common state, individuals of various societies and religions live in amicability and harmony, complying with the same standard of law. Secularism is essential for a country to advance without having inward issues, all the more so in a religiously and socially differing nation like India.


Example #1 of Essay on Secularism

Secularism is the idea of freedom of the state and the religious groups. This is a philosophy that is profoundly significant for a law-based nation and particularly the one where individuals from different religions dwell. Secularism guarantees the opportunity of articulation of thoughts and convictions of the whole gang. It likewise helps in the smooth working of the state.


Significance of Secularism in India

India is a nation involving different religions, for example, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, and so forth. Secularism is one of the most significant accomplishments of autonomous India as it has guaranteed equal treatment of individuals in all perspectives paying little heed to their station, religion, convictions, and so on. After the leader battle and their idea of Divide and Rule, our establishments and solidarity among various religious groups were broken. This required the foundation of a common state where the administration doesn't detail strategies and settles on choices preferring or hating a specific religious group or position.

The teaching of secularism in the constitution brings along many other essential privileges of the residents of the nation, for example, the right to articulation and religious freedom. India is home to individuals of an enormous number of religions, and it is increasingly inclined to religious clashes and other political and social harm. Secularism here guarantees the best possible and reasonable working of the administration in the interim furnishing all the religious groups with their preferred option to rehearse the religion and express their suppositions and convictions unreservedly without dread or dithering.

There have been sure examples in history where the more significant part bunches have attempted to build up their strength over different minority groups and now and again additionally on the legislature. The usage of secularism has held this issue under wraps by working autonomously from the religious groups and giving out equal freedom to all religions and standings. Secularism likewise has a few dangers and obstructions. Yet, the mainstream state should work indefatigably to accomplish harmony and comprehension among all the religions winning and permit the agreeable working of the legislative associations in the interim, giving essential rights to all the residents independent of their standing, religion, convictions, and so on.


The Final Words

Henceforth, it can be concluded that for a diverse nation like India, the presentation of secularism is without a doubt a gift as individuals can communicate their conclusions unreservedly and can straightforwardly declare or rehearse their preferred religion or decide not to repeat any whatsoever.


Example #2 of Essay on Secularism

Secularism can be characterized as the free working of the state and religious groups. This proposes neither can meddle nor impact the working of one another. It centers around treating every religious group similarly and guarantees that they keep the law. India being a religiously various nation, this belief system, however hard to actualize, can fill in as the establishment of autonomous India.


Issues with Secularism

Thought the leaders of independent India had battled hard to guarantee the reasonable usage of the belief system of secularism to the state; however, specific issues despite everything should be routed to ensure appropriate, tranquil, and reasonable working.

The essential meaning of the way of thinking of secularism incorporates the partition of the state and religious groups. Both should work freely and comply with the law simultaneously. Following quite a few years of freedom still, ideological groups keep on utilizing the plan of religious, decent variety and position premise to pick up power at the hour of races. Religious groups and governmental issues appear to be profoundly inserted once in a while because of specific lawmakers who won't acknowledge the sole intention of making a mainstream state for their very own benefits. This demonstration of numerous lawmakers undermines the only goal of the presentation of the belief system of secularism for the smooth working of the legislature.

The instructive educational plan now and again flops in instilling mainstream esteems in kids, which reflects in their suppositions as they grow up.

On occasion, individuals frequently are mixed up or allude to India as a Hindu state because most of the populace being Hindu, which debases our constitution, which declares India as an exclusively mainstream nation where no religions are or ought to be organized. Choices ought not to be taken while remembering religious or caste-based perspectives.

In numerous pieces of the world, secularism is frequently confused with atheism. These words make a lot of disarrays all around the globe. Secularism doesn't mean the nonattendance or weakness of any religion or religious relics. It alludes to the freedom of government and religious groups where none can apply weight or predominance over the other. Secularism alludes to the opportunity of individuals to rehearse any religion of their decision or to not rehearse any whatsoever. No religion is to be constrained on individuals living in a genuinely mainstream state.

Atheism alludes to no confidence in God or anything related, for example, religions. However, secularism alludes to the equal treatment of all religions alongside the skeptics and the detachment of religion and state religious issues. Subsequently, these are both generally various terms and ought not to be mixed up as one as it undermines the sole thought process of the foundation of a natural state. 


The Final Words

The end, which can be drawn, is that despite everything, individuals have disarray identifying with the belief system of secularism and its intentions. The legislature, alongside the researchers regarding the matter, should cooperate to guarantee that the message of secularism is conveyed noisy and clear to every last one and keep up the tranquility of the state.


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