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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an educational essay on My Father, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. My Father Essay, Essay on Father
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My father is the most significant man in our family, and his personality and conduct impact me. He is the person who attempts to keep the family very much bolstered and instructed. Aside from being our money related spine, he is extraordinary moral assistance as well. His essence gives a feeling that all is well and good to all the relatives and gives enthusiastic solace. Also, he likewise goes about as an ethical educator and as a guide when required. My father guides me on the issues identified with education, life, and companions. His assessment is exceptionally significant and has never, at any point, fizzled.


Example #1 of Essay on My Father (My Father Essay, Essay on Father)

My father is a wonderful father on the planet. He is my genuine hero, closest companion, my motivation, and the best individual of my life I ever have seen. He is the individual who causes me a ton in getting ready for the school, getting the ascent of the bed, and completing my schoolwork well.

He generally thinks about me and calls my mother toward the evening to realize that whether I have learned from school at the opportune time or not. He is an exceptionally sound, fit, most joyful, tranquil, and disciplined individual. He generally goes to the workplace at the correct time and trains us also to go to class at the right time. He shows us the value of time throughout everyday life and says that if one wastes his/her time, time ruin his/her life.

He is a delightful individual and helps my neighbors in troublesome occasions. He cherishes, cares, and regards my mother consistently and never fights with her. He generally bolsters her and aides at some point in the kitchen during her disease. He regards and adores my grandparents and instructs us to think about them. He instructs us that elderly individuals are like God for us; we should mind, love, and regard them.

We ought to never maintain a strategic distance from older people in their troublesome time as this opportunity arrives in everybody's life once. He discloses to us that we ought to consistently help needy people of all age groups all through life as per our level and status. He takes a few mins of us always to inform us concerning morals and other great propensities. 


Example #2 of Essay on My Father (My Father Essay, Essay on Father)

My father is my closest companion and a genuine hero in my life. I, usually, call him Papa. He is the most extraordinary individual in my life. He is an excellent sportsperson and artist. He does works of art in his extra time and elevates us likewise to do artistic creations. He discloses to us that we should pursue anything additional like music, singing, sports action, painting, dancing, animation making, and so because such other activities keep us occupied in our extra time and help us to be serene all through life. By profession, he is an internet marketing administrator (a product Engineer) in a local organization in New Delhi.

He never thinks twice in helping poor individuals and continuously prepared to help them, particularly elderly individuals. He is my closest companion and talks about all my issues. At whatever point I become tired, he asks me the explanation calmly. He takes me to the highest floor, let me sit in his side, keep his hand on my shoulder and examine his experiences of life, he teaches us to stand on our own feet and it does not matter what is your family background.

He shows us the morals of life and the significance of elders and life. He teaches us that we ought to never make any individual depressed in our life and consistently help people who are in need, particularly elderly individuals.

He generally thinks about my grandparents and reveals to us that elderly individuals resemble valuable resources of the home; without them, we are like children without a mother or a fish without water. He generally gives excellent guidance to make us understand anything effectively. Consistently implies on Sunday, he takes us outside of the home to the recreation center for an outing where we as a whole appreciate a great deal by having some outdoor activities and sports. We, for the most part, play badminton as an outdoor game and carom board as an indoor game.


Example #3 of Educational Essay on My Father (My Father Essay, Essay on Father)

The individual I appreciate ever in my life is just my wonderful father. I, despite everything, recollect all my beloved recollections with my father. He was the genuine purpose behind my joy and satisfaction. What I am is a result of him as my mom was always occupied in the kitchen and other family unit activities, and it was my father who has satisfaction with my sister and me. I comprehend he is one of a kind Father on the planet. I am feeling of being so fortunate to have such a father in my life. I generally acclaim to god to offer me such a chance to take birth in the family with a decent father.

He is an extremely approachable and tranquil individual. He never admonished me and takes all my errors effectively and commits me to understand all my mistakes affably. He is the supervisor of my family and assists every single relative with making great choices in an awful time. He generally shares his life downsides and accomplishments with me to tell us.

He has his own business of web-based advertising yet never compels me to do go in a similar field or draw in me towards his own business; instead, he generally elevates to do what I need in my life. He is a decent father not because he encourages me, but since of his insight, quality, helping nature, and in particular, his method for taking care of individuals.

He generally regards his folks as implies my grandparents and thinks about them always. I, despite everything, recollect that when I was pretty much nothing, my grandparents were, by and large, conversed with me about my father's insidiousness in his adolescence, yet they disclosed to me that your father is an excellent individual in his life, resemble him.

It is my father who needs to see everybody upbeat in the family and consistently asks at whatever point anybody gets miserable and unravels his/her issues. He cherishes and thinks about my mother and proposes her to take rest when she becomes weary of doing all the family unit errands. My father is my motivation; he generally gets prepared to help me in my school undertakings and even go to each PTM to talk about my conduct and execution in the class.

My father was born in a low-income family anyway; at present, he is perhaps the most extravagant individual in the city due to his understanding, hard works, and helping nature. My companions, by and large, let me know so fortunate of being the child of such a father. I as a rule snicker on such kinds of remarks and tell my father, he additionally chuckles and says that what they are coming clean with isn't valid yet is that I am so fortunate to have a child-like you. He discloses to me that my child consistently is what you need and always has confidence in you.

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