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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an education essay on Man Vs Machine, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Man Vs Machine, Man Vs Machine Essays in English
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The man had evolved for better and changed totally since stone-age when man needed to endeavor to meet his essential needs. This is the period of science and technology. Man and machines work adequately and precisely together.

Man is the innovator and operator of machines, and then again, man is additionally profoundly subject to machines in his ordinary assignments. The majority of our everyday exercises are performed with the assistance of machines. This saves a great deal of vitality and time.


Example #1 of Essay on Man Vs. Machine

Throughout the decades, man has thought of a few extraordinary and ingenious inventions. The PC and machines have started to control and supplant the significant capacities prior performed by man. We have become amazingly reliant on man-made consciousness. In any case, it is broadly accepted that computerized reasoning can't supplant human insight, a man is the maker of machines.

A human mind can work continually and all the more productively to make and utilize something astutely. Man is fit for picking up, getting a handle on, understanding the idea of different things. Man is interested in finding and making new things. Man is multi-gifted while machines are definitely not. Human minds likewise make Man-made reasoning, and their capacities are constrained.

Machines are better than men regarding velocity and exactness. Number crunchers, for instance, work more precisely and expediently than human minds to make computations. Human mind programs the working of any sort of machine. The human brain usually grows by watching, experimenting, learning, and finding, yet the improvement in hardware is conceivable just when man bolsters its mechanical mind. Additionally, there is no passionate insight into machines. Feelings assume a significant job in creating the human mind.

Along these lines, the limit of machines is constrained while men are continually experimenting, inventing, developing, and finding to an ever-increasing extent.


Example #2 of Essay on Man Vs. Machine

We are presently living in a technically knowledgeable world loaded up with objects like advanced mobile phones, PCs, and tablets that have become an indispensable piece of our life. It is currently difficult to envision our lives without man-made brainpower.

The advancement that we have produced using cell phones to PDAs and PCs to PCs, digital TVs to satellites, we wonder what will be next in this line of progress. It is even anticipated that man-made reasoning may surpass human knowledge. Anyway, advancement in computerized reasoning is the aftereffect of development in human insight. Could man-made consciousness exist without human presence?

We are profoundly subject to man-made reasoning and can't envision our lives without it any longer, be it for work, amusement, studies, or imparting insights. Human coordinated effort with man-made consciousness has evolved monstrously. Machines make our lives simple; however, we can't supplant the man in our lives. Men are the makers and operators of machines. Human insight has the edge over man-made consciousness as it can make not at all like PCs, and machines don't work it.

We are dependent on machines. In any case, shouldn't something be said about our enthusiastic needs? Would we be able to converse with the machine? Would we be able to impart our sentiments to the machines? Would we be able to go gaga for the machines? Will machines feel feelings? Will we simply live with machines? Even though nowadays we invest more energy with machines than men, we go up to man toward the day's end.

We are greedy by nature, right? Man are enthusiastic animals and have a few passionate needs. They can likewise effectively lose control of feelings. They frequently get worried on different occasions throughout their life. Feelings obscure the viability of the human mind to settle on exact and consistent choices. The human brain is never as steady as machines. The human cerebrum is exceptionally affected by feelings.

Man matters to us the most, and that is the significant thing to remember. We would prefer not to associate with machines rather than men. The technology exists to supplant our shopping experience locally to web-based shopping, yet not every person leans towards web-based shopping. A few men like to visit shopping centers by and by, attempt various dresses, and appreciate that experience. With regards to managing pressure, despite everything, we have to counsel a pressure the executive's advisor and not machines. Nothing can supplant human correspondence. Because technology is close by doesn't mean it will replace man or be a superior alternative always.


The Final Words

I, incline toward human interaction as compared with connecting with a machine to shop or raise an assistance grumbling. I additionally appreciate the organization of man instead of remaining stuck to the TV or cell phone. Man has feelings and emotions, and managing them is a vastly improved encounter. Man is constrained by cerebrum as well as by their heart. The human mind and heart are firmly associated, inventing a passionate entirety. Along these lines, however, machines have become a piece of our lives, yet for me, I am a heart individual so I would incline toward man over machines.

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