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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Peace and Harmony, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Peace and Harmony
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Peace and harmony is the essential necessity of any country. The residents of a nation have a sense of security and make sure about and can succeed just if a quiet situation is kept up. While the individuals of India generally appreciate a peaceful situation, in any case, the peace and harmony of the nation are disrupted ordinarily attributable to different elements.


Example #1 of Essay on Peace and Harmony

Peace and harmony are significant for the smooth working of any society. To give a sheltered and make sure about the condition for its residents, the administration of India finds a way to keep up harmony in the nation. In any case, regularly, it is disturbed because of various social, political, and monetary elements. Here is a glance at these variables and the examples when peace and harmony of the nation have been hampered.


Components Affecting Peace and Harmony

Political Issues: While trying to score divided objectives, political groups, as a rule, affect individuals against them, and this frequently prompts unsettling influences in the nation.

Terrorism: Terrorist assaults disrupted peace and harmony in the nation. Such assaults make a great deal of frenzy among the individuals.

Religion: Certain religious groups attempt to impact others and power them to follow their religion or just put down different religions. This has prompted secular viciousness ordinarily.

Aside from these, between state issues, reservation systems, value rise, neediness, and joblessness likewise disturb harmony and agreement in the nation.


Occurrences of Peace and Harmony being Hampered

1967 Ranchi Hatia Riots: These shared riots happened in and around Ranchi in August 1967. They proceeded for close to 7 days. One hundred eighty-four individuals were accounted for to be executed during this.

Gujarat riots in 1969: Known to be the most savage Hindu-Muslim riots after the Partition of India, these happened during September-October 1969.

Worli Riots: These riots happened on the issue of reservation between the individuals from Shiv Sena and Dalit Panther in Mumbai. The Dalit Panther pioneer Bhagwat Jadhav was slaughtered during this in 1974.

Moradabad Riots: Happened during August 1980, these were incompletely a Hindu-Muslim conflict and mostly a Muslim-Police struggle. The uproars started when Muslims tossed stones at the police as they would not expel the pig from the neighborhood Idgah. The vicious occurrences proceeded till November 1980.

1993 Bombay Bombing: A progression of 12 bomb blasts occurred on the twelfth of March 1993 in Bombay. One of the most dangerous bomb blasts in India was done in response to the 1992 Babri Masjid Demolition.

2000 Church Bombings: It alludes to the sequential shelling of temples in the states of Karnataka, Goa, and Andhra Pradesh. These happened in the year 2000 by the Islamist fanatic group, Deendar Anjuman.


The Final Words: It is fundamental for each resident of India to comprehend the significance of harmony and agreement in the nation, and together everyone should move in the direction of keeping up the equivalent.


Example #2 of Essay on Peace and Harmony

India is known for its popularity based system and secularism that gives both political and religious fairness to every one of its residents to guarantee peace and harmony in the nation. Nonetheless, there are a few factors that disrupted harmony in the country. Here is how the Constitution ties individuals from different foundations just as the components that hamper the peace and harmony of the nation.


Secularism Promotes Peace and Harmony

India is a secular nation. The Constitution of India gives every one of its residents the option to rehearse his/her religion. The nation doesn't have any official religion. All religions are dealt with similarly by the state. Equivalent regard for all religions is a method for advancing harmony and agreement in the nation. Individuals having a place with various religions cheer each other's organization and commend all the celebrations with equivalent energy. In schools, at work environments and different spots, individuals study and work together amicably.


Components Impacting Peace and Harmony

The residents of India, to a great extent, live in amicability with one another. Be that as it may, there are times when harmony is disturbed attributable to different reasons. A portion of these are referenced underneath:



Terrorism makes panic in the public arena. The fear spread through these assaults stays for quite a long time to come, consequently affecting peace and harmony in the nation. There have been a few examples of terrorist attacks in India.



Even though India doesn't have any official religion and allows its residents to pick or change their religion according to their will, in any case, there are sure religious groups that spread and elevate their religion to the level that they wind up culpable individuals having a place with different religions. This regularly prompts shared brutality.


Political Motives

Frequently, an absence of standards is seen in political groups. One group attempts to stigmatize the other, trying to go to the force and stick there. Ordinarily, individuals having a place with a specific religion are affected to make a pointless unsettling influence in the state.


Reservation System

While trying to guarantee social and monetary equivalence for the individuals having a place with the lower classes, the Constitution started the reservation system. This system has, has been restricted to a great extent, and numerous individuals having a place with different positions have likewise approached to request a reservation for their community. This has created a ruckus and hampered harmony many times.


State Issues

Groups, for example, Shiv Sena, have demonstrated narrow mindedness towards permitting individuals having a place with different states to work in Maharashtra. Such issues among the states additionally lead to interruption of harmony.



The developing ascent in the costs of products, particularly the ones that are required for day by day use, is another purpose behind agitation in the public eye. Individuals regularly approach to challenge the abrupt ascent in the costs, and the ordinary working of the society is frequently disrupted because of this.


The Final Words

While the administration of India takes each possible way to guarantee peace and harmony in the nation, we, despite everything, have far to go. It is just when every resident perceives the threats of disunity, would there be finished peace and harmony in the nation.

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