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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on My Neighbor, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. My neighbor Essay
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Great neighbors are a gift. They help each other in the hour of need and share joys and distresses. Having a decent neighbor makes life considerably more happy and lovely. It additionally causes us to feel secure. This is particularly valid for individuals living away from their families.


Example #1 of Essay on My Neighbor

We live in a small family. My dad works in an IT firm, and my mom is an educator. I don't have any kin, nor do we have any family members in the city. We visit my grandparents and cousins just throughout the late spring get-away.

I felt very desolate when we moved here first. Be that as it may, I before long met Shilpa, my new neighbor. I was thrilled to realize that she was a similar age to me. We were both eight around then. I coexisted well with her from the earliest starting point. We associated well overall, and I began feeling truly better. I was never again forlorn or miserable.

Much the same as I became companions with Shilpa, my mom coexisted well with her mom. Shilpa's mom is a housewife. She and my mom frequently have evening tea together. We anticipate such days as it permits us to play at one another's place. We get an opportunity to play with various toys and games. 

On different days, we go together to the recreation center. We play various outdoor games, take swings, and appreciate a great deal. We likewise joined a similar day camp during our last excursion. The camp was for three hours every day during the weekdays. We enjoyed numerous exercises, for example, craftsmanship and specialty, move, music, and table games during this time.

The two of us appreciate artistry and craftwork. We arranged many art things together much after we came back from day camp. During the get-aways consistently, we likewise visit the shopping centers together. It has been a very long, since we have been neighbors, and it has been a ton of fun. 

I am incredibly thankful to God for giving me such a decent neighbor. Shilpa is basically the best. Her family is likewise well disposed of. I am happy that our moms are additionally companions with one another. 


Example #2 of Essay on My Neighbor

We live in a society. There are eight families on each floor. There are a few stories and numerous towers in the public eye. This makes it a significant neighborhood. The private welfare relationship of our society is hugely dynamic. They ensure we, as a whole, celebrate different celebrations together. Enormous occasions are sorted out at various celebrations. This brings all the neighbors close and causes them to bond well. I have had some great experience living right now; a few episodes have not been so acceptable.

We are friendly with the vast majority of the families living on our floor. My folks comprehend the significance of keeping up a harmonious relationship with the neighbors and therefore put forth an attempt to bond with them.

One of the women living on our floor is an excellent companion with my grandma. The two of them visit the sanctuary during the night hours. During winter evenings, they sit in the recreation center and sew. My mom regularly welcomes her home with the goal that the two older women can hang out.

I likewise have two excellent companions in my neighborhood. I go with them to the recreation center each night. We play together as our moms sit and visit with one another. We additionally visit each other's places to play. I feel incredible to have old buddies in my neighborhood, mainly because it makes the get-away time much progressively fun. My folks are working. The two of them go to work in the first part of the day and return just before sun-down. I remain with my grandparents during the day.

Since they are old, they can't play with me. Yet, they do permit me to call my local companions home or let me go there for a couple of hours after I study for quite a while. The organization of my local companions makes my excursions too fun and energizing. I go swimming and cycling with them during night hours. The mother of one of my local companions goes with us as we go for such exercises.

We trade blessings with our neighbors in the event of Diwali and New Year. We additionally eat or supper together to praise these events.

While a portion of our neighbors are extremely sweet and remain by us in our great and terrible occasions, tragically, we likewise have some irksome neighbors. We have had a lot of awful encounters with regards to neighbors. Three young ladies have leased a condo on our floor. They frequently play loud music during the late-night hours. This disturbs our rest. We additionally make some hard memories concentrating during this time.

We have mentioned them to keep the volume low commonly. However, it appears as though they don't make a big deal about others. Another of our neighbors is very unusual. It is a group of four – two children and their folks. We have attempted to move toward them and be companions with them. However, it appears as though their parents need them to keep up good ways from us. They frequently carry on impolitely and don't bond well with anybody on the floor.

It is incredible to have great neighbors. Be that as it may, not every person has this benefit. I am happy to have some extremely decent individuals in my neighborhood.


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