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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Organ Donation, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Organ Donation
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Organ donation has ended up being a wonder for the general public. Organs, for example, kidneys, heart, eyes, liver, small digestive tract, bone tissues, skin tissues, and veins, are given with the end goal of transplantation. The donor gives another life to the beneficiary by the method for this respectable demonstration. Organ donation is empowered around the world. The administration of various nations has set up various systems to energize organ donation. In any case, the interest of organs is still very high when contrasted with their stock. Powerful advances must be taken to fulfill this ever-expanding need.


Example #1 of Essay on Organ Donation

Organ donation happens when an organ of an individual's body is evacuated with his consent. At the same time, he is alive or with the consent of his relative after his demise with the end goal of research or transplant. Kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, bones, bone marrow, corneas, digestive organs, and skin are transplanted to give new life to the beneficiary.


Organ Donation Process

Living Donors: Living donors require experiencing exhaustive clinical tests before organ donation. This likewise incorporates mental assessment of the donor to guarantee whether he comprehends the outcomes of donation and really consents for it.


Perished Donors: On account of the perished contributors, it is first checked that the donor is dead. The check of death is typically done on various occasions by a nervous system specialist. It is then decided whether any of his/her organs can be given.


After death, the body is kept on a mechanical ventilator to guarantee the organs stay in excellent condition. Most organs work outside the body just for a few hours, and accordingly, it is guaranteed that they arrive at the beneficiary following the evacuation.


The gap between Demand and Supply 

The interest in organs is extensively higher than the number of donors around the globe. Every year a few patients pass on hanging tight for donors. Insights uncover that in India against a general yearly interest for 200,000 kidneys, and just 6,000 are gotten. Essentially, the average annual interest for hearts is 50,000, while as low as 15 of them are accessible.

The requirement for organ donation should be sharpened among the general population to expand the number of donors. The legislature has made certain strides, for example, spreading mindfulness about the equivalent by method for TV and the web. Nonetheless, we, despite everything, have far to go.


The Final Words

Organ donation can spare an individual's life. Its significance must not be neglected. An appropriate system ought to be set up for organ donation to empower the equivalent.


Example #2 of Essay on Organ Donation

Organ Donation is basically the medical removal of a living or dead contributor's organs to put them in the beneficiary to render him/her another life. Organ donation has been energized around the world. Nonetheless, the interest in human organs far exceeds the stockpile. The slow pace of organ donation far and wide can be credited to different reasons. These reasons are examined beneath in detail.


Teleological Issues

The ethical status of the bootleg market organ donation is far from being obviously right. While some contend for it, others are totally against the idea. It has been seen that the individuals who give their organs are, for the most part, from the poor segment of the general public, and the individuals who can bear the cost of these are very wealthy. There is hence an awkwardness in the trade.

It has been seen that the individuals who can buy the organs are exploiting the ones who are edgy to sell. This is the reason for the rising disparity of status between the rich and poor people. Then again, it is contended that the individuals who need to sell their organs ought to be permitted to do as such as keeping them from it is just adding to their status as devastated. The individuals who are supportive of the organ trade additionally contend that misuse is desirable over death, and thus organ trade must be legitimized. However, according to a study, further down the road, the living donors lament their choice of giving their organs.

A few instances of organ robbery have likewise approached. While those on the side of the authorization of organ advertise say, this happens in light of the underground market nature of trade. In contrast, others express that legitimizing it would just bring about the ascent of such wrongdoings as the criminal can without much of a stretch express that the organ being sold has not been taken.


Deontological Issues

These are characterized by an individual's moral obligation to make a move. Practically all the social orders on the planet accept that giving organs intentionally is morally allowable. Numerous researchers agree that everybody ought to give their organs in the afterlife.

Be that as it may, the fundamental issue from deontological morals is the discussion over the meanings of life, demise, body, and human. It has been contended that organ donation is a demonstration of causing self-hurt. The utilization of cloning to think of organs with a genotype indistinguishable from the beneficiary is another questionable theme.

Xenotransplantation, which is the trade of creature organs into human bodies, has additionally caused a buzz. Even though this has brought about an expanded inventory of organs, it has likewise gotten a ton of analysis. Certain basic entitlements bunches have contradicted the penance of creatures for organ donation. Crusades have been propelled to boycott this new field of transplantation.


Religious Issues

Different religious groups have various perspectives concerning organ donation. The Hindu religion doesn't preclude individuals from giving organs. The backers of the Hindu religion express that it is an individual decision. Buddhists share a similar perspective.

The Catholics think about it as a demonstration of affection and a good cause. It is ethically and morally adequate, according to them. The Christian Church, Islam, United Methodists, and Judaism energize organ donation. Nonetheless, Gypsies will, in general, religious it as they trust in eternity. The Shintos are likewise against it as they accept that harming a dead body is deplorable wrongdoing. 

Aside from this, the political arrangement of a nation additionally impacts organ donation. The organ donation rate can increment if the administration broadens legal help. There should be a solid political will to guarantee an ascent in the transplant rate. Particular preparation, care, offices, and satisfactory subsidizing must be given to ensure a rise.


The Final Words

The interest for organs has consistently been path higher than their stockpile because of the different issues talked about above. There is a need to concentrate on these issues and work upon them to raise the number of organ donors.

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