Essay Writing: Learn How to Write an Essay on Rainy Day

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Rainy Day, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Rainy Day
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The expression "Rainy Day" is usually utilized for a day when it rains. While monsoon has a fix appearance time, length, a rainy day can happen any time of the year; however, it is likewise bound to occur during monsoon. Rainy day is worthwhile to both the urban just as country populaces. Aside from the human populace rainy day is additionally valuable to the flora of a place.


Example #1 of Essay on Rainy Day

Monsoon in India is invited with happiness as rains give a new and windy environment after the bright atmosphere. Earth is changed into a vibrant green land with sprouting blossoms moving and praising monsoon. The alleviating smell of rain and cooling showers of rain causes us to feel so new. 

A year ago, when I was in the fifth standard, one morning, I woke up for school and was preparing to go to my classes. It was during the monsoon season, the period of July. The climate outside was dim and miserable. In my brain, I was imploring God continually that on the off chance that it rains and I don't need to go to class. After I had my milk and my mom pressed my lunchbox, I was prepared to leave for school. Be that as it may, it didn't rain, and I needed to go. My father dropped me to class.

In the study hall, I sat on a seat by the window despite everything anticipating that it should rain. I felt lethargic and dismal in the homeroom, and all my consideration was outside the window, wishing it rains. My class educator reproved me for gazing outside the window continually. As the second time frame that is the Maths class got over, my desire worked out as expected. It began pouring, and the extra was that there was no instructor in the class. My eyes shone with bliss, and I hopped off my seat to peep out of the window to appreciate the beads of rain. I was attempting to get a handle on the drops of rain, and it made me amazingly upbeat.

Everybody in the class was upbeat and chipper. Everybody was bouncing, babbling, and grinning with bliss. I and a portion of my schoolmates tore a few pages from our books and made paper boats. Outside the window, there were little puddles, and we dropped our vessels into the pools to skim. It made us bounce and snicker as our boats drifted in the water. We were getting a handle on the drops of rain from the window and sprinkling at one another.

Sooner or later, our Science educator came into the study hall, and everybody settled back to their seats. She announced an occasion as the rain was relied upon to get heavier in some time. We, as a whole, jumped from our seats with energy. We gathered our packs, got into our parkas, and ran outside the homeroom to appreciate the rain. We returned home, bouncing and moving in the rain.


Example #2 of Essay on Rainy Day

It is one such day that is anticipated by everybody. Individuals of each age bunch adore and treasure this day. In my family, everybody from my granddad to my more youthful sister gets thrilled on such a day. Rains change the climate from bursting hot and dry to invigorating. Plants, winged creatures, and individuals, everybody takes an interest in praising rains. Trees turn greener, peacocks start to move, ranchers turn lively, and we as a whole relish the rain party on the earth.


How the Weather Impacts Our Mood?

We live in Delhi, a state which is well known for its extreme climate conditions. Heatwaves overwhelm this piece of the nation generally of the year. Rains offer the truly necessary relief from the blistering climate. The storm is along these lines, one of the most anticipated seasons in Delhi.

The climate has an odd method for affecting our state of mind. During the sweltering bright summer days, individuals frequently will, in general, blow up and forceful rapidly. The sweat and burning warmth during such a day offer ascent to savagery and fierceness. Individuals are frequently found feeling awful and will, in general, get into contentions and battles no problem at all. Then again, a charming rainy day elevates the state of mind consequently. It is a treat for the faculties. Everything around seems blissful. Individuals plan trips with their friends and family on such a day due to the amusingness it offers.


An Ideal Rainy Day

Everybody cherishes a rainy day. There would barely be any individual who disdains it. Everybody has a specific manner of celebrating the rain. While some adoration was strolling in the rain, others love to soak and move while yet others enjoy the view sitting on their window ledge.

My optimal rainy day would be perched by the window and watching the rain, getting a few beads of rain, and feeling the nippy breeze on my cheeks. I appreciate writing in my journal, sitting by the window. It quiets my heart and acquires new and innovative contemplations in my brain. My mom gets me a hot mug of espresso, and we partake in our espresso together. I regularly turn on delicate music and unwind on a rocker, tasting my espresso.

In the wake of going through my evening and unwinding with my mother, I love to go on a drive with my father at night to investigate the city and relish the excellence of nature. We visit our preferred eatery during the rains and appreciate having crunchy onion and Mirchi pakoras with mint chutney. When we drive back home, it's generally dim. I feel so fatigued and weary as I get back. Everything I do on my arrival changes and go to my bed. I honestly have a sound rest on a rainy day, as the climate is very crisp. 


The Final Words

So my concept of a rainy day is to go through my day with my family and appreciate the magnificence of nature. It is such a significant amount of enjoyment to invest energy with family during rains. I love my family, and I love rains as well.

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