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Learn how to write an essay on Road Accident, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS Writing Task 2. Essay on Road Accident in 300 words for students and children
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We all feel troublesome to adapt up to an unexpected death toll of a precious one; also, if the individual who kicked the bucket was the bread worker, at that point, the lives of the wards turn topsy-turvy. One of the significant purposes behind abrupt or startling deaths in India is road accidents.

The irony is that the vast majority of road accidents could have adequately been maintained a strategic distance from. In the accompanying expositions, I have attempted to talk about the reasons for road accidents and proposed a few arrangements.


Example #1 of Essay on Road Accidents

At the time when we were youthful, we were instructed, "safety measure is superior to fix," thus numerous different things like "one should help an individual out of luck." So forth, however, as we develop old, we nearly overlook these things, and only from time to time tail them. When we understand that what was educated to us is genuinely valid and beneficial, it gets past the point of no return.


Road Accidents in India

As per information, around one and a half lakh people kick the bucket because of road accidents every year in India alone, and as indicated by inquiring about the more significant part of the deaths are avoidable. At that point, the million-dollar question is, "the reason we are not maintaining a strategic distance from it"? From where this thought, wearing protective caps and attaching of safety belts is drilling has crawled into our brains, I cant reply. 

I attempted to discover the response to the inquiry. As per my father, movies, TV, and the media are one of the fundamental reasons. Film stars and TV characters are demonstrated enjoying flippant conduct in motion pictures and serials and, for instance, riding quickly on a bicycle without a protective cap and with a young lady on the back who is cheering and yelling with euphoria. Children and youthful grown-ups who revere film stars and TV characters think that its cool and attempt to emulate it, all things considered, without understanding that what was appeared in the film was a finished phony or enhancement.

Motion pictures like "Dhoom" and "Quick and Furious" and so forth have glamorized speed. Indeed, even bicycle organizations in their commercials accentuate the speed of their machines. That is the reason quick bicycles are a furor among youth. Each kid needs to claim one of these, and each young lady needs to have a beau who has one of these.

Little fellows and young ladies are routinely discovered dashing on void roads (in some cases occupied additionally) and parkways by the police. Ordinarily, they are left with a solid notice; however, the issue is that it isnt repairing them.


The Final Words

Government and few non-government associations have stepped up to the plate and instruct the young people. Indeed, even film and TV stars have turned out and spoke to youths. Progress is moderate, yet how about we trust that in the coming time, individuals (particularly children) will carry on more mindfully, and we will have the option to control road accidents in India.


Example #2 of Essay on Road Accidents

We, as a whole, are utilized to disregard statutory alerts. Be it malignant growth alerts on biting tobacco and cigarettes or traffic warnings, similar to "drive moderate," "dont overwhelm," and so on. Ordinarily, our disposition towards them is that they are intended to be overlooked.

In reality, forestalling road accidents are simple, and there is no advanced science in it. We need to adhere to fundamentals, yet the issue is, who cares.


Step by step instructions to Prevent Road Accidents

Dont Over Speed

We as a whole love speed. This is the reason quick bicycles and quick autos are in incredible interest. Indeed, even makers feature the speed of their machines in their notices. At the point when traffic police discover us speeding, at that point, our standard reason is, "sir, and I was getting late for office." I am sure the majority of us will consent to the way that its a weak reason. The answer to this is straightforward, "go out right on time."

At times we do it for entertainment only (particularly adolescents enjoy dashing or stunts). I think they get roused by motion pictures and serials without understanding that what is appeared to us is an enhancement and phony.


Try not to Drink and Drive

This explanation is answerable for most significant road accidents. Most importantly, its anything but a smart thought to drink yet suppose, you end up, in the long run, having barely any glasses in a companions gathering than by no means should you be driving. You can ask somebody who isnt smashed, to drive or you can take a taxi, and so on.

It has been demonstrated experimentally that liquor lessens the capacity of the brain to think and respond appropriately. Consequently, it doesnt make a difference how certain you are feeling, and you ought to never drive in the wake of drinking. Specific prescriptions likewise cause a similar impact on the psyche as liquor. In this way, if your primary care physician has advised you not to drive after taking a few prescriptions, at that point, you ought to abstain from doing it. By doing it, you are placing your life and others life at serious risk.


Get the hang of Driving Before Driving

The more significant part of us has never gotten the hang of driving officially (I mean in a driving school or by a driving educator). Somebody (regularly family members) control us apart, and afterward, we think we are a great idea to go. People (particularly adolescents) who dont realize appropriate driving are at more hazard than those people who know legitimate driving.

This is the reason there is a driving test before one can get a driving permit; however, everybody knows the truth. For two or three thousand rupees, one can get a driving license (without giving a driving test).

There are numerous who dont have a driving permit at all, and they keep on driving uninhibitedly. On the off chance that one is gotten, at that point, he/she gives two or three hundred rupees to the concerned authority, and you are a great idea to go.


Appropriate Maintenance of Roads

Numerous accidents additionally occur because of poor upkeep of roads. For instance, potholes, broken roads, open sewer vents, and so on, increment the possibility of accidents. Consequently, they ought to be dealt with to diminish the odds of an accident.


The Final Words

On the off chance that one is cautious and adheres to all principles and guidelines cautiously, at that point, numerous road accidents could be kept away from, and our roads will get more secure.

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