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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on My Mother, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. My Mother Essay, Essay on My Mother
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If there is somebody on the planet, whom I can trust in the most testing of circumstances and who will consistently, in spite of the afflictions, expand love, care, and warmth to me – it's My Mother. Each child has a brilliant emotional connection to his/her mother, and I am likewise no exemption to it. I have purposely utilized "child" here because, for your mother, you will consistently stay a child, regardless of how old, famous, independent, or successful you become.


Example #1 of Essay on My Mother

I have made numerous companions throughout my life; however, my mother is the person who is the nearest to my heart. She had been remaining with me through the thick and slight of my life, supporting and thinking about me at whatever point the circumstance requested. We additionally have spent happy occasions together, similarly as closest companions do.

The closest companion is a friend who remains with you through various challenges. S/he is somebody who never lets you down in difficult times and does everything conceivable to make you happy. For me, I don't feel that any other individual fits in preferable for this job over My Mother. She is my best ally to date, and we both offer a well-disposed relationship that has effectively withstood the trial of times. She knows my most profound privileged insights, and I realize that her lone genuine want is to see me cheerful.

I have seen times when my supposed closest companions have left me during disturbed occasions; all things considered, my mother consistently remained with me. She had brightened me up through affliction, trouble, sorrow, disappointments, and all the uncontrollably believable difficulties of life. My mother is the person who had actually helped me through the dimness until the appearance of the daybreak.

I, despite everything, have many companions, with whom I talk, play or invest energy with, be that as it may, in any case, My Mother is my closest companion and tops the rundown with the most elevated imprints.

Didn't two closest companions like to invest energy with one another? Why not! That is how the closest companions resemble. I could likewise say that my mother is my closest companion since we really like each other's organization. In some cases, we so much partake in being as one that we prefer not to be disturbed.

In the time that we partake in the most together, we don't examine the business, however all the essential issues, as closest companions do.

Having the closest companion is extraordinary, yet having your mother as your closest companion is superb. Its best piece is that she never gets exhausted from your organization, and in any event, when you both are isolated, she never at any point misses to call you. It is a long-lasting obligation of kinship that I and my mother share with one another; playing, singing, visiting, and talking about our privileged insights. What's more, we both understand that we have a companion forever.


Example #2 of Essay on My Mother

My mother has consistently been my best teacher, who, throughout her life, has shown me basic abilities, social aptitudes, scholastics, and so forth. She is, without a doubt, the best teacher I, at any point, had and the most genuine one as well, for she was always present to show her essential activities. She may have been occupied, occupied, by the by, and she generally had the opportunity to direct me through, at whatever point I required or at whatever point she believed it to be essential.

She had been my best teacher from the day I came into this world, and after such a significant number of years, she, despite everything, shocks me with her unequivocal instructing aptitudes. My mother took up the job of a teacher, following a couple of days of my introduction to the world. She was the person who made me acquainted with the hints of the city's hustle-clamor and the musical peeping of feathered creatures.

She didn't get an opportunity to acquaint my family members with me, in any event, when I couldn't talk. Because of my mother that I began calling their individual names when I had the option to.

With all due regard to the entirety of my teachers from my school days to school, they were incredible and had an unusual activity surrounding my virtues and profession. They all had been there with me for a fixed residence, showing the allocated subjects, after which we proceeded onward, in our particular lives. Yet, there is somebody who had been my best teacher and still keeps on being – My Mother.

Her recommendation on my vocation has never bombed me, and I am happy that I yielded to it. With her encounters throughout everyday life and individuals, she had the option to direct me effectively at whatever point I confronted disarray regarding my profession.

She was the first to hold my finger and show me how to walk; additionally, I expressed my first since forever words after her tireless influence. She was the one to train me to walk when I began to slither and to instruct me to pursue, and I figured out how to walk.

Strolling and talking are the most noteworthy abilities that a child learns in the early years after his/her introduction to the world. Be that as it may, to get familiar with these aptitudes and to tone them s/he relies altogether upon the mother.

My mother hadn't possibly helped me in schoolwork and tests when I was a child, yet besides showed me important exercises on life, individuals, and relations. Indeed, even today, all that I do; how I meet individuals; my direct in the public eye and somewhere else, all mirrors her lessons and qualities.

My mother has all the characteristics of a decent teacher, truth be told, she is a superior teacher than typically endorsed standards of a decent teacher. Any mother so far as that is concerned is the best teacher for her children, a job she appoints from the day she brings forth a child. Showing her children essential basic instincts to socialization abilities and giving professional direction, I think a mother beat the outline without a hitch.

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