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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Plastic Pollution, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Plastic Pollution Essay, 300 word essays
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Plastic pollution is harming our environment at a very fast rate. Waste plastic material is difficult to dispose of and adds to significant pollution on earth. This has become a reason for worldwide concern. The expanding utilization of plastic bags, utensils, and furniture, the measure of plastic waste has additionally gone up thus has plastic pollution.

It is time we should pay attention to this issue and work towards destroying it. Today, some of our family things are comprised of modest and non-bio-degradable plastic, which enters and contaminates the earth after its timeframe of shelf life is finished.


Example #1 of Essay on Plastic Pollution (Plastic Pollution Essay)

Plastic pollution caused because of plastic waste has arrived at disturbing statures and is expanding quickly as time passes. It has become a reason for global worry as it is pulverizing our lovely planet and having negative repercussions on a wide range of living creatures.


Approaches to Beat Plastic Pollution

Here are two simple approaches to bring down plastic pollution that we can rehearse in our everyday life:


Keep away from Usage/Look for Alternatives

The first and the most significant advance towards beating plastic pollution is to maintain a strategic distance from the use of plastic items.

Presently, since we have become very used to utilizing plastic items and these are light on our pocket, we can't maintain a strategic distance from their use totally. Nonetheless, we can unquestionably abstain from utilizing those plastic items that can undoubtedly be supplanted with eco-accommodating other options.

For example, rather than utilizing plastic bags, we can without much of a stretch choose a roll of jute, material, or paper bag when we head for shopping. In like manner, rather than utilizing dispensable plastic cutlery and utensils during parties, we can use those made of steel, paper, Thermocol(Polystyrene), or whatever other material which is reusable or simple to discard.



In the case that you can't abstain from utilizing plastic bags or different items for reasons unknown, then it is proposed to, in any event, reuse them the same number of times as you can before discarding them. We are in a propensity for tossing the plastic bags and holders we get with stuffed nourishment very quickly after utilizing even though these can be used two or multiple times before discarding. We ought to reuse these. This can be our commitment to lessening plastic waste and cutting down plastic pollution.

It is the ideal opportunity for us to stand joined to battle this wickedness called plastic pollution. If every one of us follows the approaches to beat plastic pollution shared here, then we can surely cut down the pollution level to a considerable degree.


Example #2 of Essay on Plastic Pollution (Plastic Pollution Essay) 

Plastic pollution is expanding continuously. Research shows that the utilization of plastic has developed over the most recent two decades. Plastic is helpful to utilize and costs less. This is the motivation behind why individuals are increasingly disposed of buying different items made of plastic. To fulfill the developing needs of the individuals, the quantity of processing plants fabricating plastic items has expanded quickly. The more plastic is utilized, the more plastic waste gets amassed on our planet and causes unsafe plastic pollution. This is turning into a risk to life as it is offering an approach to different sicknesses.


Plastic Production: Consuming Useful Resources

Not exclusively is discarding plastic a genuine concern; however, the creation of this substance is similarly wrecking for us. The invention of plastic includes important non-renewable energy sources, for example, oil and oil. These petroleum products are non-inexhaustible and challenging to separate. A great deal is to put resources into getting these non-renewable energy sources, and these are required for different purposes. On the off chance that we keep on utilizing these significant powers for the creation of plastic, we will come up short on them and would not have the option to use them for delivering or running other progressively significant things.


Marine Life: Worst Affected by Plastic Pollution

Plastic bags and other synthetic particles are conveyed by wind and water into the oceans, seas, and other water bodies. Individuals who go for picnics and outdoors additionally litter plastic containers and parcels of chips that add to plastic pollution. This goes into the waterways and oceans and influences the marine animals antagonistically. These poor animals botch plastic for nourishment and eat it. These outcomes in certain diseases in fishes, turtles, and other marine animals. A significant number of them bite the dust on account of plastic pollution every year. Analysts guarantee the number of deaths and diseases caused because of plastic pollution will increment in the coming years.


Plastic Pollution is Threat to Humans and Animals

Much the same as marine animals, creatures additionally devour plastic lying in the trash, confusing it with nourishment. Now and again, they swallow the whole plastic bag unintentionally. This stalls out in their digestion tracts and chokes out them to death. Plastic burn through continues breaking down with time and turns into a reproducing ground for mosquitoes, flies, and different creepy crawlies. An enormous piece of mosquitoes enter here and offer an approach to various illnesses every year.

Plastic waste is likewise contaminating the waterways that are a wellspring of drinking water for us. The nature of drinking water is deteriorating step by step because of plastic pollution, and this is bringing about different water-borne illnesses.


Combined Effort to Fight Plastic Pollution

It is hard to discard plastic items. It is perilous when plastic waste goes to landfills and significantly increasingly hazardous when it goes into the water bodies. Not at all like, wood and paper, we can't discard it by copying it. This is because consuming plastic produces destructive gases that are dangerous for nature and life on earth. Plastic along these lines causes air, water, and land pollution.

Regardless, how hard we attempt, we can't get rid of the plastic items totally. In any case, we can unquestionably limit our plastic utilization. Various plastic items, for example, plastic bags, compartments, glasses, bottles, and so forth, can without much of a stretch be supplanted by eco-accommodating options, for example, fabric/paper bags, steel utensils, etc.

Controlling plastic pollution isn't exclusively the administration's duty. Truth be told, the legislature alone can't do anything. We have to act capably and do our bit to cut down the plastic pollution.


The Final Words

Plastic pollution is ascending at a fast speed and has become a reason for significant concern. We can cut down plastic pollution by limiting its utilization. Every single one of us must work towards fighting this issue.

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