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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Love, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay about Love, Essay on Love
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The sentiment of mutual care and worry among at least two groups of individuals is portrayed as love. A specific measure of love and care is necessary for each living being, be it human or creature. I accept that love is additionally inescapable, and it is wherever in some structure or the other. Regardless of how intense an individual shows up from outside, there must be somebody whom he/she cherishes sincerely. A spirit without love resembles a pitcher without water-helpful to none. Love is the substance of life and the most significant feeling.


Example#1 of Essay on Love (Essay about Love)

Love and affection are frequently utilized at the same time. These are both basic to develop long term connections. Connections that have love and affection alongside different things, for example, joint trust, trustworthiness, and care are the best connections. These feelings are fundamental for emotional connections as well as to reinforce familial securities and companionships as well.

Love and affection are two distinct feelings. However, they frequently cover. While affection can be characterized as a preference for someone else attributable to the characteristics he/she has, love is a more profound feeling. They were cherishing an individual method tolerating them with all their bad habit and ethics. It includes thinking about them and remaining by them during their thick and slight. Genuine love is benevolent and unadulterated. It doesn't request anything consequently. In any case, a relationship where the progression of giving and getting love is in equal parity keeps going longer and is additionally fulfilling.

Similarly, as love is necessary to manufacture an enduring relationship, so is warmth. Love without warmth can make any relationship dull and dead. Indicating warmth towards the other individual is of the most extreme significance. This is valid for each relationship. It is the way into a happy relationship. For example, guardians love their kids. They make forfeits and satisfy every one of their obligations and duties towards their children sacrificially out of their love for them.

Nonetheless, just paying the child's' school expenses, purchasing dresses for them, and preparing nourishment for them isn't sufficient. Kids long for love and warmth. To build up a solid parent-child bond, it is essential to spend time with them, hear them out, give them care, and cause them to feel adored. 

Where there is love, there is warmth, and where there is fondness, there is space for love to enter. Love and attachment regularly match and rely upon one another. Both are basic for an adoring and satisfying relationship.


Example#2 of Essay on Love (Essay about Love)

When the word nature is referenced, the pictures of trees, mountains, valleys, and streams spring up into our psyches. Nature envelops all the beautiful things accessible, usually with no human mediation. We also are a part of nature. Being in the common environment brimming with trees, plants, and different wonders of nature, for example, the ocean, mountain, and stream is a blissful experience. Man's love for nature can, in all likelihood, be seen by his yearning to visit slope stations and different spots that brag of the beautiful normal environment.

Nature is lovely. The snow-secured mountains, the green valleys, the tremendous cascades, the beautiful moon, the quiet night sky, and the anxious ocean – these are on the whole amazing. All adore the excellence of these natural marvels. Individuals visit far and wide to see nature's magnificence. While everybody acknowledges nature and wishes to invest energy in the lovely normal environmental factors, not every person can be unified with it.

One can experience the genuine excellence and intensity of nature just by being unified with it. Genuine love for nature chips away at a more profound level. Nature cherishes us as much as we love nature. Someone who gets one with nature can encounter the genuine delight of life. Being unified with nature associates with our selves. It educates and engages us. It can assist us with perceiving and comprehend our motivation for life.

We love our loved ones. We are there for them in the hour of need and attempt to do as well as can be expected to support them. Notwithstanding, regularly, we get frustrated when we don't receive as a lot of love and care consequently. It is very reasonable to feel along these lines. Be that as it may, such desires and sentiments of being forgotten about frequently ruin connections.

Commonly, individuals break their ties with their friends and family. Kin competitions, separate from cases, and offended family connections are, for the most part, an aftereffect of unfulfilled desires. At the same time, it is okay to expect any way we should not hold feelings of resentment against individuals who don't come up to our desires.

Here, we can submit a general direction to nature. Nature gives from a plenteous heart. It doesn't stress over getting anything consequently. The sun rises each day, and the breeze blows conveying the clouds of dust starting with one spot then onto the next without stressing over whether they will grow or not, downpour falls without deduction whether the water would be squandered or set out to utilize. The trees give us conceal without contemplating whether we would give back in kind by watering them.

Much the same as nature, we should likewise spread love and happiness in wealth. We should adore others magnanimously without agonizing over whether they will cherish us back with a similar force. We should do our bit and not worry about the conduct of others.

Nature adores us copiously, and we as a whole case that we love it as well. Be that as it may, do we genuinely adore nature, or would we say we are simply pulled in to its magnificence? On the off chance that we really loved nature, we would not ruin it. The truth of the matter is that we are crumbling our common environmental factors as time passes. The expanding levels of air, land, water, and different types of contamination are doing outrageous harm to our lovely nature.

If we really love nature, we should do our bit to keep our environment clean and cut down the contamination level.

Nature renders positive vitality and encourages us to revive. It renders quality and makes the world delightful. It is said that individuals are demolishing our delightful regular environmental factors for the sake of advancement. We should show our love for nature by keeping up its magnificence.

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