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Learn how to write an essay on Rainy Season, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS Writing Task 2. Essay on Rainy Season in 300 words for students and kids
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One of the most loved seasons of nearly everybody is the rainy season, as it comes after the blistering summer season. The season wherein the years most yearly rainfall happens is known as the rainy season. The degree of the rainy season and the measure of rains, be that as it may, shifts here and there, contingent on the neighborhood geography, wind designs, and other climatic elements. A few places over the globe have rainy season stretching out dependent upon one to three or possibly four months, while the central locales experience wet and dry atmosphere consistently.


Example #1 of Essay on Rainy season

Rainy Season is one of the four primary seasons of India. It falls each year after the summer season, particularly in the season of July and finishes in September. Mists in the sky rains, when rainstorm happens. In the mid-year season, it turns out to be excessively hot, and water from the water resources like Ocean, waterways, and so forth goes up in the sky as fumes. Fumes get gathered in the sky and make mists, which runs in the rainy season when rainstorm blows and clouds come in rubbing to one another. It begins roaring, lightings, and afterward pouring. 


The rainy season has bunches of preferences and drawbacks:

Good Points of Rainy Season

Rainy season loved by everybody as it gives a lot of help from the blistering warmth of the sun. It expels all the heat from nature and provides a cool inclination to everybody. It helps plants, trees, grasses, crops, vegetables, and so forth to develop appropriately. It is a favorable season for the creatures as well, as it gives loads of green grasses and little plants for them to munch. Lastly, we get a crisp cow or bison milk two times every day. Every natural resource like a stream, lake, and lakes become brimming with water. All the fowls and creatures become upbeat by getting loads of water to drink and develop. They begin grinning, singing, and take a high fly in the sky.


Detriments of Rainy Season

At the point when it rains, all the streets, plan fields and play areas become loaded with water and sloppy. Along these lines, we get heaps of issues in playing every day. Without legitimate daylight, everything in the house begins smelling. Due to the absence of appropriate sunlight, the danger of spreading irresistible maladies (like viral, parasitic, and bacterial illnesses) expanded all things considered. In the rainy season, sloppy and tainted rainy water of the land gets intermixed with the primary wellspring of the water inside the ground, so the danger of stomach related disarranges increments likewise. There is a danger of flood in the rainy season on the off chance that it rains vigorously.


The rainy season is, for the most part, enjoyed by everybody. It looks green all over. Plants, trees, and creepers get new leaves. Blossoms begin sprouting. We get a significant chance to see a magnificent rainbow in the sky. Now and then the sun goes off and once in a while turn out, so we see the find the stowaway of the sun. Peacocks and other forests flying creatures begin moving, going full speed ahead by spreading their wings. We appreciate the entire rainy season with our companions in the school just as home. 


Example #2 of Essay on Rainy Season

"Rainy Season" otherwise called "Wet Season" in certain places, is that time of the year when the districts most yearly rainfall happens. Tropical and subtropical areas dispersed on the two sides of the equator experience rainy season contingent upon their topographical area. As a rule, the rainy season proceeds for a month, while in certain places, it might stay predictable for three to four months.


Months of Rainy Season

There is no fixed time of the rainy season, and a few places over the globe experience various terms of the rainy season. For instance, tropical rain forests dont encounter occasional wet and dry months, and the rainfall in the zone happens consistently. The Republic of Guyana in South America, encounters two rainy seasons in a year, each spreading over around a month. 


The rainy season in the Indian subcontinent is named as "rainstorm" is usually a mid-year storm that goes on for about three to four months.


What Causes Rainy Season

The rainy season is a time being phenomena that happens because of changes in the progression of winds conveying dampness and mists. At the point when a specific zone gets warmed up during the day, the encompassing air gets lighter and ascends, making a low-pressure zone. This pushes the dampness loaded breezes over the seas, onto the terrain. At the point when these breezes conveying dampness and mists arrive at the terrain, they cause rainfall or rain. At the point when the cycle proceeds for a time of two or three months, the district is said to encounter its rainstorm or wet season.

A rainy season is additionally an occasional event over the seas when a similar pattern of winds turns around and causes rainfall over the oceans.


Rainy Season in India

Rainy season in India is called south-west summer storm and is a four-month time of mellow to high rainfall falling covering the practically entire nation. The Indian storm has its starting point in the southern Indian Ocean, where the central exchange winds shape a high-pressure mass. 

South Asia, which had been confronting hot climatic conditions, subsequently building up a low-pressure territory, these breezes help stickiness into terrain India through the south-west. South-west storm in India shows up in two sections – Bay of Bengal rainstorm and the Arabian Sea rainstorm.

The Arabian Sea rainstorm reaches out over the Thar Desert in west India and is along these lines more grounded than the Bay of Bengal storm. The cove of Bengal storm navigates through the eastern bank of India, going through the states of Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and the north-east states of India. It, at that point, proceeds onward towards the Indo-Gangetic fields of north India.


As the nation gets cooler by the spell of a rainstorm, the last gets more vulnerable after some time, and it leaves north India at some point around the mid of August. Storm regularly leaves Mumbai by fifth October, and till November end, it totally exits from India.


Significance of Rainy Season

Rainy season plays a critical role in the economy of a country, particularly in a farming driven economy like India. The farming part in India contains around 20% of the countrys GDP (Gross Domestic Product). It is likewise probably the best manager, utilizing 600 million individuals all through the country. 

The storm is significant for keeping up the groundwater level just as the water level of common water resources. A considerable measure of widely varied vegetation and people rely upon the accessible regular water resources. Rainy season renews these freshwater resources providing them with enough water to support the next dry season.

Tenacious rains during rainstorm additionally furnish us with a chance to gather overflow water through different techniques for water reaping. Basic techniques for water reaping can be sent to collect overflow water from our housetops, avenues, and nurseries. The water can be gathered in tanks, to be utilized as a reinforcement supply in summer.


The Final Words

Rainy Season is, without a doubt, the most satisfying and the first season of the year, particularly for the nation where horticulture is considered as its financial spine. The season likewise recharges the normally happening freshwater supplies and restores the life on the planet.

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