Essay Writing: Learn How to Write an Essay on Money Can't Buy Happiness

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Money Can't Buy Happiness, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Money Can't Buy Happiness
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Happiness is a feeling that we find inside our own selves as individuals. An object can satisfy an individual for a brief timeframe, yet happiness is for a lifetime. If someone figures money can buy happiness, at that point that isn't true happiness. Money is given the colossal significance, and the basic things which bring us genuine happiness are frequently neglected. Something that gives happiness is love.


Example #1 of Essay on Money Can't Buy Happiness

This term, happiness can be very much clarified by the happiness model. It is very basic; Happiness alludes to a more noteworthy presentation that can bring more noteworthy rewards. We should investigate the Happiness Model:


The Happiness Model

As indicated by this model, on the off chance that you love what you do, at that point, clearly, you will be enthused about realizing it better and will have better clarity regarding the matter. With this clarity, you will undoubtedly perform better, which drives you to progress, and in this manner, the reward joined to it.

A Psychological report has uncovered that greater happiness, solace, and energy can demonstrate the best approach to better execution. At all movement, one is attempted, he makes sure to be effective when he is in a condition of happiness. It empowers him to perform at an unrivaled level.

What does it bring? It brings the rewards that you are focusing on. These can be both money related and non-fiscal. It very well may be sincere gratefulness from your effective busy working and getting a gesture of congratulations. Then again, it might likewise prompt the accomplishment of your business target and achievement of the reward connected to it, or a more noteworthy chance of getting an advancement.

The more consistent and consistent your happiness and idealistic standpoint is, the better execution you will have in your interest.

An individual will be increasingly profitable and progressively fruitful in whatever work he is doing if he is coming to work with fervor every day. In your own life, it isn't unique.


The Final Words

You will receive the benefit if you do what you love. You will get by and significantly perform better and won't just be progressively rich in money related and non-monetary terms; however, you will likewise lead an all the more satisfying and upbeat life. There is a universe of chances. So get out into the world and make the most of what's near. 


Example #2 of Essay on Money Can't Buy Happiness

Many individuals feel that happiness can be procured with the help of money, or that you need money to be upbeat. However, there are a few of us that, despite everything, accept that the best things in life are free. Numerous things that can make us genuinely upbeat cost nothing. Companions, family, connections are all extremely valuable. Such things can't be bought, and that is the thing that genuine happiness is about. A few people imagine that material riches or out and out money can fulfill them, or can get them the things they accept can satisfy them.


Money can't buy Happiness

Our family, companions, and family members are the individuals that have been there for all of us through our lives. All the recollections we have with us were made with them, and each story behind our knocks, wounds, humiliations, dating encounters and all other unprecedented occasions is known to them.

No measure of money on the planet could pay for that. Recollections are framed and made subsequently they can't be paid for or paid off. I have been a family-arranged individual, so I don't acknowledge why a few people would imagine that money could buy happiness.

A ton of us thinks about our companions as fortunes. A companion is someone that likes you for what you are and what your identity is, and they keep on having confidence in you in any event when you quit putting stock in yourself. The kinship which we structure is a tight bond, and we get sincerely associated with individuals. Money can't impede our methodology, nor would money be able to get us, genuine companions. We as people would be exceptionally pitiful without companions to reveal our privileged insights to and having a shoulder to incline toward when we need it.

I have by and by observed individuals who buy garments, embellishments, nourishment, or anything to purchase companions. It may work yet just for some time, and afterward, it just goes to exhibit by and by that money can't buy happiness.


The Final Words

The best things in life are, without a doubt, free. We may, at times, underestimate the things we have, which are inestimable. We probably won't understand how significant love, family, and companions are, yet when we genuinely dissect it, and we realize that without a doubt, the best things in life are liberated from cost. Money can just buy the materialistic things and relations that keep going for a brief timeframe though no money is required for the relations work with heart and feelings. Keep in mind, and money can't get you happiness, yet happiness can get you more money!

It ought to be noticed that money is an essential part of present-day life and one can't get by without it, yet one ought not to bring in money as the sole source of happiness. Money can purchase delights yet, not happiness, and these two things are different.


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