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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Mother Teresa, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS.Mother Teresa Essay, Essay on Mother Teresa in English 300 Word Essays sample
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Mother Teresa was an Albanian-Indian and Roman Catholic Nun and an evangelist who had given her life to the welfare of the poor in India. She established the Missionaries of Charity with more than 4500 nuns, which is active in more than 100 nations over the globe.

She had gotten various national and international distinctions for her administrations to poor people and infected. She lived in Calcutta and had devoted as long as she can remember to the welfare of debilitated, poor, and kids. She was nearly adored by them and viewed them with incredible regard and love. 


Example #1 of Essay on Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a religious and renowned lady who is otherwise called "Holy person of the Gutters." She is one of the incredible characters everywhere throughout the world. She had spoken to as long as she can remember before us as a genuine mother by giving kind administrations of full devotion and love to the penniless and destitute individuals of the Indian culture. She is additionally prominently known as "holy person of our occasions" or "blessed messenger" or "a signal in the realm of dimness." 

Her original name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, who turned out to be later well known as Mother Teresa after her extraordinary works and life accomplishments. The sacred soul was born on the 26th of August in 1910 Skopje, Macedonia, in a religious catholic family. Mother Teresa was chosen to turn into a pious devotee at an early age. She had joined a cloister in the year 1928 and afterward came to India (Darjeeling and afterward Kolkata).

Once, while she was coming back from her visit, she was stunned, and her heart was broken in the wake of seeing individuals' pity in a Kolkata ghetto. That occasion upset her mind a great deal and made her different evenings restless. She began thinking about certain approaches to ease individuals enduring in the ghetto. She was outstanding for her social limitations, so she implored God to get some direction and bearing.

At long last, she got a message (to leave the community and serve poor individuals) from God on her approach to Darjeeling on the tenth of September in 1937. From that point onward, she never thought back and began serving the destitute individuals. She decided to wear a basic dress of white sari, having a blue border.

Before long, little youngsters began joining her group to give generous assistance to the enduring individuals of the poor network. She intended to make a devoted group of sisters who might be prepared continuously for serving to needy in any condition. The group of dedicated sisters, later known as "Preachers of Charity." 


Example #2 of Essay on Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was an incredible character who had gone through her entire time on earth, serving needy individuals. She is notable everywhere throughout the world for her extraordinary works. She would consistently be alive in our souls as she was the just one like a genuine mother. She is an extraordinary legend and an exceptionally striking image of the compassion and care within recent memory.

She used to wear the extremely basic white sari, having a blue fringe. She always comprehended herself as a dedicated hireling of the God who had sent to the earth to serve poor people, debilitated, and enduring individuals of ghetto society. She generally had a thoughtful grin all over.

She came to life on the 26th of August in 1910 at Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, and got her original name by her parents as Agnes Gonxha Bajaxhin. She was the small kid of her parents. Her family battled a great deal with the terrible budgetary status after the demise of her dad at an early age. She began helping her mom in philanthropy works in the congregation.

She was the lady of profound confidence, certainty, and trust over God. She generally adulates God from the earliest starting point of her life for all that she got and lost. She chose to be a devoted sister at an early age and, before long, joined the Loreto request of nuns in Ireland. In her later life, she served for a long time as an educator in the training field in India.

She had begun her life as a fledgling at Loreto Novitiate, Darjeeling, where she decided to learn English and Bengali (as an Indian language). That is the reason she is likewise called the Bengali Teresa. Again she came back to Calcutta, where she joined the St. Mary's school as an instructor of Geography. Once, when she was headed, she saw the terrible states of the individuals living in the Motijheel ghetto.

She has communicated something specific from God on her approach to Darjeeling via train, to support the needy individuals. Before long, she left the religious circle and began helping the poor of that ghetto. Much after being a European lady, she generally wore a modest white sari.

Toward the start of her showing life, she gathered some poor kids and began composing the Bengali letter sets on the ground with sticks. Before long, she was brightened up by certain instructors for her incredible administrations and furnished with a slate and a seat. Before long, the school turns into a reality. Afterward, she established a dispensary and comfortable home where the poor could bite the dust. For her extraordinary works, soon, she got well known among poor people.

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