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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Save Water Save Earth, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Save Water Save Earth
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Water is one of the essential natural resources that humankind has. It is accepted that the first hints of life on earth were found in water. Practically 70% of our planet is secured with water, and life on earth is unimaginable without water. We need water for our different day by day needs and activities and right now, wind up squandering a great deal of water. The time has already come and gone that we presently understand that we need to save water to save a real existence.


Example #1 of Essay on Save Water Save Earth

The unstoppable force of life has given us a significant number of its blessings in wealth, and one of them is the nurturing fluid; water. We have such a huge amount of water around us in numerous forms that we have neglected to value this gift of nature. We people around the globe, have been abusing rather mishandling this brilliant gift. The time has already come and gone that we understand that we need to now make some genuine strides towards water protection. We need to save water with the goal that we have enough for what's to come.


Save Water-Save Earth 

Clean and pure water is as yet an extravagance in numerous remote districts of India. Many need to stroll for kilometers consistently to get two cans of clean water for their families. Then again, there are vast numbers of us who just wastewater consistently pitilessly. Gaining admittance to clean drinkable water ought to be the privilege of each resident. We need to understand the significance of water, and furthermore, should know about the issues that are identified with its absence.

We should instruct our kids that they should utilize water admirably and must put something aside for what's to come. We likewise defile the clean water that makes it unfit for drinking purposes. Different projects on water preservation have been started by our legislature to make awareness of saving water, yet many keep on surviving because of the shortage of water. 


The Final Words

We, all, realize that life will stop on this planet without water, yet we don't find a way to save it. It turns out to be our responsibility to save water for our people in the future. If water isn't there, everything will disappear from the earth. There will be no flora & fauna, no creatures, no animals, no harvests will develop, and we won't have the option to survive. It is in this manner essential for us to wake up now and offer some kind of reparation in our activities. 


Example #2 of Essay on Save Water Save Earth

Our compelling force of nature has given us numerous helpful blessings, and water is one of them. We have plenteous water supply accessible on earth, and nature doesn't charge any expenses for its utilization. In any case, the shocking part is that we, as people don't understand this and underestimate this blessing. We squander water in massive amounts every day, we dirty the water bodies, and we misuse this superb blessing. There are as yet numerous towns right now individuals walk numerous kilometers top gain admittance to freshwater day by day. We realize that water is profoundly fundamental for our endurance. However, we neglect to stop its abuse. The outcome is that freshwater is turning out to be rare step by step, and this represents a significant risk to our endurance.


Significance of Saving Water

There is no advanced science in the way that it is essential to save water else we won't have the option to live. Water is the spine and the establishment for all the existing shapes on this planet. Even though we feel that water is sufficient on Earth, we don't understand that water is certifiably not a tremendous resource. On the off chance that we won't put forth attempts to moderate water soon, the stockpile of new water will be depleted. Water conservation must be at the top need for the administration specialists and us residents too. 

Conservation of water will have numerous beneficial outcomes on our general public. An expansion in urbanization brings about the depleting of the underground inventory of freshwater. These outcomes in less water accessible for significant activities like cultivating and water system and so forth. On the off chance that we ration water, we will have the option to have enough water for our ranches, and the yields will be significantly improved. Saving water likewise implies not cutting trees as the roots hold the underground water table. With an end goal to save water, we should plant more trees, and consequently, we will make a greener Earth. 

We additionally need to secure our water bodies if we need to save water. The measure of contamination brought about by us in the waterways and oceans is alarmingly high, and it is slaughtering the sea-going life. We should stop water contamination quickly and put forth an attempt to clean the streams that have been dirtied by us. A decent amphibian biological system will improve a planet for us too. Preservation of water will likewise guarantee a legitimate equalization in life on the planet Earth. 


The Final Words

We should understand that even though we have free stock of water, essentially, it accompanies an enormous expense of obligation. There is a massive campaign about saving water, yet we never take any note of that. As residents of this nation, we should show our youngsters and the younger age about the significance of water preservation. It is essential to pass on the information so the future can be saved. On the off chance that we don't begin saving money on time soon, the freshwater will debilitate, and we will kick the bucket.

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