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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an education essay on My Pet Animal, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on My Pet Animal, Pet Animal Essay
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Individuals around the globe love to keeping pet animals. While the vast majority stick to canines and cats, many break this show and go for hares, turtles, snakes, monkeys, steeds, and so forth. It is extraordinary to have pets around. Individuals who claim pets prescribe the equivalent to everybody.

A great many people pet animals for their affection for them while others pet them for their requirements, for example, for security reasons, friendship, and so forth. In any case, whatever be the situation, pets, in the long run, become a vital part of the family.


Example #1 of Essay on My Pet Animal

I have a charming minimal spotted cat as a pet. I have named it Isabella. It is warm and benevolent. It has been with us since the most recent two years and has become a significant part of our family. My sister and I are very partial to it. We love playing with it regularly.

I have consistently been attached to cats. I frequently kept a bowl of milk on my terrace to pull in cats to go to our place. A few cats and little cats went to our place each day. I additionally sustained them with bread and chapatti. Regularly they even dozed under a seat kept in our lawn. I likewise visited the safe animal house to offer nourishment to stray cats. Taking a gander at my affection for these agreeable animals, my mom chose to bring one home.

On my seventh birthday celebration, my mom took me to an animal cover early morning and amazed me by revealing to me that I can embrace one of the cats there. My heart went out for a dark-colored shaded spotted cat dozing calmly at a corner, and I brought it home. This is the way Isabella went to our lives.

I don't just play with Isabella yet, in addition, deal with its tidiness. We wash her once at regular intervals. Isabella is very partial to fish, and we serve it the equivalent every now and again. Life is such a considerable amount of better with its quality.


Example #2 of Essay on My Pet Animal

I have a dark striped German Shepherd as a pet. We call it Pluto. It is ten years of age and has been a part of my family even before I was conceived. I have grown up with it and am partial to it. Pluto adores being around me. It stands by energetically for my arrival at whatever point I go out anyplace.

Pluto is a wholly developed male German Shepherd with tallness of around 22 inches. Much the same as different German Shepherds, it has a squashed face, floppy square molded ears, and sagging eyes. It has a broad, profound chest with a solid and strong back. It has minimized feet and curved toes. It has a short gleaming dark coat that sheds respectably.

This is one thing my mom cherishes. Mutts with a hairy coat can be very hard to keep up. In addition to the fact that one has to give more consideration towards their neatness and cleanliness yet their shedding likewise makes a great deal of wreckage around the house.

Even though exceptionally vivacious, Pluto wants to laze around, mainly when I am nowhere to be found.

It adores sitting in the overhang watching individuals. It isn't the sort of canine who will bark at everybody it finds in the road. It is entirely more often than not; however, it gets very energized at whatever point a visitor shows up home. It races to the front entryway each time it hears the entryway ringer. Even though it doesn't bark a lot, it takes total consideration of the wellbeing and security of our home. At whatever point it sees a more bizarre going into the house, it smells the individual completely. Pluto has a well-manufactured solid body and watches our home like a professional. We have a sense of safety with its quality around.

Pluto protects our home when we are not at home. It stays careful consistently, and we don't need to stress over security issues when it is home. In any case, this isn't what it truly cherishes. Pluto frequently develops miserable when we desert it. It wants to go with us for the end of the week trips and excursions. It is respectful and sits unobtrusively in the vehicle.

It is stacked with vitality and is very energetic. It cherishes enjoying different open-air exercises with us. Pluto fills in as an extraordinary defender when we play cricket. I generally take it in my group. It likewise monitors us against outsiders at whatever point we are out to play. It is especially defensive about my three years of an age infant sibling.

German Shepherds require a decent measure of activity to keep up their body. We, in this manner, go for Pluto out for stroll each night. We don't generally chain it when we are out with it, so it goes around apart.

At first, my mom bolstered Pluto with hound nourishment. Nonetheless, it before long began requesting what we ate. We regularly used to give it lumps of bread and chapatti from our plate. Since we saw that it processed these things well, we changed its eating regimen. We never again bring home pooch nourishment. Pluto eats chapattis and bread dunked in milk or curd. It is especially partial to bubbled eggs. We feed it with a similar twice or thrice seven days. Pluto completes its nourishment rapidly and requests for additional on occasion. It is additionally partial to bread rolls. However, hounds shouldn't be given the ordinary sugary rolls, and I feed it with the equivalent some of the time simply because it savors them.

Pluto is a significant part of my life. I am as appended to Pluto as I am to my kin and guardians. We as a whole love it beyond a reasonable doubt, and it cherishes us as well. It is incredible to have a canine as a pet, particularly on the off chance that it is a German Shepherd.

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