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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on PUBG Game Addiction, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on PUBG Game Addiction
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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, prevalently known as PUBG, is one of the most addictive versatile games around. A considerable number of individuals over the globe play this game and the vast majority of them are dependent on it. The adrenaline surge one jumps on dominating this match is essentially unrivaled. It is one reason why players hold returning to it. PUBG mobile phone addiction is a grave issue that can't be rejected softly. It is affecting the players antagonistically.


Example #1 of Essay on PUBG Mobile Game Addiction

Few people over the world experience the ill effects of various types of addictions, including chronic drug use, versatile addiction, and TV addiction on the name a couple. The most recent pass time is the PUBG mobile phone game addiction, and this one is demonstrating to be the to top it all off.

Individuals dependent on PUBG are so snared to the game that they regularly skirt their dinners and significant errands just to play the game. This addiction has additionally brought about whimsical rest designs, which is a reason for incredible concern. Various mental and physical medical problems have been seen in PUBG addicts. 

Individuals experiencing PUBG addiction have a high danger of creating medical problems, for example, constant headache, debilitated vision, stoutness, sleep deprivation, Alzheimer's, heart issue, grief, spondylitis, and schizophrenia. They lose enthusiasm for exercises that are required for a sound living.

Skirting get-togethers, significant conferences, and family social events are very basic among PUBG mobile phone game addicts. They incline toward playing PUBG instead of enjoying any of these exercises. They blow up and upset in the event that somebody guides them generally. They before long become socially separated.

Children are most noticeably terrible influenced by this addiction. Guardians should accept it as their obligation to distinguish the notice indications of PUBG addiction in their children. They should enable their children to dispose of it as fast as could be allowed.


Example #2 of Essay on PUBG Mobile Game Addiction

PUBG is a multiplayer fight royale game. The Japanese motion picture motivates it, Battle Royale, discharged in 2000. It is an energizing and drawing in a game wherein one hundred players land on an island. They chase for weapons to execute different players while shielding themselves from getting murdered. 


As the game advances, the safe territory in the game declines. The game turns out to be increasingly testing and extreme, and the desire to win totally assumes control over the players. The player left toward the end wins. The game is exceptionally addictive, and this addiction is hurting individuals around the globe.


Effect on Physical Health

PUBG mobile phone game addiction can demonstrate to be awful for an individual's physical wellbeing. An individual needs to work out, eat healthy nourishment, and take sufficient snooze requests to remain physically fit and sound. The time when an individual gets dependent on PUBG versatile game, all he ever wishes to do is play this game. 

PUBG addicts go through a few hours daily playing this game. Research shows that they are so dependent on this game they continue performing it until late night hours and now and then evenly throughout the night. This disturbs their rest design, which can cause various medical problems.

PUBG addicts even neglect to eat. They wouldn't fret skirting their suppers as they are grasped to the game. This causes inadequacies of different sorts and debilitates physical wellbeing. It can bring about numerous genuine diseases. Also, gaming addiction offers a path to an inactive way of life. 

Individuals dependent on this game abstain from practicing and some other sort of physical movement. They sit for extended periods of time playing the game. This causes medical problems, for example, heftiness and cardiovascular infections. They are playing on the mobile phone for quite a while, likewise debilitates an individual's visual perception. Such individuals experience the ill effects of bothersome eyes or redness in the eyes. They additionally whine of continuous migraine. A large number of them create an interminable headache. 


Request to Ban PUBG Mobile Game

The request has been made to boycott PUBG as an ever-increasing number of individuals are getting dependent on it as time passes. The negative effect of this addiction is known to all. It is hard to defeat this addiction. It has been seen that as long as the game is accessible on the web, PUBG addicts are probably going to come back to it even as they make a decent attempt to get over it.

National Child Rights Commission proposed restrictions on this game because of its brutal nature and its negative effect on kids. The Students Association has reprimanded this game for the terrible showing of understudies in school. A few urban communities in India have prohibited this game. The police have even captured individuals playing PUBG in these urban communities. Be that as it may, the boycott was before long lifted. Different nations that prohibited PUBG incorporate China, Jordan, Iraq, and Nepal.


The Final Words

PUBG mobile phone addiction is a developing worry far and wide. It is offering to ascend to various issues among people and is affecting the general public unfavorably. The game must be prohibited for all time and ought not to be accessible for download. This progression may cause withdrawal side effects among PUBG addicts. Nonetheless, it will demonstrate to be beneficial for them over the long haul.

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